Friday, August 31, 2018

High Quality Pillows by Leyna | Reviewing Malaysian Pillows

An honest review of Leyna Pillows
I don't know about you, but I find pillows as a huge essential to get substantial beauty sleep that you need on a daily basis. Like legit, think about the last time you slept in a hotel which easily got you to doze off within seconds. So yes, this is my way to justify that pillows play a huge role for bedtime. The only thing is that most hotel pillows are usually crazy expensive that I struggle to find good pillows that are affordable. Thankfully, I found out about Leyna just recently and quickly took the opportunity to get my hands on it because it was insanely affordable for a high-quality pillow.

Whats important is that it's FLUFFY
And there's definitely enough head support
What makes Leyna pillows so different than other pillows? Well, let's start with the value of the brand. The brand believes that they can provide comfortable pillows at a lower rate and claims that instead of buying 4 pillows for a queen size bed, you’ll only need 2 just to get the pillow at the height you want. Did you know that it's important to get a pillow that is not too soft as it would strain your neck muscles and decrease the blood flow to your head? With that in mind, I’ll be sharing with you a review of my experience of using Leyna Pillows for the past 1 month.

Do you see that? Its made in Malaysia!
When delivered it comes in a pre-packed vacuumed bag
Upon receiving the pillow, I was in shock that it's received it in a flat vacuumed bag. Nothing to worry about as the vacuumed bag is only for easy storage and so that its easy to send for shipping. Hehe. Once you cut the bag open, the pillow would automatically expand on its own and its ready to be used after a few fluffs just so that you get the pillow in shape. I store extra's at home, just in case I need a new batch. So yeap, it saves me space and also gives the assurance of ensuring that I'll forever have an extra pillow in store.

I honestly love the prints this pillow has! So vintage and classy
In case you havent noticed, the pillow has an exclusive printed design on the pillow, giving you the option to use it as it is without a pillow case. It really depends on how you’d like to use the pillow, but personally, I believe the reason to this is so that when the pillow used without a pillowcase, it would encourage you to wash your pillow more frequently. Honestly, when was the last time you washed your pillow right? Haha. Don't worry guys! Im guilty too!

Find it too thick? Don't worry, there's a zip at the side!
To remove the extra fluff to suit your preferred thickness
For the past month, i actually enjoyed sleeping on this pillow by Leyna as the height of the pillow is perfect to support my head. But if you think its too high, fret not as you can just remove the fibres from the pillow since it has a side zip on one side. I think the details are really well thought of from the printing, the edges, the fine details and the filling of the pillow. Being the petite self I am, I have to admit that I practically removed half of the fluff out of the pillow to suit my preferred height. So feel free to remove the fluff! Hehe


Not to forget that it makes you look good in bed too. #nonaughtythoughts
An actual verdict, I would have to say that RM39 for 1 Leyna pillow, it's actually pretty good! The quality is the kind that would last you for years till you buy your next pillow. So far I took out the fiber cotton cause it eventually felt a little too high, but im happy that its flexible in a way that you can remove the cotton fibers when needed. There's one time, I got back home and just laid down on the bed with this pillow on my head and within 10 seconds, I dozed off! I usually have problems sleeping, but ever since I used the pillow I had no insomnia problems throughout the night.

Even my cat loves this pillow too! At only RM39/each, I think its a steal deal for head support!
As an overall conclusion, i have not regretted getting two Leyna pillows as it pretty much solved my insomnia nights. I honestly don't know what made this pillow so different, but i suspect that the support is good thus giving me better sleeping experience. If you’d like to know more about Leyna, please feel free to ask me any question or just leave a comment below. Hehe that's all for now. I know that i can go on and on and on, but i’ll keep this short cause its definitely recommended if youre looking for a pillow that provides good head support that assured you with comfort and a good night sleep

Leyna Elegant Pillows


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