Friday, August 10, 2018

Kao Malaysia has an All New look for Laurier | Laurier New Packaging

Head your way to the main atrium for some exciting fun!
Today marks an exciting week as Kao Malaysia launched the All-New Laurier with a sporty brand new look! Being present during the launching ceremony, I was one of the lucky attendees who managed to witness Laurier's new packaging that reflects a renewed identity of a product that is 'Made with Love'. As we all know (especially the ladies), we always have that time of the month where we look for pads that would be comfortable without disrupting our daily routine. With the All-New Laurier sanitary pads, it features a breakthrough Japanese technology filled with innovation, particularly focusing on the 'Ultra Absorbent Core'.

How cute is this station? I got myself looking pretty comfy too
The launching of the New Style All New Laurier Made with love
Growing up with Kao Malaysia, I've always looked at Kao as a reliable brand since it came from Japan. (Typical mindset of mine). hehe. I noticed that Kao has grown so much in slowly changing its image to be more sophisticated and active to suit the different styles of women today. Targetting to elevate the quality of life and sharing the joy of innovative products to maximize satisfaction for people like you and me. For your information, the development is based on Kao's 'Yoki-Monozukuri' values which combine needs and R&D to provide seamless comfort during that month of time.

FYI: Yoki-Monozukuri values are focused on a strong commitment for customers satisfaction.

Here's the new packaging for the Laurier Perfect Comfort for day time
And this is what the night time Laurier Night Safe packaging looks like
Looking at the new packaging, it definitely looks like they put a lot of LOVE into it. Every detail of it looks so kawaii, which makes me feel that I can trust the brand, even more, when im on my periods. With the new look, I believe you would agree with me that it looks minimalist, fresh and young which eventually made me purchase a few new pads for me to bring home since it was on promotional prices. Yes, I know, guilty as charged. Also, a little bird told me that the product has been upgraded to be better than before with an Ultra Absorbent Core with wider paddings to prevent leakage, so I had no regrets with my purchase.

OH, dont forget to get your free samples while youre there
Or grab some of their great value packs for more savings
Stumbbled upon Elfira Roy who is also a Laurier user
Talking about my purchase, you should really make your way to Sunway Velocity Mall whenever you have the time. Why? Because you'll stand a chance to win the Grand Prize of 5D4N trip to Japan for 2 complete with a personal photographer! To be eligible to be in the running of the prize, all you need to do is purchase any All-New Laurier products worth RM20 and capture a photo that describes 'Made with Love', then upload the photo on Kao Laurier Facebook with the hashtag #LaurierMadewithlove. And basically, the photo with the most number of likes wins! It's that easy!

Don't forget to make your way there and possibly win yourself a trip to Japan!
So what are you waiting for? No plans for the weekend? Be sure to make your way to Sunway Velocity mall to witness the exciting launch. For more information on Laurier, you may also visit Laurier's official Facebook page or Kao Malaysia's official website for more updates. When sanitary pads are made with love, you know that you are well-taken care off. With no leaks, it equals to  no worries. I got my stock on standby already. How about you?

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