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[REVIEW] SuzyHoney Herbs Handmade Bar Soap and SuzyHoney Shampoo

Introducing your Malaysian Made products, the SuzyHoney Herbs
Good morning guys! If you came here because you've been updated with my Instagram updates or Facebook updates, I would like to thank you for stopping by. Because im a huge fan of handmade products that are local (MALAYSIAN MADE Y'ALLS!), I'll be sharing you on my thoughts on SuzyHoney Herbs which shares with you a Malay secret that is 100% Naturally made out of natural herbal ingredients. We all know that there are Malay traditions that believe in the power of herbs and flowers to achieve beauty, and not many of my generations see the potential of it like how the people in the olden days do. Thankfully when I found out about SuzyHoney Herbs, immediately contacted them and got myself a variety of bar soaps and handmade shampoo to try out. So scroll away to find out more.

Got it in my hands!
From a first impression, I have to say that I love the entire concept of what SuzyHoney has to offer. With a wide variety of options to choose from, you'd definitely find something that might suit your needs in the bathroom. Sabun directly translated into English means soap, I've gotten myself 5 different types of bar soaps since it was so hard to just decide on one. The bar soaps that I've gotten are namely Sabun Aura, Sabun Gelenggang, Sabun Sirih, Sabun Kunyit and Sabun Kopi Scrub, each has a different purpose that would benefit the skin. Not to forget that I've also gotten myself the Syampu and Perapi Rambut Bunga Kampung which when translated is a bottle of Village Flower Hair Shampoo and conditioner. Enough chit chat, time for the full review!


How each bar soap would foam up
Let me just go through the details on the SuzyHoney bar soaps that are available. The bar soaps are guaranteed a Malaysian brand and have a stamp that says it's a Muslim product, alhamdullilah. I think its great to know that there are Muslim entrepreneurs making their way into the business industry and what better way than to support a Muslim product? Being a Muslim myself, I understand that as a Muslim, we emphasize on honesty, integrity, and purity of what we offer, and with SuzyHoney, I have no doubt that her products came from the heart.

Sabun Aura, to enhance your vibes 
Benefits of the Sabun Aura
Sabun Aura would be the perfect soap for those seeking to have a beautiful glow that would reduce stress at the same time. Perfect for soon to be brides who are getting married, or to anyone that you might know who would want a touch of beauty by a secret traditional Malay formulation. Containing floral ingredients such as rose, iris, lily, saffron, ylang-ylang, Melati, and jasmine, you will surely bloom with the power of the 7 types of flowers the minute you get out of the shower.

The Sabun Gelenggang, great for those who wants to recover from skin diseases naturally
This soap is also suitable for those who have eczema too
Next would be the Sabun Gelenggang, has a primary ingredient featuring senna leaves. Seanna leaves are believed to recover a variety of skin diseases naturally and have been used as medicine by the Malays way-way back, even before proper medication existed. This bar soap is antibacterial, helps to reduce body smell, good to reduce sunburns, suitable for skin with eczema, and helps to remove blackheads from the body. It has a very light herbal scent, that any user of it would surely find it relaxing.

Sabun Kopi Scrub, your daily dose of coffee in the shower
The benefits of showing with this coffee scrub
Sabun Kopi Scrub on the other hand very much smells like a mixture of herbs and coffee. Don't expect for it to have a strong coffee scent, but you can expect to get skin benefits from using this bar soap. It claims to reduce body scent, give your body a refreshing feeling, lightly burns fats, moisturizes dry skin, reduce acne spots, reduces dead skin cells and improves skin condition. With so many benefits in a bar soap, I have to say that I enjoyed my daily dose of coffee scrub in the shower.

Sabun Kunyit for brightening
Some benefits of the Turmeric soap
Another soap that you can keep in mind would be the Sabun Kunyit or the Turmeric Bar Soap. The benefits that you can get from this bar is amazing! I've been using this for a month for my face and body, (yes, it does not limit to your body only), and I notice that it did a great job in tightening pores. My skin also felt well moisturized, brighter and clean after every shower too! Did you know that Turmeric has an antiseptic function that kills germs? Major plus point! Although I have to say that this has a strong herb smell, the scent doesn't stick to your skin after every shower, so im fine. #forthesakeofbeauty.

Sabun Sireh for miss V and acne skin
The benefits of this bar soap
And last but not least would be the Sabun Sirih, with a primary ingredient of Betel in its content. This soap has been specially designed to fight body odor and your private odor. We all know that we're a little sensitive when it comes to talking about the private part, well this soap claims to help to fight body acne, tighten skin pores, acts as an antiseptic to kill germs and reduces skin irritation. Also, if you're facing white discharges coming out from your VJ, well, this soap might just do the trick to make it stop! Since this soap is all natural, I can justify that it's safe and gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin and your VJ.


The Syampu and Perapi Bunga Kampung Set
WHAT?! They also have shampoo and conditioner too? As a matter of fact, they do! I mean, if it's all natural, what is there to complain about? I try to reduce chemicals, and this has been a great life savior to me by going all natural. The Syampu and Perapi Rambut Bunga Kampung have been tested on my hair, and I would have to say that it definitely cleans, softens, and provides nutrients that my hair needs. The smell is a little strong towards a mix of floral and herbs, but ammonia in saloons smells much more worst. Hehe. Honestly speaking, when washing your hair, it may not be as smooth as your regular shampoo that contains tons of paraben, but this is a great alternative for you to go for a more natural option.

The texture of the Village Flower Shampoo
The texture of the Village Flower Conditioner
Foams up nicely when showering
A bottle of this would be good to last you about a month, (tried and tested) and im actually impressed on how natural the formulation is, and the fact that it helps to keep my hair smelling fresh and clean. For an organic shampoo that contains no preservatives, I actually don't mind my hair smelling like a garden. The first time you use this, you may find that it's a little rough, but in the long run, you will definitely love how soft and smooth your hair is. It's not about how quick it gives results, but on how healthy it restores the health of your hair naturally.

Homemade and Malaysian made! #proudmalaysian
I don't know about you, but as a verdict, I have to say that this is an impressive range of SuzyHoney Herbs. A bar soap cost about RM18/bar and the Bunga Kampung Shampoo and conditioner set cost about RM77/set. Im a fan of herbs, especially when it comes to its natural remedies for some everyday problems at home, and as soap and shampoo, I am all over it! Personally, I think its a great gift collection for a pregnant woman, for recovering patients, for your mom, and even for everyday use. Its different, unique, and not something you may find in your common market. The fact that its also a local Malaysian product, I see so much potential of SuzyHoney Herbs to go further! Malaysia Boleh! Well, that's all for now, please feel free to check out their official sites below to browse through other products that they have to offer, OR leave me a comment below if you have any other questions. Can't wait for my next shower with SuzyHoney. hehe

SuzyHoney Herbs
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