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Keep your eyes on Umairah Uzma | Makeup and Beauty

Umairah Uzma Launches more beauty products
Have you ever considered Malaysian local beauty products as your cheaper alternative in makeup? I honestly have, cause let's face it, we are at times looking for a cheaper alternative in beauty compared to splurging all our savings to S**hora right? HAHA. About a month ago, I was invited to an exciting Umairah Uzma launch, which is owned by a Malay Entrepreneur, Puan Nurul Nur Ariani. It all started from her business in selling henna in 2014, and her eyeliner and makeup fix spray in 2015, she has finally decided to take her business a step further by coming up with more products to satisfy her customers with more options to choose from Umairah Uzma.

With the founder, Nurul Nur Ariani
It all started with her henna business in 2014
And now, finally welcome her whole new collection in 2018
You might be curious about what are the latest products by Umairah Uzma launched in 2018? Well, let me spill you the deets! The newly launched products that I'll be talking about today would be the Umairah Uzma Glowing Foundation, the Umairah Uzma Eyeliner, the Umairah Uzma Make Up Fix Mist, the Umairah Uzma Super Mega Volume Fiber Mascara, the Umairah Uzma The Embrace Eau De Parfum, and the Umairah Uzma Eyeshadow Glitter. With so many beauty items to keep a lookout for, it has really created a lot of excitement in the local beauty industry.

Umairah Uzma Glowing Foundation

The Umairah Uzma Glowing Foundation
Available in 4 different shades
First up would be the Umairah Uzma Glowing Foundation. With ingredients that have been created to protect the skin from harmful UV rays, it would definitely be a multipurpose foundation for its users with its SPF 50 protection to keep your skin protected. It also contains beneficial ingredients such as vitamin C, collagen and seaweed to keep your skin moisturized, and youthful. The foundation also features a special formulation that would not feel sticky, and at the same time has long-lasting benefits to cover imperfections that is suitable for all skin types.

Umaira Uzma Make Up Fix Mist

The Umaira Uzma Make Up Fix Mist
Now, this is one of my favorite products by Umaira Uzma Makeup Fix Mist as this spray can be multifunctional. It smells amazing and it can be used as your make up base that would let your make up last for up to 12 hours. Other than the fact that it moisturizes, it also gives the skin a glowy effect and minimizes pores too. So if you have some days where you want to skip your primer application, this is a great alternative to leave your skin feeling refreshed while ensuring that your make up would last throughout the day.

Umairah Uzma Super Mega Volume Fiber Mascara and Eyeliner

Eyeliners and Mega Volume Fiber Mascara's are now available by Umairah Uzma too
Honestly speaking, my mascara and my fibers come in separate tubes. So when I heard about the Umairah Uzma Super Mega Volume Fiber Mascara, I was all ears. It comes in a standard 15ml tube that contains amazing long lasting fiber mascara that highlights a feature that it can easily be washed off. The mascara contains fiber and Vitamin B5, and it claims to be good enough to last you for at least 2-3 months. WOW! A definite must try if you ask me.

Another product by Umairah Uzma to keep your eyes on would be their long lasting eyeliner. Other than its long-lasting feature, it also does not smear easily. And if you need your eyes to be sexy, well, we all know that eyeliner is an essential beauty item to get your eyes looking seductive. Hehe. One feature that I love about the eyeliner is that its easy to wash off despite being long-lasting. This has been made possible because Umaira Uzma Eyeliners are made out of herbal plants. YAS! Definite bonus points to Umairah Uzma.

Umaira Uzma The Embrace Eau De Parfum

Hands up if you love perfumes that are made out of ingredients from Dubai
And beauty is not all that Umaira Uzma covers, during the launch, it was also announced that Umaira Uzma launches Eau Fe Parfum too! The perfume has been exclusively imported from Dubai (WOW) and contains only 12% of alcohol (like any other perfume content). With 5 different variants to choose from, there will definitely be something for both men and women to love.

Umairah Uzma Eyeshadow Glitter

Umairah Uzma Eyeshadow Glitter anyone?
Just look at all those intense shades
Last but not least would be the show stealer, the Umairah Uzma Eyeshadow Glitter. It was a definite show stealer, stealing tons of attention from the attendees with its shiny glittery feature that would surprise you with shades that you've never seen before. Personally, I think the palettes are very unique and definitely bright, making it a palette that contains a collection of shades that are not very common.

Other products that are available too, the magic towel.
Scrubs and Mask by Umairah Uzma
There's also her Arabic Henna Eyebrows
Which item should I start with first?
With more plans in the future, be sure to not miss out on Umairah Uzma's latest products. Believe me when I say that all these products have been carefully thought of as it was made to be suitable for all skin tones and skin types to suit the Asian region. And good news! To celebrate the exciting launch Umairah Uzma is now available online! YAY! It's now more convenient to get your hands on Umairah Uzma products, so if you're tempted to order their products, you're just a few clicks away. Now, I can't wait to get hands on her products, and maybe I'll do a little review on it soon? Hit me up below if you want me to do a review/make up looks on her products. Hehe.

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