Saturday, August 18, 2018

[BEAUTY] Nanowhite | Dark Spot & Pigmentation Skincare

Reviewing my new skincare range
Whaddup guys! Its that time of the month where I decide to change and test out a new skincare range to see if it works on targetting specifically dark spots and pigmentation on my skin. Having combination skin to deal with on an everyday basis, my biggest concerns are usually acne or dark spots/ pigmentation since I always love being under the sun (guilty as charged). I'd say that if you know what your lifestyle is like, it's always best to understand your skins need before picking the right skincare. And as much as I want to focus more on hydration, whitening, and repairing, my advice is to have a skincare ranges that targets your main concern first, thus leading me to try out the Nanowhite skincare range.

Got my Nanowhite Dark Spot & pigmentations set!
The highlight of it all would be that I found myself stumbling upon the Nanowhite Dark Spot Corrective Serum which I believe its a new addition to the Nanowhite skincare family. And since my current cleanser, toner and moisturizer are out, why not get the whole range instead?! So here it is! With all these skincare, im hoping that it would at least reduce my pigmentation worries by using the complete set which consists of the cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizer. So let's get into details!

Awakening Snow Wash | Cleanser

STEP 1: The Awakening Snow Wash Cleanser  
Foams up pretty well, and since this is the upgraded version, its definitely genlte on the skin. 
Starting off with the cleanser, this is no stranger to me as it used to be my cleanser during my teenage years. It pretty much helped to keep my skin looking like its glowing each time I go to school, all the way to my early university years. The plus note of this cleanser is that its suitable for all skin types and the best part, it moisturizes while it cleanses which means it won't give your skin that tight uncomfortable feeling after cleansing your face. I approve!

Refining Treatment Toner | Toner

STEP 2: Refining Treatment Toner
I usually like to apply it using a cotton pad
And gently glide it all over your face
Next would be the refining treatment toner, which helps to close up your pores and remove excess oil without drying the skin. Upon application, it usually would give my skin that refreshing feeling which is power-packed with HappyDermalogy, nano technology, Omega White C, Allantoin, Orange Extract, Lemon Extract and Bilberry Extract. I usually experience occasional tingling sensation on my skin if my skin has been exposed to the sun for too long, but after using it for about 3 weeks now, I believe that it helps to really close up the pores, preventing from dirt to have access to your pores.

Dark Spot Corrective serum | Serum

STEP 3: Dark Spot Corrective Serum *NEW
Comes in a fancy dropper bottle and i was so excited to see this in stores!
And the highlight of the whole range (to me at least. hehe) would be the Dark Spot Corrective Serum which helps in reducing dark spots and pigmentation over time. I would believe that this is the highlight of it all which helped me in really reducing my dark spots on my face. LEGIT! After 2 weeks of constantly using this serum, i'll be honest that the improvements arent that obvious, BUT, i noticed that it did very slightly tone down the darkness of my pigments by a good 30% since i've been only using it for about 3 weeks now.

I like that it comes in a dropper. (says the inner child in me) haha
See, its because its easy to apply it on targetted areas too!
It comes in a bottle which also has a dropper so that you can easily apply it on your skin at targetted areas. I like to really apply a sufficient amount around the areas with spots and trust me, over time you will see the difference. My skin condition was considered bad since I had breakouts that were bleeding to death. (LOL ok exaggerating), but after about a week of constantly using this, it kindda my breakouts to recover and now my breakout spot is smooth and even with very light marks. I may need to constantly use this for the next few weeks to really see the results, but so far so good. Im a satisfied nanowhite user!

Double Action Whitening Gel-Cream | Moisturiser

STEP 4:  Double Action Whitening Gel-Cream
If you know me, you'll know that i like scooping my creams out with a spoon to keep the cream constantly fresh!
And to complete the skin regime, I end my skincare routine with the Double Action Whitening Gel-Cream which has a unique nanowhite double-action whitening feature which has encapsulated essence release upon application to deliver maximum double-action whitening for smoother and moisturized skin, while minimizing dark spots by brightening the overall skin tone. Thats like a combo take down. haha

I'll directly apply it to my face like so.
Then i'll ensure that it evenly spreads over my face
Now, this had a very different reaction to my skin. Try to not over apply the amount to your skin as it has this tingling effect when applied too much as I think that the solution is slightly stronger than their other products. Thus, when using this, I would advise you to moderately use this when your skin finds this too strong. I don't think I can use this on a daily basis, so what I do is I'll apply this on for two days, then use a gentler cream on my skin to give it a rest from all the double action goodness and repeat with the application. It's only because my skin is suffering from breakouts, and that could be one of the reasons why I find it a little too strong. Possibly when my skin is breakout free, then maybe I can use this more often. Once my breakouts were gone, the tingling feeling eventually reduced.


So what are my overall thoughts?
Here's a before and after photo
As a verdict, I would have to say that the range is pretty convincing. It works like a charm without burning a hole in your pocket. I would also like to emphasize that you may need to be constant when using the range and also be patient with the results as I only started seeing obvious results after 2 weeks. Im not too sure if using just one product from the range would help in reducing dark spots, but to be on the safe side, I would advise you use the whole range as each product compliments each other. Honestly, im really happy with the range and the results it gave me. From the before after picture, I think you can tell on how much my skin has improved over time. Less visible spots and brighter glowy skin too! Im shook cause i wasnt expecting to be glowing as well! Well, that's all for now, and if you have any other questions, please feel free to holla at cho girl.



  1. I bought Dermalmd Skin Lightening Serum on a whim to fix dark spots on my face and neck area that made me feel really self conscious. I use the serum twice a day for three weeks and I’m seeing major results. I’m finally getting my skin back!