Sunday, February 19, 2017

[CONTEST] Jom #SayaSihat, with #YeosMalaysia!

Yeo Hiap Seng (Malaysia) Berhad a.k.a Yeo's, a company that has taken initiative steps to win the heart and trust of Malaysians is now having a health-related campaign to emphasize the importance of taking care of your health in terms of the food we consume and not to forget exercising. The reason of this campaign is to spread awareness of the increasing statistics of obesity in Malaysia (OH NO!). So with that being the main reason for the campaign, Yeo's launches the #SayaSihat (#ImHealthy) campaign with #YeosMalaysia!

Ong Chay Seng, Malaysia Group Vice President shared that Yeos has been a drink that has been well known for its high-quality ingredients, with less sugar and a drink that does not contain preservatives. Personally speaking, a good example to me would be the Yeo's Jasmine Green Tea as Green tea is good to burn fat and also high in antioxidants. Where else, Yeo's Soya, on the other hand, is good to maintain energy levels in the body since its high in protein.  Growing up with Yeo's when I was in highschool has really created impact to my daily lifestyle and I'm glad that they decided to start a health campaign which is something I prioritize a lot in my daily lifestyle.

#SayaSihat Campaign

The #SayaSihat campaign starts from the 13th of February and will end on the 23rd of April  and is open to all Malaysians. Below would be instructions on how to join the contest:

1. Take a photo of yourself exercising. (Extra points if Yeo's product is included in the picture)
2. Upload your photo to your Instagram account and hashtag #SayaSihat, and #YeosMalaysia.
3. Set your Instagram account to public.
4. Tag to of your friends to complete your participation.

And thats it! I love how Yeo's is encouraging the society to exercise, which i myself take it as a reminder to carry myself to the gym. Hehe. Im actually looking forward to join the contest myself, so if you are looking for inspirations, follow my Instagram (@alizasara) and i shall let my pictures do all the talking.

Concept and Idea of #SayaSihat

Examples spotted on Instagram #SayaSihat
In case some of you are wondering how the concept of the campaign works, Yeo's is emphasizing that their products are high quality that contains natural fresh ingredients and its super convenient to consume while youre doing your exercising. YAS! The #SayaSihat hashtag is to spread the awareness an encourage fellow Malaysians (especially the youth and city folks) to exercise. But of course, if youre aiming to win the contest, be sure to include your favourite Yeo's product into your photo to win amazing prizes!

Prizes up for grabs!

There will be 10 weekly prizes featuring a Sports Direct voucher worth RM100 and Yeo's product. I assume that most of you would be trying to grab the MAIN PRIZES, where the FIRST WINNER would be winning a Sports Direct voucher worth RM1000  + Yeo's products, SECOND WINNER would be winning a Sports Direct voucher worth RM800 + Yeo's products and the THIRD WINNER would be winning a Sports Direct voucher worth RM300 + Yeo's products.

Now that you know about the campaign, join now! Start encouraging yourself and others to a healthier lifestyle and possibly win yourself some new sports equipment. Teehee. For more information on the contest, head on over to Yeo's Official Website at or you can alternatively contact Yeo's customer service at 1300-80-2828. xx


  1. yeos, now they have superb contests too! :D.

  2. Yayy thanks for the info! I want to prepare and join it too! :P Wish me luck hehehe

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the contest. Plan to join and hope to win something!

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  5. omg I want the prize too! sports equipments are best! now I have more motivation to hit the gym~ hehe!

  6. #SayaSihat campaign is nice. Will join the contest soon, thanks.

  7. Yayy there's contest! I must join this! I've always loved Yeo's so must show support!

  8. It's great to have this kind of contest. Good luck for those participants.

  9. I love Yeos Jasmine Green Tea. Want to stay healthy too.

  10. love this kinda event! malaysian should take more care of their health!

  11. Sounds like a fun contest! Heard that green tea has a lot of health benefits. Will surely check this out.

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  12. I want to be sihat ! but Yeos, calories :D

  13. Thanks for the update babe! Looks like a really good event as it shout out to the community on healthy lifestyle we need to maintain!

  14. Didn't know about this contest until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

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  16. Wow!! attractive prizes !! I gonna check this at their instagram! ^^