Thursday, June 15, 2017

Spice up your 2017 Raya #OOTD with Lazada

Being the 3rd week of Ramadhan, i must say that its indeed exciting to see that youre losing weight over the few weeks of fasting. So hands up to those who are actually seeing results of fasting? Hehe. The beauty of the fasting season is that races from different backgrounds would take up the challenge by fasting together with muslim friends and to me its exciting to see people sharing traditions in Malaysia. With the Raya celebration in just less than 2 weeks away, time has triggered me to start thinking about what to wear during Raya.

I have been thinking a lot for the past three days, and I admit that work has really put a lot of stress over me. So, one day i was driving back home, despite all the stress from work, I felt at ease when i had a view of the clear blue skies and clouds in the sky. Can you guess my preferred shade for this year's raya? Inspired by the blue skies, i was thinking of sky blue or cream attire as my Baju Raya for 2017. Why are these two colours are my top choices? Well did you know that white is associated with light, goodness, and purity while blue is usually associated with intelligence, confidence, faith and heaven?

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Since my colours has been chosen, next question, what kind of details would i prefer? As much as i love 1 piece clothings, im thinking of going for the 2 piece modern baju kurung. Nowadays, the modern baju kurung can be so versatile that you can mix and match the top with jeans or get your own top from your closet to pair it with your modern baju kurung skirt. Trust me when i say that its a bonus when your clothings are versatile enough to be worn for formal or casual ocassions. Hehe. Thus leading to my expectations of wanting something glamourous yet versatile.


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After hunting for tons of Baju Raya online and offline, i never really found the perfect piece sadly. Its usually either not my style or its too expensive. But guess what? I found what i was looking for on Lazada since they had the Marhaban Ya Ramadhan and Riang Ria Raya Sale and i instantly fell in love! I found the Lace Vercato Selena in Champagne Beige and the Peplum Vercato Ariana in Bluish Grey and surprisingly it was just what i was looking for. And bonus points is that it has additional discounts! I've always been a fan of designer pieces, and i have to say some pieces from Lazada are designer worthy and are at a fraction of the price!

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Since im hunting for my attire via Lazada, to my surprise, i also found some jewelleries that i think would look great with my outfit! On site, i found the Youniq Premium Slim Classic 24k Plated Bangles at only RM33.20. On top of that i'll also get a free plated ring with box too! What more can you really ask for? I swear i never knew that Lazada had fashionable pieces, but since i know now, its time to prepare myself for Raya!

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So what are you waiting for? Im all set for Raya thanks to Lazada! I shall warn you to spare some time when shopping on Lazada as you might take a while to browse through on your decisions. HURRY! With Raya just less than a week away, you gotta get your outfit sorted and ensure that Lazada would be able to post your items to you on time. Hehe. I hope you enjoyed reading my post and i hope it also helped you with your Raya shopping. Time to look good and feel good this coming Raya.

From 19th May to 30th June 2017 (where you can find special discounts up to 90%)

Wishing fellow readers and friends 
Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin xx


  1. Good luck in this Lazada contest. Hope you win ;)

  2. I am impressed with your choices. You really have an eye for fashion and beauty. I like the lace baju kurung, too!

  3. All of the styles look really good. All the best hun! <3

  4. loving your selections... but then we all know you have a great figure and great taste... so you are bound to look gorgeous this Raya,....

  5. loving your selections... but then we all know you have a great figure and great taste... so you are bound to look gorgeous this Raya,....

  6. Whoa! Sara hope you win the baju raya from lazada.Love your selection.

  7. I love your choices of dresses! Can wear to any occasions :) and its affordable.

  8. So classy and definitely the style that you will definitely wear!! Cantik giler, make me wanted to get one of those too =)

  9. congrats for finding your piece of dream baju! :) selamat hari raya!

  10. Great Finds. I love shopping at Lazada and yes, I love the additional discounts they offer.

  11. Such a beautiful selection of baju raya. You have such high taste. I also like them but prefer the first one.

  12. Wow, such lovely elegant designs and affordable too! Will check them out, thanks for sharing dear :)

  13. I always wish to try these tradition dresses, i wonder if it suits me well :) They all looked so elegant.

  14. Elegant design! Lazada is indeed good place to shop online for a wide variety.

  15. Arggghhh cantiknyaaa!!!!!!!! Suka sangat fesyen baju raya macam tu. Tunggu slim sampai saiz M akak pakai k. Hahaha.

  16. Cantik nya.. Baju raya ni semua banyak attractive!

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