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[REVIEW] NOVU 360 Solution X Butterfly Project | Parkson Sunway Pyramid

Im here at NOVU 360 Solutions @ Sunway Pyramid
Recently I was invited to do a little review on NOVU 360 Solutions and honestly, this was already my third time here! Since I went for the first 2 with my own expenses, I realized that I haven't really gotten the chance to do a proper review on it. So, since I finally have time to do a write-up, all thanks to the Butterfly Project for having me, im pretty happy on how far my skin is after their treatments. The first time I went was in December 2018 and now we're in April 2019 (Currently 4 months pregnant!) Wondering how and what is safe for pregnant women when it comes to quick NOVU 360 Solutions? Continue to read this post to find out what treatment I did.

First timer promotion: Any 2 for RM168
Before every treament, theres always a form to sign for security measures
The initial pakage that i wanted to tryout for the day
Initially, I came to try out their Revital Eye Treatment which is supposed to be a treatment to reduce droopy eyelids, laugh lines and dark circles. Since they recently launched the treatment in Malaysia in March 2019, NOVU 360 Solution was having a treatment introductory offer at RM168 (Usual Price: RM298) which is a good deal for those who are exploring into finding solutions. The offer is for a limited period of time only, so be quick if youre eager to try it out yourself.

Before every treatment, they would usually cleanse your makeup away first
Unfortunately, when I reached my destination, I was told that the treatment isn't as suitable for me since im pregnant. But im thankful that they told me way ahead regarding this. So, instead of trying out the Revital Eye Treatment, I was recommended to try out their signature treatments which would be milder for a pregnant woman to handle, the P+ Phyto Laser and Radiance Light. Honestly, they were very well trained to know what is safe for a pregnant woman as not all aesthetic treatments are evasive.

P+ Phyto Laser

P+Phyto Laser treatment
Now, let's get into details! As much as the P+ Phyto Laser sounds very scary if it's your first time, it's actually not as bad as you think. The treatment is actually a non-ablative laser treatment that promotes skin rejuvenation while reducing pigmentation and acne. The purpose of this treatment would be to make the skin looks brighter and clearer. It's also gentle enough to treat a wide variety of skin types. Honestly speaking, this was the most painless laser treatment I've done (comparing to other aesthetic centers that I've been to).

The 3 C's of NOVU 360
The treatment was incredibly quick comparing to other centers where they would usually take more time as they need to apply numbing cream before the treatment. At NOVU 360, they would cleanse and remove any makeup from your face first, and I was not applied with any numbing cream. I can really say that it didn't hurt at all. On a scale of 1 to 10, i'd say it felt like a 2 to me. If you can tolerate extractions at facial centers, then this is nothing. It really just felt like tiny ant bites that went for good 10 minutes throughout the session.

Radiance Light

The light had a machine, almost similar to the VR machine. (Didnt have anyone to help me take a pic)
After the P+Phyto Laser, usually the beautician would suggest to follow up with the Radiance Light treatment which stimulates collagen production, kills surface bacteria while inhibiting acne and pimple formation and also brightens and evens out the skin tone. This session was actually very fast as it only took less than 4-5 minutes in duration.

For beginners, naturally these are the signature treatments by NOVU
What it is, is basically a machine that covers your entire face and they would usually have to cover your eye with some blockers to prevent you from being shock from the bright lights. Trust me, it shines as bright as Rihanna's diamond. Once it's on your face, the light movement moves from left to right and vice versa in short flashes. It felt like nothing, to be honest, but I guess what it really does is to kill any bacteria on the skin.

After the treatment, they would usually apply moisturiser and sunblock before you head off
Definitley edffortless and doesnt take too much of your time
For better results, it would be best to include their RF-Fibrotaut and Ion Infusion, but since im pregnant, those treatments were not recommended for me. Even though there are no side effects that they might cause, it's always better to prevent the risk. So, following up to the treatments I did, both focus on skin concerns, consistency and skin contours which is like a combo for a quick solution. I must say that my skin was literally glowing after the treatment and im impressed!


Showing off my after glow treatment
As a verdict, I would recommend NOVU 360 Solutions as their treatments are quick and efficient when it comes to results. I will definitely come back again as I have a few more remaining treatments under my account which I purchased earlier. Hehe. My main concerns as always been acne and pigmentations, and so far it has been almost a month after the treatment and my skin is still glowing! Love it! Well, that's all for now, and I can't wait to get the baby out to be able to try the Revital Eye Treatment. Hehe. Tata for now. xx

NOVU 360 Solutions

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