Tuesday, October 24, 2017

[REVIEW] Amante Wellness Beauty Shaper Firming Treatment

Reviewing Amante nail spa and body care in Puchong
I admit that i've been skipping my exercises lately since i've been so busy, which resulted to me to give the Body Shaper Firming Treatment by Amante a try. To those who know me well, you may think that i dont have any wrinkles and cellulite, but the truth is i do (as told by the beauty expert). I noticed that with the lack of time and exercise that i have, my body has been generating slight layers of cellulite which makes me want to hide my fats in any way possible. And that is when i knew i needed to do something, which lead me to the Shaper Firming Treatment at Amante.

Amante Nail Spa & Body Care in Puchong
Located on the 1st floor next to 7 Eleven
I went to the Amante branch in Puchong and it would be highly advisable to set an appointment before coming in to save you time and to also avoid disappointments if they are fully booked, unless youre coming on a weekday. The Amante Puchong branch is located within a row of shop lots and you may be required to climb 1 floor up to reach to the beauty centre. Thank god it wasnt that hard to find the centre as you can just waze yourself there and spot the Amante sign board once you have reached your location. (tested and proven) 

The Private Room where my treatment would be done
Cant wait to just lie down and relax
Upon entering the beauty centre, i was greeted by really friendly staffs at Amante where they were ever ready to serve me since i already made a booking. Right after that, i was brought to a private room to proceed to my treatment. The room was surprisingly very comfortable as its air conditioned, private, and you have a place to hang your clothes when you change into your towel. On the massage bed, you will find towels, a shower cap and a disposable panty. I had Rina as the beauty specialist who treated me really nice and gave me sufficient time to change into my treatment attire. Hehe. (So if you're reading this, THANK YOU RINA!)

Starting from my legs, where Rina was massaging me using a roller like massager
Once im all ready, i was then told to lie down facing downwards to begin the treatment. Rina was nice enough to explain to me about the process of the treatment from the beginning to the end, and if you would have any other questions, i would have to say that she's very well experienced with her work. The treatment started with a light massage, followed by an application of oil massage together with the slimming brush stroking my lower body. The treatment basically started from my lower body, then upper body and then the middle body since i did a full Body Shaper Firming Treatment

Rina giving me a shoulder massage before ending the treatment
After every stroke, Rina then would apply a special firming serum and the part would be heated with far infrared to ensure absorption is at its fullest for maximum results. You might be wondering if the treatment hurts? Surprisingly, it doesnt hurt at all! The treatment literally only felt like the beauty consultant, stroking my body with an unique firm rubber nubs brush to break the cellulite


My body felt so much firmer after the treatment
The full Body Shaper Firming Treatment took about 1.5 hours and ironically it was actually relaxing despite my skin was continuously being stroked by a nubs brush. I can actually tell that the treatment detoxifies, improves blood circulation and increases skin regeneration rate effortlessly as the minute the treatment ended, i automatically felt like a needed to pee. (instant detoxing). Hehe. But of course, other than that, it also helps with weight loss, reducing cellulite, repairs skin and tones the skin appearance almost effortlessly. Thanks to Rina, i noticed that after the treatment, my skin instantly looks much more firmer and dont get me started about my butt. hehe. 

Ginger tea was prepared before I say my goodbyes
As a verdict, you might be wondering if i would retake the treatment? And to be honest, its a major yes! I still would love to exercise if i had the time, but if you accidentally skipped gym day but at the same time need a break, why not try out the Amante Shaper Firming Treatment. The full body treatment is priced at RM338 and you would be advised to go once every two weeks to maintain the results. It claims to guarantee to iron out at least 1 Inch of fat which i have no doubt that it ironed out mine. 


On-going promotion. CALL NOW!
You read it, heard about it, and if you would like to try it out for yourself, you may try their Trial Shaper Firming Treatment at only RM98 for 2 sessions (Normal price: RM536). To just clarify the promotion, the one i did was the full body shaper firming treatment, but for the promotion, it only covers on the body parts that you would like to shape and firm. Its not too bad of a deal, and if its your first time trying something new, this is it!  So what are you waiting for? Wait no longer cause you wouldn’t want to miss out on these offers. For more details, be sure to get your reservations settled at amante.my. Please do not hesitate to leave me a comment if you have any other enquiries. Till my next post guys! xx

Amante Outlets Located at:

Bangsar @ Telawi
28A-1, 1st Flr, Jalan Telawi,
Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel No: 03 - 2287 9089
11.00am - 09.00pm

Kepong @ Metro Perdana
61A, Jln Metro Perdana Barat 2,
Taman Usahawan, Kepong Utara,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel No: 03 - 6259 0884
10.00am - 08.00pm

Mont Kiara @ Solaris
1st and 2nd floor
No.17-1, Jalan Solaris 4,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel No: 03 – 6203 0221
11.00am - 09.00pm

PJ @ Aman Suria
No. C-G-5, Jalan PJU 1/45,
Aman Suria, 47100
Petaling Jaya,
Tel : 03 - 7803 4664
11.00am - 09.00pm

PJ @ Jaya One
Lot 007 & 009,Level P1
The School @ Jaya One,
72A, Jalan Universiti, 46200
Petaling Jaya,Selangor.
Tel No: 03 - 7492 0476
11.00am - 09.00pm

Puchong @ Bandar Puteri
1st Flr, No 22-1,
Jalan Puteri 1/2.
Tel No: 03 – 8062 2652
11.00am - 09.00pm


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