Tuesday, April 24, 2018

[REVIEW] Bananabro | Authentic Malaysian Banana Leaf in Kuala Lumpur

The entrance of Bananabro in Times Square
Seeking for aunthentic Malaysian Banana Leaf in Kuala Lumpur? Well, here's a suggestion that i would recommend to my local friends, to my foreign friends and even to travellers who are visiting Kuala Lumpur to enjoy Malaysian food. I think i can confidently say that Malaysian food in general has created a huge impact to the world that Malaysia is now somehow also known as food heaven in many countries. As a Malaysian, a definite must try Malaysian expereince for those who wants the real deal, you must try Nasi Lemak and Banana Leaf Rice that has been well loved by different races and cultures in Malaysia.

See how the food is prepared
The ambiance of Bananabro, where comfort is guranteed
Today i'll be sharing with you a new banana leaf hideout that found within the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Being a fan of banana leaf rice, i know that it may not be easy for many who find banana leaf in non-central places. So, if you know where Sungai Wang or Lot 10 is, you'll definitely know where Times Square is, and Times Square is where the Bananabro shop is. For this post, i'll be sharing with you my first time experiences of dining at Bananbro, and honestly, i loved it! Thus, im writing this post about it to share my new find.


A close up on the condiments of a Banana Leaf Rice set
There are many indian stores that serves banana leaf rice, but the real question is, which banana leaf rice store attracts different races as well? To me, i'd go for banana leaf rice that is compatable to Malaysian palatte (which also means the kind of food that can cater to malay, indian, chinese tastebuds!)  Usually, this is my tip for amazing banana leaf rice, as its guranteed to have different levels of flavours that you can surely find something that is compatable to your tastebuds. Now, what is banana leaf rice? Banana leaf rice is rice served on a banana leaf that usually comes with 3 types of vegetables.

To be enjoyed with friends and family, and did i mention that the condiments are refillable? 
At Bananabro, a set of Banana Leaf rice comes with a choice of white/brown rice, accompanied with rasam as an appetizer and yogurt for digestion, papadom to add some texture to your meal, and 3 vegetable side dishes. There will also be four types of curry to choose from where you'll have an option of dhall, curry chicken, fish curry, mung bean curry. Personally speaking, i would have to say that the mung bean curry is a unique addition as not many banana leaf shops that i know of, offers this Mung Bean Curry. After doing some research, i found that Mung Bean Curry lowers cholesterol, has high source in protein, vitamins and minerals, increases immunity, regulates blood pressure and helps with weight loss. With so much benefits, its hard not to get at least a spoon of it in your life. (Or, maybe more if you like it!)

The menu (Food options)
Breakfast and drinks menu
Got my dose of Banana Leaf rice to satisfy my cravings and at the price of RM12.90 for refillable rice, curry, vegetables, rasam, yogurt and papadom, i say its worth it! I can taste the authenticity and the ingredients are definitely frsh with intest flavours in generous amounts! What i love about Bananabro is that they elevated the dining experience where i can enjoy my meal in a more modern and contemporary environment. Trust me, the venue is a definite photo worthy spot to spend time with friends and family.


Chicken of the day
Mutton of the day
Chicken 65
If youre more of a meaty person, Bananabro hasnt forgotten about you! Bananabro offers a few varieties for you to choose from, and the options are mutton of the day, chicken of the day, chicken 65 and fried squid. I managed to get a bite of their mutton of the day and their chicken 65, and trust me, they taste just like home. Scratch out those commercialise flavours, Bananabro has prepared side dishes that literally taste like its food cooked from the heart. If ordering everything is too much, you can just add one side dish, or two and share it with your family and friends. But trust me, you gotta try it at least once! Im definitely coming back for more! hehe.


Teh Tarik Lawa
Original Lassi
While i was there, i was recomended with 2 drinks that is a must try namely, the Teh Tarik Lawa and the Original Lassi. At any banana leaf shop, these two drinks are a definite must, and being Malaysian, im all in for their Teh Tarik Lawa! After all, Malaysia is famous for our 'Pulled Tea'. hehe.  The Teh Tarik lawa is looks 'lawa' (which also means beautiful), and the great taste of Teh Tarik still remains. For amazing Teh Tarik in Kuala Lumpur that has just the right amount of Teh Tarik omph, i would highly recommend you to get a sip of this Teh Tarik Lawa. The other drink that would be recommended would be the Original Lassi where it has a more yogurt taste (a combination of sweet and sour) that is also a must try! But if you want more flavours, you can also opt to try their Lassi in Sour Sop, Mango or Stawberry.


Nasi Lemak Ayam Acar
Get your daily dose of breakfast
For an all day breakfast option, you can also get your dose of Nasi Lemak Ayam with Acar at Bananabro.   I got a bite of this, and trust me when i say that its really filling! The rice had just the right amount of coconut milk and the fried chicken was served to crispy perfection. Just talking about it makes me feel like i need to get myself back to the store to get another plate of their Nasi Lemak Ayam with Acar. Mmmhmm. Time to plan my week ahead! The Nasi Lemak dish has a side dish of acar, anchovies, nuts and sambal. Im not a fan of super spicy sambal, but this sambal had the right kick of sambal that i love (and its the not too spicy kind). So, if youre craving for Nasi Lemak, Bananabro has it!


Mandatory photo with the store logo
Enjoying my time with this beaty right here. (Im talking about the Teh Tarik lawa)
As a verdict, i would have to say that the prices are affordable and the food quality is top notch with a touch of home. I was told that the shop does not serve food that is not good enough for their own families, which i think is a great principal to believe in. This is their first outlet located in Berjaya Times Square, and a little bird told me that they will open their second outlet at Midvalley by the end of the year! I definitely see potential, and tasted one of the best banana leaf curry i've tasted, which leads me to looking forward to their expansion. Hehe. Well, thats all for now, you can checkout more details on their site below or leave me a comment if you have any other questions. Also, if you've been to Bananabro before, it would be great if you could share me your favourites in the comment sections too as i would love to know more. TataForNow <3



Outlet Opening Hours : 8.30am-10pm
Banana Leaf served : 11am - 9.30pm
(served 8.30am-11am & 3pm-6pm)
Contact Number : +60327324605


  1. Thanks for sharing. Now have a new place to try Banana Leaf rice. Looks so yummy. Can refill FOC?

    1. Hi Jack, yes the banana leaf rice can refill FOC which includes the veggies as well.

  2. Daun Pisang tu buat makanan semua nampak menyelerakan.. aura daun pisang boleh menarik perhatian pelanggan untuk datang mencuba makanan disini.. bestnya.. terasa nak try jugak

  3. sedap je kalau makan dekat daun pisang. Rasa macam lain. tersusun je diletakknya lauk pauk tu. lauk pun nampak sedap..haishh kene pergi ni cuba

  4. Making me feel so hungry...looks so delicious!! So going to go and try it

  5. everyone should try this place..sedap sbb sy dh try,, alamak terus lapar balik hmmm

  6. bersih dan selesa tempatnya.. baru la seronok nak menjamu selera.

  7. Omg! A banana leaf restaurant on Berjaya Times? Barulah I ada port nak lepak kalau kat TS.

  8. Wow its mouth-watering! You can do mukbang video here :D

  9. It's been such a long time since I had banana leaf rice. Would love to plan a visit to Bananabro one day soon!

  10. Sekali sekala mkn kat kedai mamak dgn berlaskan daun pisang, sedap tu

  11. I enjoy myself so much there!! The food is affordable and yummy! Just visit them today for lunch =P

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