Thursday, April 18, 2019

Starbucks Spring 2019 Collection in Malaysia

The flavours of Spring at Starbucks Malaysia
Attention to all Starbucks lovers, I have some great news for you! If you haven't noticed, Starbucks Malaysia has announced that they have released two new beverages which are inspired by cherry blossoms. Personally speaking, I only thought that Japan and Korea would be popular with the spring season, but guess we finally get to enjoy spring in our Starbuck drinks too! It’s only a matter of time until these pretty flowers are fully bloomed!

Here's the real deal of the Starbucks Exclusive Spring drinks
Therefore, in honor of the spring season, Starbucks’ new beverages for this season – Azuki Blossom Creme Frappuccino and Matcha Azuki Blossom Creme Frappuccino – will be available in stores from 26 March 2019 with prices starting from RM17.50 onwards. Fun fact, did you know that Azuki means red bean? Hehe. Anyways, I managed to try both, and my personal preference goes to the Azuki Blossom Cream Frappuccino. Just talking about it makes me want more.

Check out their customizable tumbler! (most right)
How cute is this? Perfect for fraps!
And there are many other designs too!
On top of that, Starbucks has also released some pretty-in-pink merchandise like tumblers and mugs which are sakura-themed as well. Here are some of the items that are already available in-store. Honestly speaking, the designs are so tempting I swear! Loving the pastel shades of the collection and the floral vibes of the patterns. Im a sucker for their transparent tumbler cause it's just way too cute. Which is your favorite?

They also have this exclusive card for collectors too!
Now, that’s not all because Starbucks wants to make the spring season experience more immersive for you too by bringing Japan’s cherry blossom trees to life right here in their stores in Malaysia! To check out all three phases (budding, in-bloom, full bloom) of the sakura trees in AR (artificial reality). All you need to do is follow the instructions in stores or get their friendly baristas for help.
Feeling lucky? Take a photo/video and save them to share it on your FB/IG story. Don’t forget to tag Starbucks Malaysia while you’re at it! You may stand a chance to win Starbucks’ merchandise with crystals by Swarovski.

You can now choose your milk base to be full cream, almond or coconut.
On top all that, Starbucks is also giving a new twist to their classic Caramel Macchiato because starting from the 26 March 2019, you can customize this fan favorite drink with almond milk or (for the first time in Malaysia) coconut milk! WOW! So if you have a strict diet to follow when consuming milk, you can always choose to opt for Almond Milk or Coconut Milk, I've tried all the versions and I must say that it tastes very interesting.

Tried the Matcha, and im loving the combination with Azuki
If youre a coffee bean lover, maybe get yourself the Spring Season Blend in stores
If you’re excited about Starbucks’ new beverages, do drop by their outlets while stocks last. Be sure to keep an eye on the tumblers as I heard that they are selling out pretty fast in stores. You have been warned! Well, that's all for now, it's not even the end of spring, and im already looking forward to Autumn! Wondering what Starbuck has in stores next. Tata for now xx

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