Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hidden Gems of Kuala Lumpur || Authentic Malaysian Food

Hotel Taiichi located in Bukit Bintang
Good morning! If youre here to find out about my recent discovery, well you came to the right place. Being a KL socialite myself, even i find it hard to find authentic local food in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. But since i found a place which serves only the finest Malaysian food, let me do the honors of saving your time by recommending this hidden gem, located in Bukit Bintang, hidden in Tai Ichi Hotel. Varieties of food with different price ranges can be found in Bukit Bintang, however, Taiichi Café serves only high-quality food at a very affordable price.

Tai Ichi Café
Newly renovated to suit the current generation
A lovely place to chill or as a hideout away from the city
And from my first paragraph, its pretty clear when i say that its hidden within Tai Ichi Hotel, located at No.78 & 80, in Jalan Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur. Its not exactly easy to find if you're unaware about the café, but i can guarantee to you that your hunt would be worth it! Surprisingly, i was rather shocked to find such a hip place to dine in at Bukit Bintang. Despite it being an old building, i would say that the interior decoration has a very modern feel to it. With green walls, cozy seating corners and not to forget that its air-conditioned! The most interesting thing about the café concept would be that they dont only feature 1 professional chef, but 3 professional chefs under one roof.

Masak Masak by Chef Lily

Masak Masak's Nasi Lemak by Chef Lily
Since i arrived at the café at about 11am, the best thing to have on a Sunday morning would be the classical Malaysian Nasi Lemak. Now, this isnt your ordinary nasi lemak cause its specially prepared by Masak Masak, and all local cuisine prepared with love by Chef Lily. Its priced at RM10-RM12 for a set of Nasi Lemak served with either Fried Chicken, Rendang Chicken or Rendang Beef, with an additional side of Terung Cili. Its also inclusive of a drink too! I have to say that this tasted amazing as i havent really tasted 'good' nasi lemak for a while now. The taste was very home cooked, and the ingredients are all cooked to perfection! Yums, will definitely be coming back for more.

Masak Masak's Facebook Page :

Leoniel Chez by Chef Leoniel

Thai Salad and Seafood Spaghetti anyone? 
Dont get me started on the cakes!
If youre not looking for local food, why not try some dishes by Chef Leoniel's. Since the chef himself was there to serve us, he presented to us small portions of his Seafood Spaghetti (RM15) and Thai Salad (RM12). Now let me tell you something, im not exactly a fan of spaghetti, but the Seafood Spaghetti by Chef Leoniel is a must-try! Not over seasoned, and the flavors really made me feel like dancing. Not to forget his Thai Salad which tasted really healthy as it wasnt too sourish and it tasted fresh. Thumbs up to Chef Leoniel!

Some freshly baked croissant
French pastries anyone?
Alternatively, Chez Leoniel also has yummy handmade French pastries available at the café too. Be sure to grab a bite of it when you get the chance to. Chez Leoniel has a tea set which ranges from RM10 to RM35 where a coffee and a pastry would cost about RM12, or you go try the tea set for 2 pax that includes 10 pieces of pastries with the option of tea of coffee at only RM35. Thats insanely affordable. Or if youre looking at the cakes, you can also pick a slice of cake of your choice and a hot beverage at less than RM20. And i warn you, each bite of the cakes are highly addictive.

Chez Leoniél's Facebook Page:
Chez Leoniéls Instagram: @chezleoniel

3D Durian Cakes by Chef Matthew Yap

Dont be fooled, as this durian like shaped is actually a cake!
The first time im seeing cake with real durian fruits inside 
The taste was made to perfection too
Now dont be fooled by Chef Matthew's 3D Durian Cakes, cause when i say its 3D, its almost too good to be true. In the images above isnt a fruit, but its an actual cake. I know, i know, i find it hard to believe it too. The details and the colours were well played by Chef Matthew Yap and i cant believe that it took him only 2 hours to prepare such a masterpiece. That is what i call skills. The Durian cake is made from Musang King, which means its only made by the finest of the finest durians.

If you think this is a real Coconut, well think again!
Yep, this is a cake too! SURPRISE! 
Another cake that he featured would be the Coconut cake, and again, i had to convince myself that this coconut shaped cake is an actual cake. I KNOW! I have to say that Chef Matthew has some serious skills when it comes to cakes and im impressed. Every single detail of his cakes are on point, and not to forget that they're very Malaysian too! For orders, you can directly contact Chef Matthew himself at 012-2373121, and cake price starts from RM168/ 3D Cake.

Contact Chef Matthew: 012-2373121

The menu board
Some really cool decorations in the café
As an overall view, i'd say that Tai Ichi café is definitely a good place for small gatherings with close friends or even for a private function (cause why not?). And if you think this ends here, it doesnt cause a little birdie told me that there will be having cooking classes available upon request and will most likely be organized in afkl (alliance française) or bangsar. There will also be featuring Café Berlin and OMG Grill which will be organized in Chateau de Verre in Bangsar this coming March 2017. I'll be keeping a look out on that as i cant wait to visit their café in Bangsar soon, so be sure to come back to check on the latest updates! I honestly cant wait! I also left some details on how you can get your way there below so that you can find your 'X' point on your map *wink

Taiichi Café
No. 78 & 80, Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Operation Hours 
Breakfast (6.30am- 10.30am)
Lunch (11.30am-2pm)
Tea time (2.30pm-5.30pm)

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  1. We just got married at this place and it was amazing! It was lovely, the staff was great, and it was the perfect size for our wedding. These guys are extremely affordable, and their food was so delicious. My guests at wedding venues Chicago could not stop talking about it!