Sunday, April 8, 2018

Official Launch of Caring Pharmacy Shopper Loyalty Program Mobile App

The official launch of CARiNG Pharmacy Shoppers Loyalty Program Mobile App
Living in a modern world, it is definitely necessary to keep ourselves up to date with the latest technology. Some may see the benefits of living in a digital era, and some may have a hard time transitioning to the world of the future, but moving forward, we are not the only one trying to be tech-savvy (hint: Caring Pharmacy). If you caught the hint, then yes, Caring Pharmacy is joining in the tech-trend by launching a new mobile app to support their shopper's loyalty program. WOHOOO!

Here we have Cheryl Lee and Dynas Mokhtar present to support the launch as well
This is definitely something very revolutionary as my member cards from other clubs and memberships are making my bag heavy, and with the Caring Pharmacy App being launched,  i won't need to spend too much time searching and digging through my bag to find my member card. Other than saving time, the app also offers tons of features to reward loyal shoppers of Caring Pharmacy. During the launch, we even had Actress and TV Host, Dynas Mokhtar and 988 radio DJ and 8TV host, Cheryl Lee Xin Yi who took the time to share with us their experience when using the mobile app. 


Downloaded the app on my phone too!
The mobile-based program is available to be downloaded for free on App Store for Apple devices or Google Play for Android devices. Upon launching of the app and providing basic personal details, new users are given a membership for a lifetime and are rewarded with 200 Welcome Points that they can accumulate and later be used to redeem Caring Cash Vouchers.

Download Caring Pharmacy App: App Store | Google Play

Some activities during the launching
Caring’s Shopper Loyalty app is more than just a ‘digital membership card’. It keeps users abreast of the latest happenings and not-to-be-missed promotions. On its ‘HOME’ screen, users are able to access the latest news on health and nutrition, specially curated by the Caring team of health experts. Updates on Caring’s regular roadshows, free health screenings, talks, and workshops are also available on this screen. In a bid to one day go paperless, Caring’s quarterly newsletters are just a click away from the ‘HOME’ screen.


The 8 benefits of being a CARiNG Shopper Loyalty Program holder
The rewards of  having the app in hand
There's just so many reasons to get the app on your phone, and the benefits can be pretty handy when you need some 'Caring' in your life. Hehe. The app features benefits such as, a location button to detect the nearest outlet, a voucher button to display all vouchers available, an electronic loyalty card,  an e-store that directs you to the Caring Pharmacy online store, invitations for workshops exclusively for members and so much more! A personal favorite feature of mine would be that you'll get a reward voucher for your birthday month to shop at CARiNG Pharmacy outlets nationwide!

CARiNG Pharmacy has always been there for me when im in need of urgent supplies
It's easy to use, and a definite must-have app if you are a loyal shopper of CARiNG Pharmacy. Who knows, when you're having a really bad headache, CARiNG Pharmacy is just an app away so you won't have to find out where is the nearest pharmacy to you. Convenient and rewarding! There will be tons of exciting offers waiting that you wouldn't want to miss out on. So what are you waiting for? Download the App now! I've added the download Caring Pharmacy link below for easy installing, or you can checkout CARiNG Pharmacy's social sites to keep yourself updated with the latest offers and promotions.

CARiNG Pharmacy

Download Caring Pharmacy App: App Store | Google Play

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