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[REVIEW] 90s Hairstyle | Hair colouring services

Reviewing 90s Hairstyles | Hair Colouring
Today, specifically today I feel a little self-cautious about myself since my hair just looks sooo dull. I was at KLFW days before and realized that without any hair styling effort, my hair just looks ‘meh’. So, since I had a friend who just recently reviewed a salon she went to, to spice up her hair, I couldn’t resist but to try it out for myself. Yknow what, after a few hair coloring incidents, I refused to EVER color my hair again. But there's just something a little different than 90s Hairstyles has to offer.

Welcome to 90's Hairstyles
Here's my hair before the treatment
Intentionally I didn't plan to color my hair anytime soon, but after I checked out 90s Hairstyles, I notice that they were tons of people coloring their hair at the salon. Got a little curious so I made my first visit to 90s Hairstyles to see what they have to offer. So that's basically how I made my way here. The welcome service was really good and the ambiance of the salon felt really cozy. When I arrived, their stylist even offered me a drink of my choice (between tea or orange juice), love the extra service they provide.

The seating area
Plenty of colour options to choose from
Being the clueless character that I am sometimes, I wasn't exactly sure on what kind of look to go for. So the hairstylist pulled up a seat and say next to me by providing me with some options. You guessed it, he showed me all the colors they have to offer! With so many colors with so little time, I went for a trendy color of posh and fun as a combination. Took me about 30 minutes to decide, and they did not rush me at all despite being so indecisive. I wasn't sure if I wanted to bleach, but here at 90s Hairstyles, they use Olaplex which is a revolution to hair coloring as it gives extra strength to the hair before letting it get damaged. Trust me, I was pretty convinced that they know what they're doing when it comes to hair coloring. Without any hesitation, I picked a nice color and the magic began!

Oh, also, they use Olaplex to protect your hair from being damaged *BONUS POINTS
What they do is, they'll add in the solution to the bleach
And wallah! Hair is protected from damage.
Since im coloring my hair and the color that I want requires bleaching, the session started with the hairstylist bleaching necessary parts of my hair followed by the heating session to let the formula blend in (assuming to be so). Never a fan of bleaching as the smell usually stinks, but idk why, when bleaching my hair here, it smelled pleasant, more like conditioner. The bleaching session took about 60 minutes overall (15 minutes application + 25 minutes on heating + 20 minutes cooling) and another bleaching session which took another 60 minutes to cause my original hair is totally black! So, hours of bleaching sucks, but the overall result was worth it!

Next is to give it extra strength after shampooing
And yep, that's my hair looking pretty blonde
After bleaching, then we proceeded to the wash basin to wash all the bleach out followed by another treatment session using none other the treatment by Olapex. So, once everything was washed off, the Olapex treatment was a leave on session where they left it on my hair for about 10-15 minutes then finally rinsing everything off.

They used coloured shampoo to colour my hair to give it a pinky shade
And of course, followed by the hazelnut shade.
And finally, the coloring session is next. This was actually my first time experiencing the coloring session at the wash basin cause they use color shampoo to get my hair color done. Yes, I was shocked! But I love how short it took to color my hair fully. Because I wanted an ashy color, they first washed my hair with this purplish color shampoo, followed by the brown shade that I wanted. YASSS! It literally only took about 30 minutes for the color to sink in. So it kinda paid off from all the waiting for the bleaching.

Top shade done, next is to proceed with my pinkish shade
Because I wanted a pinky shade under my hair, this is how the process goes
Got my hair blow dried right after and since I wanted a little pink underneath my hair, they then applied a pink layer on my hair (took about 30 minutes for application + waiting time). I’ve never really gone bright before, and this got me excited! The hairstylist was really professional when handling my hair during the time, and im here to reassure you that you won't be experiencing any harsh pulls when he’s applying the color to your hair. Hehe OH, the hairstylist who was doing my hair the whole time is, Juno. So if you want man hands touching your hair gently throughout the whole process, be sure to reach out to Juno when you make your reservations with 90s Hairstyles. Tehee.

Here's the Step 1 and 2 treatment from Deesse's.
Followed by the conditioning treatment
They left it on for about 10-15 minutes on my hair followed by a nano mist treatment
If you’ve colored your hair before, you’d know the stress that we have to deal with after coloring. Tangles and dryness! 90s Hairstyles offers after coloring treatment as well called Deesse's Milbon 3 step to help restore the hairs strength, protein, and moisture which would approximately last for about 3 weeks or so if your hair is well taken care of. This took about 10 minutes during application. And once all the treatment is in place, they used this nano mist to encourage the treatment to maximize its benefits to the hair by using this nano mist technology to help with better absorption. The nano mist kinda felt like a really fine mist spraying through the hair minus the extensive heat! The steaming process took about 10-15 minutes to really lock the treatment into place.

Before Colouring
The end results!
So here's the overall new look. Not too sure if the shade is too bright or the combo is not good together but I gotta admit that I look more mature with this shade instead of looking like a 20-year-old most of the time. The overall time damage for this was about 6 hours which is intense since their shop was fully occupied. As a conclusion, I actually love the ambiance at 90s Hairstyles cause its very modern in comparison to your traditional salon. It has this young and fresh feels with jazz music playing all the time when you're here. If you're a 90s baby like me, or younger than me, this is the place to be to get your hair goals to come to life! Also, a little hint, if you like offers, be sure to stay connected with their official Facebook page to keep yourself updated with the latest offer! Since I got my hair done in August, there was a 25% discount rebate for those who are looking for hair coloring services. Well, that's all for now. Tell me what you think of my hair, cause I’d love to know!

90s Hairstyle


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