Friday, April 5, 2019

Victoria and Tasmania Products now available at Jasons Food Hall

Victoria and Tasmania have made their way to Jasons Food Hall
I remember my last trip to Australia, and I can really recall products from Victoria having an impact on me defining the quality and the taste of it. Good news cause products from the land down under has reached to Jasons Food Hall where you can find the finest Victoria and Tasmania products without the need to fly there all the way. I managed to catch their showcase from the 27th of March 2019 to 11th April 2019 for free tasting and obviously brought some treats back with me.

Check out all the free testers being available at the launching event
Jason Food Hall has always been one of my favorite grocery stores to visit, especially when their selection of products are pretty rare and exclusive. Not to forget if youre a snacker at home, Jasons Food Hall has added a wide range of cheese, dairy products, snacks, dips, and high-quality seafood specially imported from the states of Victoria and Tasmania Australia. What's even better? Their snacks are way healthier than the ones you usually see in local stores. (coughs!)

Theres these Thin Breads Crisps
Some healthy looking crackers
Risotto all the way from Australia
Just for your information, both Victoria and Tasmania are located in the southernmost part of Australia. Being present at Victoria before myself, they are prominent for their food and beverages manufacturing and wife farmland areas comprising of large-scale livestock and grain productions. Tasmania, on the other hand, has been dubbed as "The Island of Inspiration" reputationally for boutique cheeses, dairy products, and a large exporter of seafood, particularly salmon. Yums.

There are also fresh squeezed juices and smoothies by Emma & Toms
Bulla has been my all time favorite when I was in Australia, now available in Malaysia too
All the dairy ice cream from Australian cows
Through this partnership with Jasons Food Hall, you will see an addition to its already wide range of cheeses, juices, yogurts, snacks, dips, chilled meals, and dairy products from the two states, providing customers access to quality food choices. I was so happy to find my Australian greek yogurt there and immediately bought a pack of it back. Some insights for first timer Australian products shoppers, some notable brands to keep in mind would be the Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce, Emma & Tom Juice and Kombucha, Bega Cheese, Kezs Kitchen to local specialties like the Tasmania King Island Cheese and locally grown Victorian fruits!

Extremely fresh fruits to indulge
Also not to forget the variety of vegetables too
Another highlight would be that Jasons Food Hall will be offering the award-winning Ocean Trout that comes from the remote southwest coast of Tasmania where the cool wilderness waters of the Franklin-Gordon Rivers collide with the salt water of the Great Southern Ocean. Petuna's Tasmanian Ocean Trout are selectively bred and expertly nurtured in pristine environments under industry leading, sustainable aquaculture practices. Don't you think it's nice to know that the Tasmanian Ocean Trout is sourced from a farm that treats the environment with care and respect?

Snacks anyone?
These looks pretty good too!
honey for the sweet bee's (that's you chikas)
So if you may seek for high-quality products sourced from all around the world, including Victoria and Tasmania, be sure to head over to Jasons Food Hall to get your worldwide groceries checklist completed to surprise your family and loved ones with a meal that tastes international. I would definitely recommend Jasons Food Hall to shop for fresh groceries and other products that are sourced internationally. As of now, I can't wait to get my Farmers Union and Bulla Ice-cream from Jasons Food Hall as I remember having it when I was in Victoria. You should try it too and you'll get what I mean. *wink

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