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ALTHEA K-BEAUTY SECRET IT OUT! | Althea Bare Essentials Review

Althea presents Althea Bare Essentials
Lets take a moment to appreciate Korean skincare, cause today I’ll be sharing with you a gossip that would make you wish you tried this out for yourself. My favourite one stop K-beauty online store would be without a doubt and I got super excited when I found out they have launched their very own range of skincare, namely Althea Bare Essentials. Althea first introduced their own product last year, and im not sure if you can recall, but I wrote a post on the Petal Velvet Powder which is at the moment my favorite mattifying translucent powder that sets my makeup perfectly. 

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The 3 NEW featured products by Althea Korea
I have combination skin, so the minute I found out about the release of Althea’s very own line of skincare products, I was a little concern on whether it would suit my skin type. I like to go with the idea of you’ll never know if you never try, so here’s my little say on the range. The range offers 3 products at the moment which consist of the contour cleanser, the primer water and the fixer cream. Indeed super cute names, and I was already wow’ed on how minimalist the designs of the packaging. Im a fan of aesthetics, so I like the idea that it makes my bathroom look clean and minimal. Hehe. Now lets not waste any time, and lets get into details.

Contour Cleanser

The Contour Cleanser, RM23
Starting off with the Contour Cleanser, it comes in a 150g tube and is priced at RM23. From the descriptions of it, its mostly in Korean but I believe that the keywords are there which says that it consist of soothing ice plant, and detoxifying lemon myrtle extracts. To be honest, I’ve never tried anything that contains soothing ice plant as an ingredient so I was pretty excited to wash my face with this. 

It washes out make up pretty well
 It comes in a matte tube, making it easy to squeeze the cleanser out each time you use. Upon testing out the texture, the cleanser is filled with micro capsules that burst when in contact with water for a gentle cleansing experience. I AM LOVING IT! Scrub cleansers are usually pretty harsh on my skin, but with the Contour Cleanser, it gently exfoliates, cleanse and detoxifies the skin. Im impressed! Imagine cleansing your face without ever needing to scrub your face with huge harsh capsules. MAJOR YAS! This has already won my heart.

Primer Water

Primer Water, RM43
After cleansing, it is definitely necessary to have a good toner to use. The Primer water is both a hydating toner and a primer in one bottle. (WOW! But how?) Well, the primer water contains patented dewdrop technology that gently fills the gaps between pores while allowing hydration to penetrate deep within the layers of the skin. It is made with snow Lotus extracts, it makes the skin smoother with a silkier texture that gives the skin a natural glow.

Has a mix of water base and gel kind of texture
I have to say that I love this bottle the most among the three products. It contains 200ml and is priced at RM43/bottle. I like the fact that the bottle is transparent, so I can estimate on when I need to repurchase. Texture wise, I was expecting it to be watery, like a typical toner texture, but surprisingly this was a little different. It had a watery gel-like texture that would hydrate the skin and perfectly prep your skin before applying makeup. It did leave a slight sticky feeling when freshly applied, but after the toner has been well absorbed by the skin, it just leaves the skin feeling moisturized. So, I honestly have no complains. 

Fixer Cream

The Fixer Cream, RM50
And last but not least would be the Fixer Cream to complete the skin regime. The fixer cream comes in a tub of 50g and is priced at RM50. The fixer cream has a non-oily, quick absorbing formula that harnesses the power of Trehalose, an ingredient found in cactus’s to prevent loss of moisture, claiming to provide 24 hours of hydration. It also claims to be an ultra-nourishing wonder cream that is rich in antioxidants derived from Green Tea seed oil and Baobab Tree extracts to promote collagen regeneration. WOW! 

I like using a spatula to scoop the cream out of the tub for hygiene purposes
It comes in a glass tub, (yes glass) which gives it a classy feel to it, and upon testing the texture, I would say that its super moisturizing. Althea ain’t kidding when they claim it to be an ultra-nourishing wonder. Since I have combination skin, I would not advise to use this twice a day, but instead use this at night or when needed as it kindda made my skin a little oily when worn throughout the day. It actually feels very lightweight on the skin, but since its also super moisturizing, you wont need to use much of it to ensure that you gain its benefits. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! 


Checkout the little details like the seal on the box
I have to say that the entire range has definitely caught my attention, and I am truly convinced that these products are VERY well formulated to provide you effective results. It cleanses, it protects and it nourishes the skin, and after testing it out myself, I have to agree that it works like a charm. With three of these product summing up of a total of RM116, I would say that its worth more than that! Priced at a super reasonable price and if you think its too much to splurge on, then you may consider starting off with the contour cleanser which is highly recommended by me personally. 

Skincare well sealed to prevent exposure to oxygen
All these products has like a QC seal which I always like seeing, and the fact that the product itself is also well sealed, I have to give credit to Althea for being so EXTRA in ensuring that their first skincare range is at its best. Quality control is superb, and packaging is on point. I always love products that are sealed as it protects the products from being exposed to possible bacteria, and also to ensure the freshness of the product is well kept before being used

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With these 3 products being available on, you better set this range as your next skincare range if you’re looking for a change in your skincare regime. Koreans usually has like a number of skincare products that may be a little too much sometimes, but Althea Bare Essentials offers a minimal skincare range to suit those who want to save on time, while ensuring that the skin is well cleansed and moisturized. The Althea Bare Essentials has been going mad on my social feed walls and I can see why. With just a few clicks away, you’ll be able to achieve glowing, smooth, clear skin. So the REAL DEAL now is that Althea is giving out an additional 10% off with a free special edition mirror if you purchase now! Hurry and purchase now to get it or regret it. Hehe 


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