Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Married couple gets sponsored with half Million worth for doing Live Videos

Hey guys! It has been out in the news that a newly married couple has been super lucky for getting a fully sponsored wedding that sums up to half a million (that's RM500,000.00!) How? Believe it or not, the lucky couple involves SITI SURIANI a.k.a SITI JAMUMALL. The groom, now husband to Siti Sutiani initially wanted to have a small ceremony but he decided to upload a status on his social media account (Facebook) requesting for sponsorship, and somehow received a lot of WhatsApp messages and calls from local Malaysian founders, including their wedding planner.

There were roughly a 100 of companies from various products who were interested to sponsor Siti's wedding, which also includes new startups who was more than honored to sponsor the lucky bride to be on their wedding ceremony. Some insights have highlighted that Siti mentioned that the groom was so tired due to this unexpected surprise from planning a small ceremony to a massive one, all thanks to the contributors of the ceremony.

Little did we know that there is a story behind the founders willing to support and sponsor on Siti's special day. A background on Siti Suriani, she is well known as a promoter/host for jamumall.com and promotes a wide range of local cosmetics, products related to health, fashion and even food products. Doing this as her passion for over 3 years, she has won hearts from the product founders to contribute a portion of the exclusive wedding ceremony.

Siti has been promoting products by local founders sincerely, and she has successfully introduced newly launched products in the market to be more established in the market that leads the products that she promoted to be viral in social media. With that in mind, many founders are forever grateful for Siti's effort in making their business a success, that leads them to sponsor her wedding ceremony. Siti has shared that she is grateful to have her ceremony, pre-wedding and her marriage to be sponsored by these founders.

It was definitely a massive wedding
Freeflow of food for guest
Local dessert vendors
The venue deco by Emma
Among the founders that sponsored Siti's wedding was a wedding dress by Dlia Jean Bridal, and as for the Wedding Deco, and 'Pelamin', it was sponsored by Emma. Even celebrities were present at her wedding, namely Che Ta, Faizal FBI, Shuib, Sarah Raisudin, Sherry Ibrahim, Shahrul Ridzuan, and Lana Nordin. To name the other top 13 sponsors during the ceremony included vendors below:

1. Pelamin dan Hiasan Dewan dari Wedding by Emma
2. Baju Pengantin dari Dlia Jane Bridal Collection
3. Grand Cake dari Mad About Cake
4. Vip Menu dari Rumpun Selera
5. Coffe Es-Cream dari Ana Zahra Beauty
6. Jamu dari Seri Lady Empire Resources
7. Tudung Bawal Bridesmaids dari Gallery Bawal
8. Kain Pasang Diamond dari Irahsukri
9. Telekung dari Pretty Aini
10. Make Up Set dari Zacthira Navillionniza
11. Scarft dari Scarft By Mehrun
12. Printed Box dari Art Creation Printing
13. Perfume dari  Luxe Essencia Resources

Namely some of the sponsors of the wedding ceremony

Are they lucky or what? Can't believe her wedding was fully sponsored by these local founders, and I guess when given the opportunity to give to society, you'll be rewarded with good thoughts and support throughout life. Other than a story worth sharing, Siti is very touched to have these brands to support her in her marriage and in her career development. So what's your contribution to society to get your wedding to be fully sponsored as well?

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