Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Hypershoe Outlet Grand Opening at KIP Mall, Bangi

At the launch of Hypershoe at KIP Mall Bangi.
Fashionista's, every shoe has its own story in our life, and a favourite phase that i like to use is 'a journey of a thousand miles begins with a fabulous pair of shoe'. Recently, i attended the Hypershoe Outlet Grand Opening at KIP Mall Bangi early October and i was pretty amazed that the store consist of 5 shoplots combined which basically means that the shoe store was huge! So if youre looking for shoes at a steal price in Bangi, this has to be a must visit!

Shopping time with blogger, Syafiqah xoxo.
Hypershoe was founded and established since 1996 and its no wonder that they are growing in the industry with their variety of shoes for men, women and kids, a series of collections for the entire family. With the Grand Opening of Hypershoe at KIP Mall Bangi, this makes it their 32nd outlet in Malaysia over the past 21 years. At Hypershoe, they offer a fair variety of shoes for everyone, namely Mix Point, MP Sport, Vetini and MP Kids. Scroll away to check it out. 

Mix Point & MP Sport | Men Shoes

Some trendy kicks by Mix Point at Hypershoe
Close up detailing on the product
MP Sport collection
Get this at only RM29.99 or buy 2 at RM55.00
I would have to say that their Men shoes collections has a decent scale of options. With Mix Point as the main brand for men shoes, you'll find selections from casual to formal shoes at Hypershoe. Not that i spent a lot of time in the men section, but i would have to say that if you look closely, you might find something that might look both fashionable and versatile for everyday use. Not to forget that if youre looking for sport shoes instead, you can always have a look at the selections by MP Sport available within the same section of the store. 

Vetini and MP Sport | Women Shoes

Time to pick a shoe at Hypershoe
I found these super comfy and I partially regret not getting it
Testing out some shoes while I'm there
Vetini shoe | RM49.99
Vetini Shoe | RM29.99
Vetini Shoe | RM39.99
I have to admit that to find the right pair of shoes for me can be challenging cause i have a particular taste for shoes AND it is a must that its comfortable to be worn, especially flats and heels. Vetini being the highlighted brand of women shoes, i would say that you'll definitely find something that you'd fancy as most of the designs are both fashionable and comfortable. As a confession of a shopaholic, i spent almost an hour deciding to pick a pair of shoes at Hypershoe just because there were too many options to decide on. Hehe

I found a pair of wedges that I fancied!
Testing it out and it was literally love at first sight
After the hunt was over, i finally found something that would suit my everyday style that wont kill my feet. After wearing tons of shoe, the final decision was a pair of wedges to get my petite size a few inches taller. Hehe. I've been wearing it around for almost 2 weeks now, and i have no regrets! Hypershoe consist of selections suitable for moms, young women and even for work. 

MP Kids | Kids Shoes

Here's just a section of the kids section
Even their kids collection is very trendy too!
Here's something for the little boys
Hypershoe did not forget about including something for the kids as well. MP Kids has a decent selection of shoes, sandals and even school shoes for the little ones at a reasonable price too! I remember having a similar pair when i was younger, but too bad i dont have kids yet. 


The chosen pair at Hypershoe
As a verdict, i would actually say that Hypershoe sells a wide variety of shoes for men, women and kids making it the ideal shoe store to go shoe shopping for the whole family. Went back with my Vetini shoes from Hypershoe, and i have no regrets. If you didn't notice, there is also a discount if you purchase two pairs of shoes that are at the same price, which means you'll save more by buying more. How awesome is that? Hehe. I would have to say that the average pricing of the shoes at Hypershoe would be at RM50 which to me is insanely affordable for anyone! hehe. So what are you waiting for? For more info about Hypershoe you can check out their websites or Facebook page.


Hypershoe KIP Mall Bangi:
 Lot M-02, M-03, M-04, M-05, G-05/2, 
KIP Mall Bangi, No 1, 
Jalan Medan Bangi, 
Off Persiaran Kemajuan, Seksyen 6, 
Bandar Baru Bangi, 43650 Selangor


  1. OMG the price is super cheap and the shoes look beautiful. Wonder if its the same price only for opening or always.

  2. OMG! Why the price is so affordable? You can shop a lot at there. =D

  3. One of my favorite shoes outlet coz you can find a wide variety of shoes here. It's like a one stop centre for shoes basically.