Sunday, June 4, 2017


Being a fan of Althea ever since they started, its exciting to annouce that they are joining the Raya festive season! If you're looking for Raya offers or Ramadhan offers on K-beauty, well, Althea has got that all covered. Be prepared with some beauty products to be by your side during this raya season, which are all the way from Korea (because YOU CAN). In case youre wondering what else Althea has to offer, well read away to find out what other offers are there to look out for by scrolling below.

One thing that i LOVE about Althea is that they have special edition boxes to suit the festive season, and if you're a die die heart fan like me, you would definitely be more that excited to received themed boxes to suit the festive season! Psst, if instead you're looking for a gift for your girlfriend/wife, you can skip the hassle of wrapping it up cause the box is pretty enough that you won't need to worry about a thing on presentation.  This is also a Limited Edition box, so hurry if you want to be a part of the fun!

And if you think thats all, it doenst end there! Althea also decided to have a Raya Giveaway Festival where you get to celebrate Raya with one festive gift from Althea. (THANK YOU ALTHEA FOR BEING SO SWEET). I honestly was hoping that they would prep up a Raya edition trendy box, but a festive gift would do too. Hehe. Now, please take note that the items in the list are limited and are based on first come first serve. You may need to hurry if you want the best items for yourself. Tehee.

So since i managed to check the page out, here are some of the free giveaway items that are still available (as of 4th June 2017) to claim upon check out. Listed here would be some blush, tints, eyebrow pencils, whitening creams, and lipsticks! All to suit to your likings to complete your Raya. But if you insist on having a piece of my mind, I'm eyeing on the Chica-Y-Chico Matt Lip and the Beauty People Absolute Tok Tok Lip Blusher.

And there you have it! The offer it open to Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore so hurry to be a part of this excitng campaign where you will received a LIMITED EDITION box and one free Raya gift from the Raya Giveaway Festival. Even im excited to just browse through to purchase what i want. Teehee. Oh well folks, you'll be seeing an Althea haul coming real soon thanks to this campaign. STAY TUNED!

Hurry and start shopping here


  1. Thank you for a very detailed review. I hope this opens here in the Philippines too!

  2. That really is a great goodie box!!! Love all those things!

  3. Waaa I got my hand of Althea Raya Box to. Waiting the box come to my office. What did you shopping dear?

  4. Wow! I love Althea Sale Events. Too bad Raya Giveaway is not available here in the Philippines.