Thursday, June 8, 2017

[REVIEW] Furley FemMist | Feminine Mist

Reviewing the Furley FemMist
WARNING: Ladies content. So if you're reading this, and you consider yourself a guy, it's best you skip this blog and head off to another blog post. HAHA. Or if you're here looking for a solution for feminine issues, then sit back and read on my review. In today's post, I'll be sharing you those embarrassing moments when your feminine private parts start creating issues, such as releasing odor and discharge causing you to feel uncomfortable. Thankfully, I found a solution that kept my Miss V happy all day long thanks to the Furley FemMist Feminine Mist.

FemMist your solution to intimate issues
Some list of ingredients in case youre wondering
The Feminine Mist is a Malaysian home grown brand (Malaysia Boleh gais!), and am proud to share with you how amazing this product is. And no, if you think im being all bias, trust me, i wouldnt take the time to write this out if it doesnt work. Talking about Miss V, im pretty sure we ocassionally dont realize that we're not giving enough love and attention to our Miss V when 'she' needs our attention the most. How do i know? Well, Miss V would usually start seeking for attention when it starts causing itchiness, releasing odour and discharge which most of us would usually just wonder why? *facepalm* To keep it simple, i believe that discomfort can cause lack of confidence, cause whatever goes under your clothes determines how confident you are on the inside and out. Right?

Comes in a spray bottle
Introducing to you the Furley FemMist Feminine Mist which has been created to save the day! With the Furley FemMist Feminine Mist, you can say goodbye to itching, odour, discharge and discomfort. What attracted me the most the minute I got this was the fact that it contains no harsh chemicals, and its all made out of the goodness of mother nature. BONUS POINTS! And believe me, with this bottle of wonders, it can keep you and your miss V feeling fresh, confident and poised all day long. Some fun facts on Furley FemMist Feminine Mist are that it's made out of mangosteen extracts! Cool!


Spray and wait for 1 minute, then wash clean
It comes in a spray type bottle, and it can hold up to 35ml of content. I believe that the size is ideal to bring around with you no matter where you are. Now, to use, all you need to do is spray the Furley FemMist Feminine Mist on your intimate area, leave it on for about 1 minute, then rinse the private area well. And that's it! The directions of usage are super easy and I believe that its gentle enough for your intimate area as its completely water based!


Be more confident with Furley FemMist
As a verdict, i would say that this would be a natural solution to keep your Miss V instantly refreshed. With the Furley FemMist Feminine Mist, they have made feminine hygiene easy to maintain as you spray and walk away at work, at home or even when you're traveling! It has been designed to suit all skin types and are most definitely PH friendly. It's rather unusual to find a product that the ingredients have been extracted from mangosteens too!

Goodbye worries, hello confidence!
If you're interested to find out more on Furley FemMist Feminine Mist, be sure to visit their store at as they have more amazing products to offer. Each bottle of Furley FemMist Feminine Mist is priced at RM48.00, but if you're eager to try it out, I've added a discount code for Furley FemMist Feminine Mist, an RM10 instant rebate code on your first purchase! (You're welcome) For more information on Furley FemMist Feminine Mist, you can also visit their social media site as linked below.




  1. First time heard about this brand!!! Is it nice to use??

    1. Hi beary! Its actually super easy to use and the fact that it smells like flowers 🌺

  2. wow...saya nak beli lah....macam best je kan..