Wednesday, February 1, 2017

[REVIEW] Esprique Bright Lasting Rouge + Lip Gel Magic

Reviewing the Esprique Bright Lasting Rouge and Lip Gel Magic by Kosé
Good day everyone! As a beauty blogger, I would like to introduce to you one of the latest finest creations by Kose. There will be 2 cosmetic products that I will include in today's review, and you'd be surprised that these two are a great combo to work with. As the title says, I'll be reviewing the Esprique Bright Lasting Rouge and the Lip Gel Magic by Kose,. For more information on it, please do scroll away!

The Esprique Bright Lasting Rouge i OR292
Made in Japan (cause thats all i can read here) 
First up for review would be the Esprique Bright Lasting Rouge which I got in shade OR 292, a peachy orange color. I know you must be wondering what is this Esprique? Since I took extra time to do some reading before posting this up, Esprique is actually derived from a french term coined from esprit, leaving a meaning of spirit or essence. Since the launch of the Esprique range was during autumn, I couldn't think of a better color to compliment the season!

Lovely pacakaging and details
One swatch test!
At a first glance of the packaging, I was already all drawn to the design of it! The selling point of the Esprique Bright Lasting Rouge would be that it's created to nourish the lips with serum while concealing lip discolorations by granting it vivid color payoff in just one stroke! The Esprique Bright Lasting Rouge is also enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and honey, which in result creates perfectly shaped lips with color just like a ripened fruit. With such moisturizing properties being found in a lipstick, its no doubt that it would leave my lips feeling moist and bouncy.

OH NO! It stains. 
Above would be some swatch test that I've managed to test out, and as you can see, with one swipe, it clearly shows that it produces vivid colors once in contact with skin. MAJOR LOVE! Based on my personal experience,  I would say that this would be my favorite lipstick to wear when I have chapped lips as this is extremely moisturizing, leaving my lips hydrated almost the entire day. But of course, we all known that the one thing that stops us from wearing glossy lipsticks would be the embarrassing stains that we have to deal with.


I present to you the Lip Gel Magic!
More Japanese words, but thank god for pictures!
But not to worry, being a well-known brand throughout the world, Kose, has taken some considerations to solve your problem! This is where I introduce to you on the Lip Gel Magic! It was honestly a little tricky to figure out what it was as the packaging was covered in Japanese words, but thankfully for social networks, I finally found whats the purpose of it! The NEW Lip Gel Magic is actually a magical coating gel that makes your favorite lipstick finish last longer throughout the day.

Very petite packaging which makes it easy to bring around
All you need is a rice grain size of gel per usage
After testing it out, its simple and I must say that it comes in handy if you're not a fan of reapplying lipstick after lunch. I don't know about you, but I know that it can be embarrassing when you have a cup of water, and your lipstick stains the cup way too obviously. But thankful for the Lip Gel Magic, you won't have to be embarrassed any longer! Just squeeze a rice grain sized of gel, and apply the lip gel magic over your lipstick to prevent the color from fading and coming off. Sounds too good to be true, but it definitely works!

Evenly spread the gel out over lipstick
If you're wondering how it works, it's all thanks to a unique color migration prevention ingredient (fluorine coating powder) that creates a gel film over the surface of your lips, thoroughly coating the lipstick to prevent it from migrating onto other surfaces. And with this being out in the market, you won't need to limit yourself when it comes to your favorite lipstick finish. Now you won't have to worry about your lipstick leaving stains on your cup, food or even your favorite white t-shirt.

Here are the comparisons
No more stains! 
As a verdict, I would say the Lip Gel Magic is truly a beauty saver! It's currently available at Kose stores nationwide at a price of RM55 (Special X-mas Promotion). The Esprique Bright Lasting Rouge, on the other hand, is a moisturizing alternative for dry lips and are priced at RM97.50. I really think that both these products are the perfect combination when it comes to creating kissable pouty lips to last you the whole day. I've been facing dry lips, (thanks to my addiction to matte liquids), but now with the Esprique Bright Lasting Rouge and Lip Gel Magic, I won't need to worry about days when my lips need some love and pampering. Psst, I also realized that when you apply the Lip Gel Magic onto your lipstick, the color nicely sinks to suit your skin tone too. What's there not to love really?

After 2 hours from application
Well, thats all for now. I do hope you find my blog post informative and if there are any answers that are unanswered, please do let me know by leaving me a comment below, or an email. For more updates on Kose, be sure to head over to their facebook page or their official website. Do leave me a comment below to share with me your thoughts on this as I would love to hear from you :) Till my next post! xx

*Ps: When using the lip Gel Magic, make sure you shake it well till it comes out to be a semi-transparent gel-like texture. 


  1. Love this color on you babe! I've never tried orange lip color. Makes me want to try it now

  2. Lovely to see a lip gel that dose not stain. The color is cool too.

  3. How clever is that lip gel??? My issue is that I sometimes accidentally transfer my lipstick onto my poor baby's skin *lol* I bet he'd love for me to start wearing the Kose lip gel now haha.


  4. this is pretty fascinating... however I do not think I suit orange lippies...

  5. It is indeed a beauty lifesaver. Lipstick stains can be very embarrassing@

  6. I like all beauty novelties, especially if they are natural. I try to use different oils instead of chemical creams. Also I made a hydrophilic oil using this receipt and it was even better than the one I've bought in the pharmacy. Also I would like to try this magic lip gel.