Tuesday, May 30, 2017

What to eat at Citta Mall?

The best thing about the fasting season would be that the food always taste better! And what’s even better would be an ideal location that you, your family or your friends can gather to break your fast while having a great time all in one spot. I’ll be sharing a thing or two about my gathering experience with a few blogger friends while I was at Citta Mall recently.  Citta Mall is located within Klang Valley, and I would like to call it your friendly neighborhood mall for not being too large in scale, but with just enough shops and stores to keep the place sufficient.


Who doesn't love penyet?
And if you're here, you got to try their sambal
Now the first location that I would like to share with you would be the Waroeng Penyet, serving you Indonesian delicacies without the need for you to fly all the way to Indonesia. I’ve personally been a fan of ‘Ayam Penyet’ in particular, only because I love how crispy it is on the outside, but super juicy and tender on the inside. And not to forget their sambal which is a side condiment to complement your crushed chicken dish.

What's your level of heat
So much food to eat, and if you're a fan of spice, you HAVE to try the Terung Sambal cause its so good!
What's you're favorite drink from Waroeng Penyet
We tried really interesting range of drinks, but my personal favorite would be the classic Teh Botol aka Indonesian Jasmine Tea. And as for the dishes, it would be able to cater to those who are fans of fish (the pecel lele) or beef making it one of the most suitable location where each person gets to eat the kind of meat they want. Just talking about makes me crave for it. Hehe. But if you are a fan of some spicy dishes, I would really suggest you to order the Terung Sambal cause it's SO GOOD!


Beans N Beans next!
Here me and blogger Syafiera enjoying the interior setting
Once you're  done with the main course, we can move on to desserts!  Your day wouldn’t be complete without desserts! Hehe. The next location we stopped by would be Beans and Beans, which is a Korean coffee shop that simply serves icy desserts, toast and coffee. One thing that I need to emphasize is that it’s a really nice location just catch up, and to take photos cause the interior is definitely well made up taking you away from the Malaysian ambiance.

Yuzu Tea
From left: Sparking Grapefruit, Kongi Bingsu and Banana Apple Vinegar
From top left clockwise: Korean Omelette, combination pizza, sparkling grapefruit, kongi bingsu, hazelnut latte, green tea latte and chicken bulgogi.
Here we ordered a few drinks, a bowl of bingsu and some sandwiches cause why not? The personal favourite I had here was the Kongi Bingsu as the one we ordered isn’t your ordinary bingsu as its made out of shaved soya ice. YEP! Soya ice was something new that I’ve never tried before, and surprisingly, I liked the taste! It's not too sweet and since it comes in a big bowl, its great for sharing.


Let's have some fun at Fire Zone!
One of the most happening sites after 10 pm

If you're looking for more things to do since its so hard to say good bye to the company you invited, why not stay up the late night by heading over to the Fire Zone, a family karaoke center where you can sing your heart out loud. It was indeed a fun night out with my friends, and what I love most about the karaoke center would be that it had the tracks in their list making it super fun and exciting to pick out our new songs to sing along to.

Just because i had to take a shot with my Kongi Bingsu. hehe
And there you have it guys! If you're looking for a cozy place to just enjoy the evening, why not consider heading over to Citta Mall during this festive season? But if you're not fond of the places that I went, there are still other options that you can try to visit. Thank you for reading my humble blog post, and if you have any thoughts on my post, please to leave a comment below. xx

All photo's in this post credits to Syafiera Yamin from www.syafierayamin.com


  1. Never visit this part of Klang Valley. I heard a lot about this place. Ayam penyet look nice.

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  5. Even Waroeng Penyet have so many interesting drink.
    How you can finish so many food in a day? LOL


  6. How was the desserts at beans & beans? I love it when i first tried in Seoul!

  7. I've not been to Citta Mall yet. Almost went once for food but then we took another turn for somewhere else. With these many meal options, it is high time I go and have a try. LOL

  8. I like to go to citta mall, parking is easy and many affordable restaurants too.

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