Thursday, February 9, 2017

One Championship X Bad Lab

Bad Lab X One Championship
The ONE Championship word has been spreading among MMA fans from all over Malaysia when the ONE Championship announced that they will be holding two events in Malaysia's capital city this year. The first event of 2017 will be held at Stadium Negara on the 10th Feb, headlined as Throne of Tigers and Bad Lab, the personal care range for man, is proud to be the official personal care brand sponsor of ONE Championship for Throne of Tigers for the 2nd year in a row. To celebrate the occasion, BAD LAB launches the "Fight Ready" hair styling event in conjunction with the ONE Championship athletes at Watsons Store earlier today.

Some of their current ranges
How can you not love their manly packagings?
The 'Fight Ready' event gives the fans a unique opportunity to show their support for their local fighters and have some fun experiencing BAD LAB's new products alongside top-ranked ONE Championship superstars, which was ultimately a once in a life-time opportunity to meet Malaysian female fighter Ann Osman, and the up-and-coming brother duo Keanu and Gianni Subba.

The new launch, Supersonik water-based pomade
And the Dynamo, Water-based hair cream
To celebrate the unique attributes of the products and the exciting associating with the fighters, BAD LAB is proud to extend its popular hair range with the release of two new products, featuring the a water-based Pomade and a water-based Hair  Cream. With the all-new hair styling products being out in the market, it will definitely provide convenience for active lifestyle men to suit the BAD LAB branding which embraces edgy, adventurous, brave, fun, inspirational and cool attitudes.

The Water-based pomade, Supersonik is LAV
Following the BAD LAB mandate, these two new releases feature animals chosen to make the same bold statement to its fans and users that the rest of the BAD LAB range does. The Eagle, king of the sky, embodies the Pomade's slick and cool attitude that runs deep in BAD LAB's DNA while the Panther, the ultimate predator, was chosen to reflect the smooth nature of what a use of the Dynamo Hair Cream would feel. So have you got your mind set on which release is your favourite? Teehee.

Photo opt with the fighters and VIP up close
Ann Osman getting her game on with a fan during the event
With the upcoming ONE Championship coming up, they will be showcasing TWO major fighters in the lightweight division, namely "E.T" Ting from Malaysia and Kamal "Prince of Persia" Shalorus from Iran in its main bout. Another headlined fight features the return of Ann Osman as she looks to defend home court against a tough opponent in the Cambodian prospect, Vy Srey Khouch. With these exciting names bringing excitement to MMA fans, Throne of Tigers is scheduled to be held at Stadium Negara in Kuala Lumpur on February 10th 2017. For more updates on Throne of Tigers, head on over to their Official Website for more deets on the event. xx


  1. oh this pomade looks fierce ah! My brother will like this product :)

  2. i totally support the subba brothers and ev ting....they are awesome... the bad lab products look interesting... love their packaging for sure

  3. I've not seen Bad Lab on the shelves yet. Would love to get it for guy friends cos this range looks different, more macho.

  4. Prior to this I've not heard of this brand. Pretty cool that they're the sponsor for One Championship. Can be a really good gift for guy friends!