Sunday, April 21, 2019

Althea Angels X A'Bloom Pop Up Launch

The registration counter for the A'Bloom Pop Up launch at Soft Serve
Of course, it's such an honor to be one of Althea's Angels as I was invited for an exclusive pop-up launch of the A'Bloom collection which will be exclusively available on Althea Korea. YAY! I've been keeping up with their instastories om their official Instagram account, and trust me when I say that they are juicy and fun! So, trust me, I was screaming in excitement when I had to plan my weekend ahead to be able to attend the event.

Mandatory shot at this instagramable cafe
Free drinks and waffles to redeem on that day
Pretty Sydney welcoming everyone near the entramce
So, let's get into details on what you missed. Hehe. Being able to meet the Althea team face to face, we were given a heads up on what's in stores coming up from A'bloom. For starters, a little breakdown on what you can expect from the range would be SUPER adorable Meringue Puffs, Juicy Fruity Sheet Mask, and the BHA Blackhead Blaster. What are these thangs you ask? Well, you're lucky that I'll be explaining it to you one by one. Hehe.

Meringue Puff

Meringue Puffs comes in 2 sizes: Baby and Giant sized
Baby Meringue puffs, RM11 (for 3 pieces)
Giant Meringue Puff, RM8
First up, i would like to share with you the Meringue Puffs from the A'Bloom series. My first impression when I saw it at the event was that it's way too adorable! I almost mistakenly thought that they were real Meringue that I could eat, but thank god an Althean mentioned to me that it was the Meringue Puffs. It comes in two sizes one is the Giant size, and the Baby size (that comes in 3). The difference between the two is that the Giant one has a rounded end where you can apply your foundation, whereas the baby size has sharp points to target corners around the face. They don't look as big in size, but boy when it's dipped into water, it expands making it perfect for that smooth finish that you'd want on your skin.

A'Bloom Sheet Mask
Check out these adorable Face Mask in the display fridge!
Oh yknow, its just me. haha
The 4 varieties of mask for: Acne, Nourishing, Moisturizing and Brightening
In the ice cream shop, I was awe'd by the idea of Althea placing these sheet mask into the display fridge as a display. Haha. It was legit cute! The A'Bloom Sheet Mask comes in 4 different variants namely Water-Me-Long for moisturizing, Ac-me-Peach for anti-blemishing, Avo-Cuddle-Me for nourishing and Sparkle-Me-Bright for brightening. Other than the cute names of these sheet mask, did you know that they even have their own gif on Instagram too?! Like what-what?! Haha. Yes, I was surprised too!

Loving the feel of it on my skin
The minute I got home, I really couldn't wait to try their sheet mask, especially the Water-Me-Long, which is a moisturizing watermelon mask sheet by A'Bloom. Hehe. The mask claims to pack a punch of hydration and it also moisturizes for waterful skin to last. It contains watermelon extracts and has added lavender to calm the senses for a relaxing day to just dehydrate the skin. The mask I tried was incredibly thin and after leaving it on for about 10 minutes, my skin was super moisturized. I approve that its really good in quality and believe it or not, its only RM2 on Althea Korea! My jaws just dropped man!

BHA Blackhead Blaster

The BHA Blackhead Blaster that melts your blackheads away
And the last product from the A'bloom line that I managed to get my hands on during the launch was the BHA Blackhead Blaster. It's extremely compact and personally, I don't really know what it does till someone presented a demo on it. Its a natural BHA stick with a gentle and effective formula (charcoal, tea tree oil, apricot seed, and natural BHA). So instead of pinching your blackheads, all you need to do is rub the stick over your blackheads, rub it and rinse it off, minus the pain. Major love!

When applying to skin, it actually lathers around the skin and all you need to do is massage it in and rinse it off with lukewarm water. On a personal note, I usually like to get my extractions done in facial centers that would usually cost a bomb, but with this baby, it's only priced at RM16 to melt away your black head within a few seconds, minus the pain. I am SOLD! I have yet to really try this out, but for the price, I wouldn't mind giving this a go!

DAEBAK! on the 23rd of April 2019

Dont forget to include 'ABMASKS' upon checkout!

Starting from 23rd April onwards, the A'bloom collection will be launched on Althea Korea. OMG OMG OMG! And im gonna tell you why that you have to mark your calendar. As we all know, good deals are always during their launch day, and since I was the lucky few to witness the pre-launch, there's a lucky Daebak deal that im definitely looking forward to on the 23rd of April 2019. So, just a little spoiler, their A'bloom sheet mask is priced at RM2, right? But if you buy 10 it's only priced at RM15, and wait, the deal doesn't end there. So, if youre purchasing it during the launching period, well, let's say if you buy 10, you get free 10 instantly (that's RM15 for 20 sheet mask)! So don't snooze you guys, you'll lose. Hehe. Its only while stocks last, so hurry okay?

Gotta love these yummy looking meringue puffs!
Brought home some goodies too!
Well, I guess that's all for now. I really can't wait to really get a feel of all these products being in my daily routine and honestly speaking, im really thankful that Althea has decided to come up with a range that is highly reputable and incredibly affordable. Like, for reals, crazy affordable! Im really looking forward to more additions to the A'bloom range (haha, a girl can dream right?) and im pretty sure that they have more in plan. hehe. That's all for now, and this is me signing off to apply another mask for tonight.

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