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MYCYBERSALE X b.liv by Cellnique | October 2017

#MYCYBERSALE | 9th-13th October 2017
Dear shopaholics of all kinds, if you love sales, this is the time you keep yourself checked and updated to be prepared for the MYCYBERSALE happening on the 9th till 13th of October 2017. A little sneak peak if you're looking for skincare from the MYCYBERSALE, you can look forward to b.liv by Cellnique  for being a part of the sale to get your jaws dropping with up to 70% off offers, deals as low as RM10, free shipping with over RM60 and free gift offers with every purchase order! How awesome is that?


You heard it, its the #MYCYBERSALE invading Malaysia
When: 9th till 13th October 2017

A little run-through about the MYCYBERSALE, this year happens to be the 4th year that Malaysia is running this 5 day long online sale organised by the MDEC under the Digital Malaysia Initiative acts as a catalyst to develop the e-commerce industry. And with that we are bringing shoppers to a digital world where instead of physically being in a shopping mall to shop, all you need is a few clicks and you're item would be delivered to you at your convenience. Aren't you convinced to shop digitally yet?

B.LIV by Cellnique

Here's my haul from the #MYCYBERSALE from b.liv
I've used B.LIV products before, and like the name of the brand, I believe that their skin products really gives you the faith to believe in achieving the skin you wish to have. The brand was established in 2009 with the intention to cater to a strong demand for an easy-to-use and adorable personal skin care regimen and now has been known as one of the leading brand in pores management for those who suffer with pore issues. (and sadly, one of them is me) Thats how I found out about the brand, and it has been one of the most reliable brands to me to solve blackheads. Im not kidding!

1| Drench Me

b.liv drench me | moisturising cleansing gel
The b.liv drench me is a moisturising cleansing gel that cleans your face form impurities, but at the same time provides the moisture that your skin needs. Suitable for all skin types of all ages, including dry skin to wash away dirt and with anti ageing properties to keep you hydrated all day. It claims to cleanse & hydrate skin, provide deep moisturising, encourage cell renewal process and contains antioxidants.

2| Refresh Me

b.liv refresh me | moisturising toner
Once you've cleansed your face, next would be to get your skin refreshed with the refresh me moisturising toner. It has an amazing formulation that moisturises and instantly elevates your complexion from 'I just woke up' to 'I'm started my day awesome'! Yes I said it. Keeping your skin at tip top condition, it refreshes and moisturises skin effortlessly. Did you know that other than toning and moisturising the skin, it also helps to restore damaged tissues and gives your skin a soothing calming effect. What more can you ask for from a toner?

3| Submerge Me

b.liv submerge me | moisturising booster
After toner, the submerge would be your essential moisturising booster to brighten your skin and ensure that signs of ageing are non-visible. In my daily skin regime, I would use this as a moisturiser booster to really give that natural glow on my face to last me throughout the day. I would actually recommend this if you're looking for long term deep moisturising that lightens and firm the skin. Psst, here's a little secret. I occasionally would apply thicker layers overnight to wake up to baby soft skin. Trust me, it works every single time! Did you know that this contains antioxidants as well to prevent early signs of ageing too.

4| Off With Those Heads

b.liv off with those heads | blackheads sebum gel
This. This has to be by far one of THE best sebum gel ever that any person suffering with pore issues should have. The Off With Those Heads is a sebum gel that helps extracts blackheads and whiteheads, minus the painful extractions that 'we' normally suffer at facial centres. You might be wondering how it works, and I'd be more than happy to explain it to you. The gel basically softens the clog that is blocking your pores, allowing easy extraction and removal of clogged pores. At the same time the gel keeps oil secretion under control while you enjoy your clean pores throughout the day without the painful aggravation. Its no wonder that they've won awards as the best blackhead remover and one of the best oil control and acne pore care in the skincare industry. Cant deny that!

5| O2 Bubbly Bright

b.liv O2 bubble bright | oxygenating mask
The O2 Bubble Bright is by far one of the coolest mask that gives your skin a new life. It combines both oxygen bubbles and rice powder to brighten skin complexion almost instantly. In 3 words, I would describe the mask as a fizz, foam and exfoliator kind of mask, which makes it unlike any mask you've owned I can guarantee. This happens to be my first time experiencing the b.liv O2 Bubbly Bright and I really enjoyed my first time experience as the mask fizzes into soft foam! Instantly after my first usage, I could see my skin looking firmer and brighter, almost similar to the skin I would get when I walk out from a facial treatment at a beauty centre. Love it!

GET b.liv from the MYCYBERSALE!

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You heard it, you read about it and now all you need to do is to be prepared for the MYCYBERSALE to invade the internet. Be sure to mark your calendars that the MYCYBERSALE will be running from the 9th till 13th of October 2017, and trust me, you wouldn't want to miss out on the great savings during the sale! Get amazing skin with b.liv by Cellnique by heading over to their official website pronto. Hehe. Good things are always meant to be shared, so don't forget to share the news to your friends and family. xx

PS: A more detailed write up on the b.liv skin regime will coming in my next blogpost. So stay tuned.

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