Tuesday, June 6, 2017

[LAUNCH] Jonlivia Lifestyle Club | JLC

Jonlivia Lifestyle Club is now Open!
Being a fan of sports, I'm more than excited to announce that Jonlivia, the brand name in active lifestyle wear had recently launched the 1st ever activewear Lifestyle Club last month at SS2 Petaling Jaya. (Woots! That's my backyard y'alls!) Now, you might wonder what Jonlivia Lifestyle Club (JLC) has to offer? Well by having this lifestyle club concept, it aims to help Malaysians, in general, to discover a healthier, active lifestyle whilst staying trendy and stylish at the same time.

Meet John and Olivia, the founders of Jonlivia
You might have read my earlier blog post on Jonlivia's Thermal Pants, and I must say that the collection really comes with a touch of luxury. Jonlivia’s range of active wear is made of high-performance materials and incorporates the latest in technology to ensure that its products are always in trend and up-to-date. It has been one of my favorite thermal pants ever since I got it and its no doubt that thanks to the thermal pants, my jeans are getting bigger on me. hehe.

Jonlivia tops
A model modeling the attire which looks super trendy
The Jonlivia Lifestyle Club is one of the first lifestyle clubs that incorporates a multi-function fitness studio on its premises. To me, this really shows that the brand is committed to lead its members/followers towards a healthier and more active lifestyle. To me, values of the brand would really carry themselves a long way, and I support what Jonlivia has in mind. During the launch, we also witness a fashion show which was making heads turn to display the current trends in integrating activewear into our daily lives.

Jonlivia Active Sports Bra
Hotpants S+ in full length
We even had celebrity fans Fauzi, Lisdawati, Agnes, Meow, Jane, Syaa and Emily, who came by to grace the event. There were even prizes worth more than RM 500 being given out as a lucky draw and individual challenges provided by the respective sponsors which raised heart beats (in a good way of course). I think the best part of all was also the idea that they were giving attendees a chance to test out the products while they were there. I was super excited to discover that they expanded the collection into a bigger scale with more products to choose from, leading to tons of choices to choose from.

Located within the same row with KFC in SS2 Petaling Jaya
“We run a few events in a year. Do keep an eye on Jonlivia (www.jonlivia.com) and our Facebook page for more information, “John ended.

In conjunction with the launch of the JLC in SS2, Jonlivia is offering customers free membership into JLC. So what are you waiting for?! This is your chance to convince yourself to practice a healthier lifestyle. Part of the perks of membership includes a lifetime free access to flying yoga, Zumba, and TRX classes at their studio! And trust me, this kind of activities don't come by easy, cause I personally love flying yoga and TRX classes the most. Check out the Jonlivia Lifestyle Club at SS2 Petaling Jaya as its definitely something that you do not want to miss out on. xx



  1. After reading your post, a thought came to me. They could just as well be named Olijo....HAHAHA

  2. I didn't know that this place was so close to mine. Will certainly check it out-the outfits looks good and it seems really interesting too :)

  3. I just got their pants and have yet to try them on.. might wear it to the office one day.. haha

  4. Love this brand so much. They even have lifestyle club? Daebak!!!

  5. Looks great... have not gotten a chance to try it.. but am interested...

  6. Very nice style. I want to try their hot pants.They look so comfy.

  7. Wow their collection looks lovely and comfortable. Congratulations for this launch. More accessible to comfy wear.