Monday, February 20, 2017

De'Laman Event Space || Event Space in Shah Alam

De'Laman Event Space
Looking for an event space in Shah Alam, here's a new place that just recently launched in 2017! If you're looking for an event space that provides 3 floors to host your event, well you came to the right post. I was honored to be invited to the launching ceremony which was launched by YDG Dato Haji Emran Bin Haji Kadir Dato Orang Kaya Maha Bijaya Petaling Orang Besar Daerah Petaling, where we had a bridal bed exhibition, a fashion show, singers by up-coming artist, and members of the media who attended.

The main entrance of De'Laman
3 story building
Since I was present at the launch of De'Laman, might as well share some info's for you guys to read up. De'Laman is a 3 story building that's located in iparc 3 Bukit Jelutong and it can be an event space for all kinds of events, namely weddings, Akad nikah, anniversaries, fashion shows, parties, seminars and more! But of course, in general, if you're looking for a more affordable alternative rather than spending on expensive hotels for a small hall, De'Laman is an event space that you can consider.

I was surprised to see that the hall could actually host a fashion show too! During the launch, we had Bon Zainal and Dicky Ishak who came all the way from Singapore to host their fashionable collections. It's amazing how creative you can play around with the spaces at De'Laman where in my mind I think it would be a great place to host an event such as a bridal shower or a baby shower (i mean, why not?). For more details on De'Laman, checkout their facebook page at

Pretty decorations everywhere
Wedding set example
The event was also had a bridal bed set up with a bride and groom walking through the red carpet on the same day itself. I'm amazed that the organizers even considered adding this into the agenda to help attendees visualize if an event would take place at the one and only De'Laman. The space started its operations in December last year and has approximately 6500 square feet of space making it extremely new. I would also emphasize that it's located in an ideal location as it's very easy to find, strategic with parking lots available.

3rd floor space
3rd floor space
I'm sure you must be wondering what would the upper levels be used for since its a 3 story building. I managed to check the space out and I was told that the extra space can actually be used for the caterer's, a surau, a resting space, hidden PA System space, a projector, a additional hall with air condition, and more! Not to forget that the outer hall space is wide enough to also host an event too. It's really up to your creativity and the amount of guest you'll be expecting.

Launched by YDH Dato' Haji Emran bin Haji Kadir
1st floor interior space
So if you're looking for an event space for a wedding, well good news cause they provide you with convenient packages that are super affordable and with multiple budgets to suit your needs. The packages listed below are for at least 1000 pax and on top of that are inclusive of an FOC Wedding Cake, Make-up services, 600 units of Moist cake and a Queen Size Bed entirely FREE! So I would definitely say that the packages are worth every cent. There are 4 packages available, so its really up to you if you want to splurge on more options. The packages available at the moment would be starting from RM35 per pax to RM75 per pax which really depends to the person renting the event space. The pricing includes the food spread of your choice, bridal set, bridal and groom outfit, decorations, tables, chairs, VIP Dome, Buffet station, photography, videography, tent rental, even planner, air conditioned hall, service staff, additional tables, parking space, surau, red carpet, and more! The additional pricing would be splurged more on digital services such as 32ft crane videos, number of cameras, belt headset, and basically additional equipment.

So when will you be booking your event at De'Laman?
So there you have it! Thank you so much for reading on my write up, and i hope you can consider De'Laman as an event space of your choice. Feel free to check their facebook page at and you'd be surprised on what a huge space can do. I believe that De'Laman can actually cater to your needs when it comes to event spaces. So I shall let you check them out yourself and decide if De'Laman is the space for you. *wink


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