Saturday, May 6, 2017

[REVIEW] Lajeune éLounge | Taman Cahaya Alam

Introducing Lajeune eLounge
Hi, everyone! In our current stressful environment, I think we all need a few tips on how to de-stress? The word de-stress to me usually automatically would mean to head to the spa, and to my surprise, I bumped into something that's very different from your typical body massage spa. Lajuene offers PESF therapy, which stands for pulsating electrostatic field. If you're wondering about what PESF therapy offers, then read on to find out more.

The interior space where you can rest and destress
The PESF therapy offers a kind of relaxation where a safe amount of electrical current will flow through your body to help circulate your blood system while improving health. I KNOW, ELECTRICAL CURRENTS?! I freaked out the first time I heard about it too, but surprisingly you don't exactly feel anything during the therapy session, but instead, its just relaxing. Congratulations to Lajuene éLonge for recently launching their 5th outlet in Taman Cahaya Alam, in  Shah Alam! Upon first impression walking into their store, I saw white chairs surrounding the interior which made me wonder am I walking into a store of massage chairs? But that's where I was wrong! Haha. It's no wonder that its called a Lounge as it's like a cozy place to relax and reenergize and regain your health. Apparently, PESF therapy helps by providing pain relief, de-stress, encourages blood flow, and more!

Introducing the eLife electrical field health instrument
Here we have Lee Yan, Misz Ella and Elana having a casual conversation during the treatment
I managed to get a chance to test out the eLife Electric Field health Intrument that's connected to the seat pad where I was resting on. The PESF therapy has been proven as an advanced medication to gently encourage body cells to be more active through natural energy. It has been well known to improve blood circulation, basal metabolic rate, cell oxygen transportability, improves the autonomic nervous system, reduces the blood acidity, and comprehensively contribute the goodness of healing, recovering and maintaining. It does not feel painful, ut let me warn you that if you touch another person while you're doing the treatment, don't be surprised if you feel slightly electricuted. Thus when you're there, try not to have too many movements.

Here we have blogger Wendy trying out the PESF therapy
They also had a private room where you can use the PESF therapy for beauty purposes too! Who knew it can be used in different ways too right? Well, the PESF therapy for beauty is more focused on your face area where it can help reduce eye bags and also improve on lifting the skin. I didn't get a chance to test this out yet, but I'm planning to during my next visit! In the image above, Wendy is trying out the V-shaped treatment.

The people who made it all possible
If you're wondering what are their packages like, here are some of their on-going promotion which I find the pricing to be rather reasonable. If you have body ache, or experience weak body, or wishing to have beauty benefits without any chemicals involved, you should really give Lajeune éLounge a try! For more information, please do check out their website and social sites for the latest updates. Don't forget to leave me a comment below to share me on your thoughts about this. Can't wait for my next appointment at Lajeune éLounge! xx

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