Friday, October 27, 2017

9 Unique Things To Do Around Johor Bharu

Being Malaysian, I really admire my country and I would consider myself lucky to be living in a country filled different races. I consider it a blessing and what amazes me more is that each state has its own beauty when it comes to culture. So to keep it simple, each state in Malaysia has different cultural highlights and I am blessed to find some time to explore and discover what Johor Bharu has to offer. Here are my top must places to visit while in Johor Bharu.

Kg Sungai Melayu

If you haven’t heard about Sungai Melayu, well its an eco-tourism village that embraces the malay traditional lifestyle. Located in the southern end of Johor state, the village has always been there for over 100 of years ago. By visiting this location, you will be able to meet traditional malay fishermen, a close up look on the mangrove forest, and even go bird watching on a boat tour package. 

During my visit, we managed to also learn about crab catching, but just before our trip ended, its too bad that we didn’t catch any crabs before we left as I was told that they were not in season yet.  We also visited the mussels farm which was my first time seeing mussels up-close in its natural habitat. It was very interesting where the guide even shared about how they breed their mussels in the farm. I was also told that they have one of the best mussels in Malaysia!

Ekspo Berkemajuan Johor

During my exploration, I managed to visit their seasonal ‘Ekspo Berkemajuan Johor’ where there were surprisingly tons of things to do! Here I was impressed to find out that Johor is actually within the top 3 biggest states in Malaysia! Did you know only in Johor, each district in Johor Bharu has its own flag? AWESOME! Too bad the ekspo isn’t a permanent exhibition cause I really found it interesting where every entrepreneur from every part of Johor Bharu were present during the ekspo to educate and share on the products that they have to offer. But fret not, just be sure that the next time youre in johor, just be aware of their Ekspo’s. Hehe

Legoland and Hello Kitty Town Theme Park

How can you not love Legoland and the Hello Kitty Town Theme Park? No matter how old you are, its always nice to relive your childhood at a theme park with a theme of the toys that you grew up with. Didn’t spend enough time while I was at both these theme parks, but im sure looking forward to my next visit to spend more time the next time I visit. 

Between the two, I would have to say that my favourite theme park would be Legoland cause it has more adult like rides compared to Hello Kitty Town. Both are equally as good, but not being a super fan of Hello Kitty, I would have to say that Hello Kitty Theme Park would be more enjoyable for the kids who are below 12 years old. And to describe Legoland, Imagine walking into a theme park that has lego structures on every ride and booth?

Desaru Fruit Farm

The Desaru Fruit farm was an interesting experience cause I never knew that a fruit farm could be so tourism worthy! During my visit, we had a mini tour around the farm and it was really exciting to see how each plants grew and we also learned a thing or two about harvesting. There will be plenty on non seasonal fruits such as Kedondong, Roseapple, Guava, Passion Fruits and more! I was showered with testers by the guide to really have a taste of the organic fruits freshly picked off the tree’s in the Desaru Fruit Farm. 

I never knew that agro tourism can be so interesting, and after visiting, I felt as if I need to start buiding up my own garden in my backyard. Hehe. The Desaru Fruit Farm has been established since 1990 and has over 1.6 million to date. With a petting zoo within the farm, im sure theres always something exciting for each and every family member. Enjoy your educational visit to learn more about how to handle harvest and how to be environmentally friendly.

Belangkas Farm

If you haven’t heard about the Belangkas before, its actually a malay term to describe the horseshoe crab. Horseshoe carbs are well known for their developing blood with remarkable antibacterial properties. I was told that they are partially ancient, and seeing these animals in person makes me feel as if im visiting dinosaurs! Here you will find how these horseshoe crabs breed, and also understand more about why must we prevent it from extinction. I believe that horeseshoe crabs arent easy to spot, so if you havent seen it with your own eyes, the Belangkas Farm is the giving you the opportunity to see it for yourself. 

Els Club Desaru Coast

The Els Club Desaru Coast has to be one of the luxurious clubs in the whole of Malaysia. Managed by world-renowned golf management specialist Troon Golf, the experience,m serice and course condition is guranteed to bring any golfers a new standard of golf to Southeast Asia. The Els Club Desaru features 45 holes of gold across two distinctive courses, the 27-hole Ocean Course and the 118-hole Vally Course. With each having their own unique clubhouse, you would sure be amazed with the exclusive facilities provided. 

Railway Coffee Factory

We all know that coffee comes from coffee beans, but have you ever wondered how its processed so that it can be enjoyable by many? The Railway Coffee factory is an educational way to spend your day in Kluang by understanding how coffee is made. If youre a coffee lover, you would love the smell of the factory! By visiting the Railway Coffee Factory, you can see how the coffee is processed, get a taste of it to differentiate different types and also possibly bring some of your favourites back home. 

Zenxin Organic Park 

The Zenxin Organic Park is a great way to understand the difference between organic and non organic differences. Here you can spend your time with family and friends by going for an organic farm tour where you'll discover organic farming techniques of a variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs in an 100 acre land. And if you have extra time to spare, you can always consider taking part in their special activities such  as going for the herbal growing workshop, take classes in their organic kitchen, go for a harvest walk, visit their rabbit farm and more! Or if your're short on time, you can take a pit stop and have an organic lunch as well.  

UK Farm Agro Resort

The UK Farm Agro Resort would be another agro tourism location that you must visit if youre in Johor Bharu. If youre looking for an adventure of living on a farm, why not get yourself back to the basics and indulge yourself in nature by staying a night at this environmental friendly resort. At the UK Farm Agro Resort, you will be given the chance to enjoy agro tourism, understand how the eco-balance system works and also go for a farm tour! There are tons of things to do there where you can visit the lavender garden, the mini zoo, the goat pen, feed baby goats, visit the tropical arcade, visit the jakun village, and more! Filled with family friendly activities that would require you over a day to enjoy! 

And thats in my list of unique things to do around Johor Bharu! This would only be a preview, and how can i not write a more detailed write up on these amazing places to visit? Be sure to come back to read on a more intensive write up for each location mentioned in this post. I hope that you found this post useful and maybe give you ideas on places to visit while youre in Johor Bharu. Trust me, i didnt know that Johor Bharu has so much to offer either. Leave me a comment if you have any questions, and i'd be more than happy to get back to you. xx 

Lotssa love, Sara. 


  1. Thanks for sharing us how beautiful and awesome is the Johor Bharu. I think we hav emany advantage living here in Asia with many races, and we tend to understand each other, and less discrimination.

  2. Thanks for the info. I'm going Johor next week and still planning for my itinerary. This article really helps to solve my problem. Thank you once again.

  3. Kita asal Johor tapi tak pernah lagi sampai tempat-tempat ni. Semua nampak menarik. Nak letak dalam travel bucket listlah nanti.

  4. Thanks for posting this up. You indeed capture the beautiful views and wonders of Johor Bharu. I've yet to go, will definitely be following what you wrote here!

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