Tuesday, June 20, 2017

[REVIEW] SAFI SHAYLA | Syampu Wanita Bertudung

Hi, guys. I've always wondered whats the difference between normal shampoo and shampoo for those who wear scarfs on their head. There's no term that says only those with a scarf has to wear this shampoo, so I decided to look into it to really understand the difference. We all know that our hair is like a crown and because of this metaphor, we always give a little extra care to our hair to ensure that it stays healthy and shiny. But I'm assuming that it takes an extra mile to really care for your hair when it's covered in a scarf.

SAFI SHAYLA is no stranger to me as I've seen it in major pharmacies and supermarkets, and I'm proud that it's a trustable homegrown brand to many Malaysians in Malaysia! Go, Safi! And to bring the brand up a notch, they've decided to create a shampoo that is specially catered for people who wear headscarves all day, to provide the nutrients that your hair needs. I'm aware that it has been out there for a while now, but 2017 is the first time I really noticed that they've evolved shampoo to a whole new level. With 8 varieties being available in stores, I've decided to try three of their variants featuring Itchy Scalp Control, Black Healthy Shine, and Hair Fall Control Shampoo to compliment my SAFI SHAYLA Hair Conditioner.

SAFI SHAYLA | Itchy Scalp Control 

First up is the Itchy Scalp Control Shampoo. I've worn a scarf during weddings especially and I admit that the struggle is real when it comes to itchy scalp when your head is all covered. But of course, even when I'm not wearing a scarf, my head does have those itchy moments especially when it's out in the sun for too long. This particular shampoo has been designed to reduce itchiness and I have to say that it feels good as it contains argan oil and menthol, leaving your scalp smelling fresh and cool. THIS IS MY ULTIMATE FAVE!

SAFI SHAYLA | Black Healthy Shine

Next would be the Black Healthy Shine Shampoo which I believe emphases on making sure that your hair is shiny and smooth to last you the whole day. I personally find this shampoo suitable as a smooth and silky shampoo as it functions to keep your hair shiny, healthy and manageable. As much as it says that its Black Healthy Shine, despite the bottom part of my hair being colored, it still works like a charm on keeping my hair looking fresh and feeling fresh. And to me, that's all that matters.

SAFI SHAYLA | Hair Fall Control

Hair fall can be a serious issue, especially when you're always out in the sun and going through tons of stress. I seriously have hair fall issues and I'm thankful that after losing so much hair during my showers, I'm still not bald yet. HAHA. I got this in a special Flexi Pack which you can refill any shampoo bottle that you have at home while being eco-friendly. (Cause save the world!). This particular shampoo actually helps to reduce hair fall because it contains protein to strengthen your hair. I've been using it for over a week now, and it claims to reduce 80% of hair fall. Not too sure if its 80% but I do see a reduction to the floors at home.

SAFI SHAYLA | Hair Conditioner with multivitamins

Not a fan of hair conditioner, but it's hard to resist when it makes your hair smells like flowers. Mmmhhmm, I ain't kidding! This conditioner has been designed to provide your hair with freshness and to also condition your hair after you shampoo. I love the fact that it doesn't smell like chemicals and the idea that I only need to use this once a week! I would usually leave it on for about 1 minute then wash it off. Super amazed that despite only conditioning once a week, it would keep my hair soft and smooth throughout the whole week!


Despite it being a shampoo brand for those in hijabs or in scarfs, I can confidently understand the reason why. Those in hijabs usually would require extra care especially when your head is all covered. And with SAFI SHAYLA, you can guarantee that your hair smells of Habbatus Sauda (a flower) and also provides your hair with the nutrients it needs. Perfect! Despite not wearing a hijab, I would have to say that I love the results! It leaves my hair smelling fresh from day to night and it's labeled as safe and pure, which I assume that they use natural ingredients possible to make this.

Of course, it would be one of the most suitable shampoos for those in hijabs, but I wouldn't say that it limits to only those in hijabs. *wink* And that's all from me! A personal preference to me would be the Itchy Scalp Control and Hair fall control which i have scheduled my hair wash routine to take alternate turns on which shampoo to use. Hehe. Thank you for reading my humble post, and be sure to check out their social sites if you want to keep yourself updated with SAFI SHAYLA. xx


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