Friday, February 10, 2017

[REVIEW] Photo shoot at Kaio Studio, Shah Alam

Reviewing Kaio Studio
Hello there! If you've been a follower on my Instagram, you would notice that I had a recent photoshoot with Kaio Studio. (So, psst, if you haven't followed me yet, follow me already! @alizasara) I am more than thankful to Kaio Studio for giving me an opportunity to get a feel of their NEW studio which just recently opened in Shah Alam, Selangor. So if you're looking for the best studio to work, or looking for a place to get your graduation photos or wedding photos done in Shah Alam, read more on Kaio Studio here, and scroll away!

The studio space, all white
So I think from the title itself, its pretty clear what services Kaio Studio provides right? Kaio Studio is a photoshoot studio that features both white and black backgrounds making it the most ideal photoshoot studio in Shah Alam. Apart from the cleanliness and the team of photographers they have to offer, I have to say that Kaio Studio is by far the most comfortable studio I've worked with. Walking into Kaio Studio is like walking into your own home, with friendly staffs to greet you as you enter the studio. Psst, this studio is also air-conditioned.

Capturing only the best angles 
You must be wondering why I say that Kaio Studio is the most ideal photoshoot studio in Shah Alam, so let me tell you why. The reason why i really have a high preference towards Kaio Studio is of course the people Kaio works with. They are very educated and well knowledgable to capture only the good angles when it comes to photography. Not to forget that they're very helpful with tips on how to pose when you feel awkward in front of the camera. HAHA. And i also like the idea that they have a proper space to change your outfit (if needed), so you wont have to worry about thinking of how to change to your next outfit while you're in the studio. There is also a toilet in the corner of the studio for your convenience, so you basically wont have to worry about a thing.

How it all started

Meet the man behind everything, Anwar Abdullah a.k.a Kaio.
A little background check on Kaio Studio, despite being a new studio in Shah Alam, Kaio Studio actually started since 2012 by Anwar Abdullah a.k.a Kaio. Kaio started his career by being a wedding videographer, and slowly he ventured to different genre's to cater to weddings, events, advertising, campaign videos and TV programs which I have to salute to him for having this passion to create such masterpieces. The video above would be his first 'time freeze' video which literally went viral across Malaysia and if you watch it for yourself, I think you can see that Kaio is indeed a creative person to work with, especially when it comes to compiling your memories to be extra ordinary.

The Experience

A super convenient vanity table
Now to share some of my experience at Kaio Studio which happened earlier this month. I am utterly honored to be invited for a casual shooting session, and in no doubt really excited to be shot by the famous Kaio with a few other bloggers as well. As i walked into the studio, i was greeted with a friendly welcome by the staff and Kaio himself which really made me feel comfortable to be there. In the studio, i found a vanity mirror to work my make up with, which was really convenient for me to get my final touches of make up to my face. So thats a bonus point for Kaio Studio! Not to forget that he was also very considerate to provide an iron and a place to hang our clothes so that it doest get crumpled by putting it everywhere, which left me with less worries. Thank you Kaio!

Changing room // toilet
Honestly, not being a model myself, i was extremely worried about the shoot. It was literally like a moment of anxious anxiety filled with worries of what if my pose makes me look undecent, what if my double chin appears, what if I blink too much during the shoot and all the other 'what ifs' you can think of. And trust me, I was COLD because I was so nervous to be in front of the camera. But since I was there, I took a deep breath and walked myself to the set and prepared my first few poses. Turns out, it went better than expected. With Kaio being behind the camera, he gave me some guides and tips on how to strike a pose. Even in moments I felt awkward, he still took photos of me, AND at that very moment, i was already so worried about my photos coming out to look like im not ready.

My warm-up shoot
Some stunning candid shots by Kaio
Some close up shots
Lets add a little vogue into the shoot ;)
And tadaa, as you can see in the photos above, that would be the results of the shoot. Its crazy how fast he managed to produce these photos to me. In less than 24 hours, the photos were already out and ready to be printed if I requested to be. *EEEEEKKK* as I scream in excitement because I was shocked to see that these photos were really good (despite my awkward self during the shoot). Kaio really knows how to capture moment that makes you look good, and not to forget that he captures your good angles without the need of you telling him to. AHH. So tell me, what do you think of the photos?

Kaio Studio's Achievements

Some of his masterpieces
With those photos of me taken by Kaio, I think its no mystery why Kaio Studio has been awarded with so many awards since they started. To list a few, he was the winner for Most Glam Fashion Videographer in 2015 by Glam magazine, and if youre interested to read on it, you can hover your mouse, and click "HERE". Kaio has also done a photoshoot in Paris with Anuar Zain for a front cover shoot for a Fashion & Travel magazine. How insane is that? At times like these, you would wish you were Kaio. Haha. He has also been to Cairo, egypt for a fashion shoot by Ezuwan Ismail, and many more other fashion brands such as Lynda Rahim, Wandpa, Melinda Looi and Zawara. Indeed the few top brands in Malaysia in the fashion industry. If you would like to see his fashion shoots by Kaio Studio, head on over to Kaio Studio's website or alternatively, you can click "HERE".

Services provided by Kaio Studio

The master working in action
So if you're eager to give Kaio Studio the most important task to your event, I wouldn't worry, cause Kaio would most definitely not disappoint. In case youre wondering, Kaio Studio provides services that are listed below:
  • Wedding Photography and Videography
  • Corporate Photography and Videography
  • Commercial Videography
  • Campaign Video and Photography 
  • Music Video production
Alternatively, if you want to see other services that Kaio Studio provides, you can also visit his direct link to his website by clicking "HERE". For your convenience, if you're looking for a studio or to do some photoshoot services, I've listed the address to direct you to Kaio Studio in Shah Alam. Alternatively, you can also waze your way there by typing out " Kaio Studio". Just a heads up, once you've reached your destination, dont bother searching for his studio on the ground floor cause its actually on the first floor so you may need to take the stairs and go up 1 floor. Hehe.

Kaio Studio Address

Kaio Studio And Production SDN. BHD,
1-06, Mitea Residence Office, 
No.5 Persiaran Sukan, Seksyen 13, 
40100 Shah Alam, Selangor.

And I guess that's about it! Thank you so much for reading my review! If you have any other question you'd like to ask, do not hesitate to drop me an email or by leaving the comment below. Teehee. Also, be sure to visit Kaio Studio's facebook page to keep yourself updated with the latest trends, offers and more. Thank you once again for dropping by, till my next post aite? xx


  1. That is such a clean and professional looking studio and such amazing photos were captured during ur shoot!

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    I wanna go photoshoot too.. its good memories :D

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  9. Oh wow that's amazing!!! I was totally planning on getting a shoot together the next time we were back in Malaysia, and this review definitely puts Kaio on our list of possible photogs! Thanks for sharing :)


  10. Good experience and I like all your outfit. Nice shots and kudos to the photographer.

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  12. terima kasih kerana sudi datang ke Kaio Studio untuk sesi studio photoshoot.
    kami sangat berbesar hati mendapat kunjungan Sara.
    Harap dapat bekerjasama lagi di masa yang akan datang.

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