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Benefits of Muay Thai for Females | First Time Muay Thai Experience

Muay Thai Benefits | Muay Thai First Time Experience
Believe it or not, I actually signed up for Muay Thai classes gais! I've always wanted to try out Muay Thai and the closest to martial arts I did was back in primary school as a yellow belt taekwondo. Being in my mid-twenties now, I would have to say that Muay Thai is a really great workout to those who would want to level up on your life skills (cause why not). I did a little research on Muay Thai and it is considered as a cultural martial art of Thailand. The origin of Muay Thai goes back to hundreds of years ago and essentially developed to be a form of close combat that uses the body to mimic the weapons of war.

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During my first class, I learned that the standard position of standing has all its meaning to it. From my understanding, my hands became the sword and dagger, my shins and forearms were hardened in training to act as an armor and the elbow to act as a heavy hammer weapon. And in general, the rest of the body would be operated as one unit. I was told that the knees and elbows are constantly searching for an attack strategy, and I only managed to train my elbow by doing the Hook and Uppercut move and it's no joke when you start punching on something solid. (Thus it would be best to bring some cloth with you to wrap your hands to reduce the pressure of the punch) #Lessonslearned

Photo Credits: Andy Teh's FB
I did my Muay Thai beginners class at Elitez MMA PJ GFteam where it was all started by Andy Teh, a winning professional martial arts fighter in Malaysia, and now he could be your sifu to teach you all the things that you need to know about Martial Arts. This happens to be his 3rd branch follows after his first 2 martial arts branches in Setia Alam and Klang. Being a Petaling Jaya girl, I'm happy that he opened another branch making it super near by for me to go for classes. hehe.

Things I've learned during my first day would be the Jab, the Cross, the Hook, the Uppercut,  the Knee attacks. I wouldn't say that you would struggle to learn these new steps if it's your first time, but I'd have to say that the challenging part of it is to keep up with speed and precision. Yeah, we all know getting the moves are easy (especially when you go for other classes as well), but the truth is to constantly practice the right technique can be a little tricky. We practice each move individually for about 10 sets each time, then later on our sifu combined the moves to make it as one move. Here, I also learned that listening is very important, and somehow it also encourages me to stay focused willingly. I had an 'im in the game' moment, and it actually felt pretty cool. Check out my moves by watching the video above which I think ain't that bad for a first-timer. hehe


Call us the Muay Thai Babes
By learning Muay Thai, I would have to say that this is a form of value added into our lives, especially if you're a female. I decided to list down a few benefits of why you should learn Muay Thai:
  • Burns calories while giving you a leaner body. 
  • Its better than running an hour on a treadmill or lifting weights. Burns time too.
  • Simple to learn, and different techniques can be applied once you learn the basic moves.
  • Gives you Self-defense skills, and as a woman, it's better safe than sorry guys!
  • Strengthening. It strengthens the mind, soul, stamina, energy and overall fitness.
  • Challenging. It challenges you mentally and physically to be better than what you are today. 
  • Endorphins Rush, yep Muay Thai gives you that as well which aids in stress management, helps you relax and improves the quality of your sleep. 


Other than Muay Thai being a great skill, it's also a great workout! 
Check out their timetable at the Elitez MMA PJ
As a verdict, I would have to say that by learning Muay Thai, it's like a combination of fitness and self-defense skills. Rather than paying for a trainer at a gym, I would have to say Muay Thai is way more worth it as you're killing two birds with one stone. Moreover, I would have to say that Muay Thai is highly recommended for females as it teaches you the art of self-defense since the world is getting unsafe if you're on the streets alone. It also adds a little boost as a conversation starter when telling someone that you learn Muay Thai by being the devil in heels. hehe. If you're looking at other martial art classes, Elitez MMA PJ GFteam has got it all covered where you can learn different martial arts as well. Below would be their official facebook site to see more information. xx

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  1. Yes! muay thai is the fast way to tone the whole body and increase our stamina.

  2. I love Muay Thai. It gives you an incredible endorphin rush.

  3. always wanted to try mauy thai but im scared of being bruised badly lol

  4. hmmmm... this can be consider... lolx
    well, interesting to read this actually...


  5. hmmmm... this can be consider... lolx
    well, interesting to read this actually...


  6. Whoa. Muay Thai. I tried a few times. So hard core. Lol. Kick kick Kick.