Friday, October 6, 2017

[REVIEW+GIVEAWAY] Bausch+Lomb Lacelle Jewel

Reviewing the Bausch+Lomb Lacelle Jewel
Im back again for yet another review on Bausch+Lomb contact lenses, and today i'll be sharing with you a little review of the Bausch+Lomb Lacelle Jewel. If you have been keeping up with my blog post, i've written about my first time experience of wearing contact lenses! And trust me when you get used to using contact lenses, it occasionally becomes like a beauty enhancer on days you don't exactly feel like wearing exessive make up. You can always read up on my first experience with contact lenses if you havent by clicking here.

Got myself in the Bausch+Lomb Lacelle Jewel in Amber Brown and Amethyst Violet
Whats in the box?
In my previous write up on contact lenses, i was talking about disposable contact lenses, so this time around, i decided to try out the Bausch+Lomb Lacelle Jewel soft contact lenses in Amber Brown for this blogpost. It comes in a shocking pink box which contains 2 individual soft contact lenses which i was told are reusable and advisable to be used for a maximum of 1 month with a condition that the contact lenses are well-taken care off each time it has been used.

Tried and Tested

It has a lace-like pattern
I've tried and tested the Bausch + Lomb Lacelle Jewel soft contact lenses and i have to admit that it was a little tricky to apply as the contact lenses are slightly bigger than my chinese blood eyes, since im wearing this for the first time,  but all is good once you get used to it. I've tested and worn this to work since 8am to 10pm to find out that it doesnt dry my eyes out.  But it got a little dry at about 10.30pm, thus i wouldnt advise you to wear this over 12 hours in a day. I was also getting compliments on my eyes looking bigger than usual by my colleagues. Such a conversation started!

With and Without

Whats the difference?
Since i got a little curious on what i look like with and without the contact lenses. I mean like, how can you not wonder especially when your contact lenses are in brown and when you have brown eyes. What possible can be any different? And i guess from the image above, it pretty much tells that contact lenses does make you eyes look ever more attractive by adding a slight flare each time you wink. Hehe. And i guess from the looks of it, my eyes do look a little bigger and at the same time, leaving my eyes looking natural despite wearing contact lenses.


What are my thoughts on the Bausch+Lomb Lacelle Jewel?
As a conclusion, i would have to say that i have to admire the comfort of the Bausch+Lomb Lacelle Jewel range which i've experienced throughout the day. It has a unique lace pattern which blends really well with your pupil to leave a very natural finish to your eyes. It comes in other colours as well, but i like to stick it to natural tones so that it wouldnt attract too much attention. It comes in different powers to suit different levels of eyesight which i think is great for those who find it uncomfortable to wear glasses. After you're done using your contact lens, just a friendly reminder to always wash it with Renu Fresh and store it in a proper contained to prolong its usage.


Win yourself a pair of Baush+Lomb Lacelle Jewel Soft Contact Lenses
Congratulations for going this far in my blog post, and as promised from my post tittle, there will be a giveaway for you guys to experience the Bausch+Lomb Lacelle Jewel. Since i understand that everybody is a little too busy to follow instruction, i've decided to keep the t&c's short. All you need to do is to share out my facebook page post and tell me why you would want to win the Bausch+Lomb Lacelle Jewel in your post to be in the running to win a pair of Bausch+Lomb Lacelle Jewel contact lens. I will be selecting a total of 3 winners, which also means that you'll stand a higher chance of winning, where i will contact you via PM facebook. So please keep a look out as the giveaway ends on the 30th of October 2017!

Gambateh if you're joining the giveaway! 

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