Monday, October 30, 2017

Finding The Perfect Lingerie Fit With neubodi

neubodi, your bra specialist
[WARNING LADIES CONTENT] Heyya guys! Im not too sure if you remembered, but recently i posted through my social sites about a bra drive by neubodi where you could donate your bra's and be a part of spreading the awareness of how to prevent breast cancer. So just before October ends, i just want to share that i truly enjoyed my #pinktober by educating myself and other people about how we can prevent breast cancer and save lifes. And talking about your boobies, it has come to mind that i needed to find the right bra to give my breast proper support by finding the right lingerie neubodi! In this post, i'll be reviewing about one of neubodi's lingerie from the Sienna range.

Holistic Method

Confidence always comes from whats underneath your shirt
A friendly staff measuring me using the holistic method
When you walk in any neubodi store, there would always be someone who would be more than happy to assist you with what you need, you name it! From getting bustier breast, to finding the right support, the staff at neubodi is ready to consult and educate what your bust needs. While i was at the neubodi store, i was told that they used the holistic method of finding you the right fit. The holistic method has a more in-depth fitting which emphasises more on how the bra fits onto your body instead of relying on numbers of a measuring tape. This has to be one of my first time experiencing the holistic method of measuring and i have to say that this would be my favourite ways of finding myself the right fit!

Trying out neubodi lingerie

Tried a few lingerie's and i have to say that neubodi isnt your usual bra store
After trying, you can even instantly see the difference 
When choosing the right kind of bra from neubodi, i would like to give credit to their staff for being well educated on understanding a woman's need when it comes to lingerie. The main need that i requested from the sales consultant would be that i wanted something that would boost my confidence and something that would give my breast proper support and structure. And guess what, she found a few types that would suit my needs. SCORE! After trying out about 3 types of lingerie, i finally found a lingerie from the Sienna range which suited my body type well.

Sienna Range

Here's my chosen piece that i decided to bring home
Get your Sienna Bra Here :

The Sienna range is very pretty because it had a smooth laced texture, and on top of its looks, it really provided me the support that i wanted. I was told that the Sienna bra is crafted to fit like a second skin to embrace curves and inherent femininity (i couldn't agree more!). Believe it or not, this bra has 5 hooks and it really holds my back fat in place. The material is made out of a cool stretchy material and i would say that its super comfy when worn. Im usually not a fan of lace as it tends to leave traces of lace when wearing a tight shirt, but with this, honey its laced AND seamless for a 'barely there' look.

A close up look on the breathable detail
With 5 hooks for support
I believe that what makes this different than your ordinary bra would be that it has a thicker band that provides you comfort without worrying about your bra moving around when youre actively running around the office. The material also is made out of breathable material which i have to admit was one of the reasons i choose this bra. Hehe. The cutting suits me perfectly, and i admire the cutting of the bra at the cleavage area as it doesnt poke my chest like some bra's do.

How to use neubodi bra's
Theres even a lingerie care guide too!
The store has tons of options to choose from and personally speaking, neubodi has to be your one stop bra location if youre looking for proper support and quality when it comes to lingerie. From casual wear, to seamless wear, to sports wear, neubodi has got you covered by having all types of bra's to suit your needs. It has an amazing variety and rest assured, quality is definitely guaranteed. Approved by mua. *wink


What are my thoughts on the neubodi lingerie
Wearing it for over 12 hours the other day, i would have to say that i realized that it changed my body position in a good way. I was sitting with my straight back without issues, it doesnt feel tight when worn, i feel that my breast were well supported by the bra and the best part of all, no side fats were visable! Im not busty in person, but even without wearing push up bra, you would realize that when wearing neubodi bra's, youre a size bigger than your ordinary bra. With the right support, you can contour your breast to be the way it should be. I have no complains about the neubodi bra as it fits me well, the fact that is really really comfortable and trust me, im not exaggerating. For more details on neubodi, head on over to their sites which i will link below for your convenience. Find the perfect fit with neubodi today!

Lottsa love, Sara xx



  1. I've been wearing their products for quite some time already, really like the quality :)

    1. Never wasnt a fan at first, but after trying this out, i noticed tht my posture improved.

  2. The colorfull bra and the design is unique to. I like how they produce quality bra for women. A must collection.

  3. I am intrigued by their concept and collection of bras. I wish they can come up with smaller pieces. These look very auntie. HAHAHA

    1. Ya hor. haha. I had the same thought. But i would have to say that the bra emphasises more on giving you the right support instead of just looking sexy.

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