Monday, August 13, 2018

Al-Hur Beauty Shares the Miracles of Cactus Oil in Skincare | Arabian Beauty Pageant

Siti Farahana giving a speech on the lauching of Al-Hur Beauty
Sheikha Beauty Sdn Bhd believes that every woman is given the choice to feel beautiful and powerful, thus believing that natural beauty is one of the ways to achieve it. Taking this opportunity to create their own brand, with the concept in mind, they have launched the Al-Hur Beauty Skincare that has been designed to boost the confidence of women with all sorts of background using only natural premium ingredients that has been extracted all the way from the middle east and also the rest of the world, while ensuring that the  retail price is affordable for everyone.

At the launching ceremony of Al-Hur Beauty
During the launch, we had YAB Khalid Bin Abdul Samad, the minister of the Federal Territory present at KL Gateway Mall. Not to forget Datuk Seri Khairul Khuzani from the Economic Hall of Malaysian Entrepreneurs supporting the occasion to witness the grand launch of AL-Hur Beauty. The founder of Al-Hur Beauty, Siti Farahana Khairudin was also present during the launch and has shared that she hopes that the product would be substantial for everyone to use since it has been naturally formulated with premium natural ingredients.

The beauty pageant finalist 
Al-Hur Beauty understands the needs of Malaysian women who seek for a safer option of skincare that is made out of natural ingredients and has specially curated the skincare to be safe even for those who are really seeking for skincare without harmful chemical within their skincare products. The products are formulated and manufactured in the United Arab Emirates as they have unique ways to formulate the products with the Prickle Pear cactus as AL-Hur Beauty's main ingredient. The Prickle Pear cactus extract has proven to be high in antioxidants, equivalating to 150% more than argan oil and is rich in Vitamin K and Vitamin E. With these 3 natural features, it has also proven to provide excellent results in repairing the skin while giving the skin a softer, brighter and younger look as a result.

The Morroccan Olive Oil Cleanser
Cocoa Butter Cream
Volcanic Mineral Mud Mask
Currently, the range carries 3 main products namely the Moroccan Olive Oil Cleanser, the Cocoa Butter Cream and the Volcanic Mineral Mud Mask to complete the minimal skincare range for any individual. The Moroccan Olive Oil Cleanser claims to rejuvenate and refreshes the skin by fighting off impurities leaving the skin feeling balanced and refreshed. The Cocoa Butter Cream is to repair and restore the skin by hydrating and nourishing the skin leaving the skin wrapped with moisture. And last but not least would be the Volcanic Mineral Mud Mask to give the skin a radiant and glowy effect. With 100% pure balanced mud, it stimulates cell regeneration and improves collagen production to lead to amazing visible results almost effortlessly.

Winning the Miss Al-Hur Talent
The grand winner of the beauty Pageant!
To celebrate the launching, Al-Hur Beauty has presented 20 women on stage as the finalist of the beauty pageant as 'The Face of Al-Hur Beauty 2018" pageant to seek for the face of Al-Hur. Shortlisted out of thousands of participants throughout Malaysia, the top 20 finalists have gone through the weekly competitive task as a group and also as an individual to prove themselves worthy as the Face of Al-Hur Beauty. Within the duration of 1 month, other than the beautiful features of each participant, they had to carry a skill of being a good ambassador for the brand by showing good examples of positive energy to share to the public in terms of beauty and personality as an icon.

Al-Hur Beauty

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