Sunday, April 22, 2018

20th Century Fox World Studio Store Now Open in Malaysia | Fox World Studio Store Haul

20th Century Fox World Studio Store is now open in Malaysia!
If you have been following my social media accounts, you would have noticed that I’ve been hyping on the most recent launch of the worlds first, Fox World Studio Store at Resorts World Genting, Malaysia! Im sure that we are all familiar the movies that 20th Century Fox World has created, and just to name a few, Fox has created memorable movies such as Avatar, Titanic, Ice Age, Alien Vs Predator, Rio and so much more! Being super excited for the launch of their first store in the world, I immediately made my way up to Resorts World Genting a day before the launching.

Arriving at the destination with other overnight campers!
Found a spot to sleep in!
My bag was used as a pillow to keep myself comfy
It was a Friday evening when I hopped on a bus with my partner and made our way up to Genting Highlands. We had early dinner at the Coffee Terrance and got our sleeping bags ready at the launching site itself. To our surprise, we found that we were not the only ones camping the night, and I was amused to find familiar faces outside the store. Most of us were really excited to get little sneak peeks of what the store has to offer, and I spotted a shirt that I would definitely want to bring home. Found a cozy spot to sleep in and lights were off.

Just a mandatory picture to keep
During the official cutting ceremony to launch the store
We even had popcorn and cotton candy being given out during the event
Not to also forget the Samba dancers who were really energetic
Woke up the next day feeling super fresh and found out that the launch would only be official at 12pm on the 21st of April 2018. Ironically we were a little too early, so we decided to freshen up a little and got ourselves changed into clean clothes. Hehe. After having breakfast, we immediately made our way back to the venue area to find all the lights, the sound system, the red carpet ready for the grand launch! It was all glamorous, and we also had special guests from Rio and Ice Age who celebrated the launch with us too!


The Store layout and concept
Some merchandises featuring Night at the Museum
Son of anarchy merchandises anyone?
Now,  here are some sneak peaks on what you can find when you're in the store. Honestly speaking, I was expecting it to be bigger, but it had a fair size since its located in a mall. (Fingers crossed on more stores to open when their theme park launches!) The store had a fair variety of merchandises featuring, Alien Vs Predator, Ice Age, Rio, Night at the Museum, Son on Anarchy, Epic and 20th Century Fox Official merchandises.

Haziq checking out a top in the Ice Age section
I got my eyes on the 20th Century Fox World Merchandises
The store offers mostly sells typical merchandise such as magnets, keychains, bookmarks, collectibles, t-shirts, stationaries, mugs, you name it! Being in my mid-twenties, I was more attracted to the merchandises featuring Ice Age,  Aliens Vs Predators, and 20th Century Fox World! In the images above are just a few things that I've gotten myself. Got me a shirt, a cap, a notebook, a magnet and a folder to get myself started with the 29th Century Fox World career! (In my dreams!) LOL. haha. A girl can dream, right?

PRICE RANGE (Merchandises with Price)

Managed to bring this Black Gold Foil shirt home at RM89.90
T-shirt, RM79.90
Umbrella's, RM53.90
Magnet, RM15.90
Keychain, RM6.90
Alloy Pins, RM10.90
Postcards, RM2.90
Sid Table Lamp, RM75.90
Hand Warmer, RM79.90
Notebooks, RM17.90
Mugs, RM49.90
Alien Egg, RM299
If you're wondering how much the price ranges are if you plan to make your way to the 20th Century Fox World Studio Store in Malaysia, I've taken some price tags of the items that are currently available in the store. Honestly speaking, I think that the price range starts from RM6.90 to RM100 on average. There might be other things that are cheaper, and other items that may be on the higher side, but mostly you can find items that are in the range that I mentioned.

Mandatory picture with the Rio Team
My souvenirs from 20th Century Fox World Studio Store 
So there you have it! If you happen to be in Genting, then you should definitely make a pit stop at 20th Century Fox World Studio Store in Resort World Genting to check out their merchandises. Just a recap, this is the FIRST Fox World Studio Store in the world, and this is your time to snag some limited items to bring home. But if you think Genting is not a drive away for you, then I'd suggest you wait for the official 20th Century Fox World Theme Park to launch! There is no confirmed date yet, but might as well kill two birds with one stone right? Hehe.

20th Century Fox World Studio Store
Address: Level T2A-03, SkyAvenue, Genting Highland
Opening Hours: 10am - 10pm

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