Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Bonsai Master || Masashi Hirao [Show impression]

The Bonsai Master, Masashi Hirao
I know I posted about the Bonsai Project earlier in January, but if you haven't read that post yet, here's a little introduction on Bonsai. The word 'Bon-sai' is a Japanese term which, literally means "planted in a container" when translated. Since I was a little curious about where the art of Bonsai came from, I managed to do a little research on the beauty of it. Apparently, it all started when the Japanese decided to develop the art of Bonsai along the influence of Zen Buddhism which has been around for over a thousand years. The goal of growing a Bonsai is usually to create a miniaturized but realistic representation of nature in the form of a tree, and personally speaking, it really takes a lot of passion and patience to create such art.

Every touch matters
Master Masashi Hirao on full concentration
So, I finally managed to make time to watch the show, and to my surprise, I never knew there were so much to take into consideration when designing the perfect Bonsai Masterpiece! I have to say that Master Masashi Hirao is one of the greatest Bonsai artists I know as every bonsai artwork made by him is unique in his own way. I notice that the way he visualizes his masterpiece by touching and understanding the plant in the most respected manner. No wonder when you browse through his Youtube Channel, you'll find bonsai artist from all around the world commenting on his artwork while seeking for advice to be as good as Master Masashi Hirao.

Am I the only one who finds this calming? 
Being a Malaysian myself, I do wish Malaysia would have people who are as passionate as Master Masashi Hirao when it comes to nature. I believe that Malaysia has so much land that is untouched, and it would be great if someone could combine nature and art to represent the love we have for our one and only planet. Since I was watching the show with my family, because nothing beats family time, even my sister was inspired by Master Masashi Hirao's Bonsai artwork. It's crazy to see him make everything look so easy when it takes a lot of patience and passion for completing each bonsai project.

Wouldnt you say that this is a masterpiece on its own?
So much zen feels in one photo
I honestly feel that if the Bonsai's had feelings, they would indeed love Master Masashi Hirao for always grooming them to look at their best. From the coordination and the placement, everything has so much meaning to it. What I love most about his Bonsai artworks would be that they are never the same. Each of the bonsai naturally has their own character and beauty, making it look prestigious. I always loved how each Bonsai had their own character, but I honestly never knew it takes a good groomer to maintain its beauty. That's what Master Masashi Hirao taught me through the show.

I partially regret not getting the opportunity to at least see him in person when he came down to Malaysia 2 months ago (Video above was when he was in Penang in December 2016). It would be a dream to see him create such beauty and in hopes to at least catch some of his skills after watching him do his magic. But if you did not manage to catch his first episode, fret not as they will be airing the TV program of Mashi Hirao called Bonsai & Dunia on RTM1 on the 11th, 18th, 24th (time may differ on this date) and 25th February from 2 pm to 3 pm.  I honestly hope he'll upload these episodes on his Youtube Channel so that I can re-watch him creating beautiful masterpieces. xx


  1. This is a great info! I'm pretty sure I'm going to record this show!

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  3. I will catch the show for more. The bonsai looks artistic and lovely

  4. I use to have a green thumb and liked to grow indoor plants. Now I like to grow fruits and vegetables. Hopefully, my love for bonsai will develop when I retire.

  5. Such beautiful creations Aliza and when they are groomed well, I am sure they look absolutely spectacular too. Will check out his episodes on YT in the meantime, maybe I can pick up a little something from there ;)

  6. I admire the beauty of bonsai a lot but have no knowledge about it. Thanks to your article, I known a lot more about them!

  7. wow! before this just admire bonsai because it look great but never know any master worked behind it.

  8. wow ... great show ... waiting for a chance to have a look ...

  9. Its hard to explain in words its beauty and the Master's talent. You have to watch it silently and focus on her moves and technique. And feel the good chi.

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