Thursday, May 23, 2019

Guardian | The Face of Healthy Beauty

Hey guys! With Raya finally being just around the corner and the fasting season has come to an end, its time to plan ahead by being in the running as Guardian's Face of Healthy Beauty! We all know and love how Guardian has contributed in our healthy lifestyle in so many ways, and this time around, they are having a nation-wide quest to find FOUR lucky women who best fit the bill as 'The Face of Healthy Beauty' to be its brand ambassadors!

Let me just highlight this to you that it's NOT a beauty contest guys! So don't think that its another beauty pageant to snag the hearts of the audience. Being healthy is all about being real, and being real means being you and how you carry out the brand to represent the face of healthy beauty. See where im coming from here? If you think you got what it takes who lives life to the fullest in a healthy way, well, you might just deserve the title!

What's in it for you? Well, each winner will sign a one-year contract as Guardian's Brand Ambassador that comes with RM10,000 cash, RM10,000 Guardian vouchers, and RM5,000 each for them to give to a charity organization of your choice. You will also be featured on the Cover of Guardians Brand Catalogues and of Guardians Brand Catalogues and other collaterals and will also receive products from participating sponsors. Imagine a year supply of products to keep up with your healthy lifestyle ey? Hehe

As Guardian understands that their customers believe that true beauty comes from a healthy physical and mental state of being, this challenge would emphasize to encourage a healthy lifestyle physically and mentally. Being the first of its kind in Malaysia, the search for 'The Face of Healthy Beauty' is open to all Malaysian females aged 18 years and above. Entries are to be submitted online at

What would you need to do? 

All you would need to do is to upload a 30-second video of yourself explaining 'Why you want to be The Face of Healthy Beauty?', include one full-length photo and one passport photo of yourself in which you may submit anytime between 20th May to 12th June 2019. 100 participants will be shortlisted to attend the semi-finals at Johor Bahru City Square, Gurney Plaza Penang, Central i-City Mall Shah Alam and 1Borneo Hypermall Kota Kinabalu Sabah. And to wrap that up, four semi-finals from each region will attend the Grand Finals in Shah Alam on 27th July 2019.

Category Winners

Fret not if you didn't manage to get into the top 4 'Face of Beauty' as there will also be eight category winners to be awarded by sponsors which are: Most Healthy (Blackmores), Most Elegant (Bio-essence), Most Youthful (Garnier), Most Expressive Eyes (L'Oréal), Most Passionate (Maybelline), Most Confident (Nivea), Most Cheerful (Safi) and Most Charming (TRESemmé).

Get your friends and family to show your support!

To stand a higher chance to get yourself in the top 4, Guardian is giving an opportunity to Guardian customers vote from 8th July to 24th July 2019 on the microsite for their favorite finalist to win at the Grand Finals! The votes received for each finalist will contribute towards 50% of the total scores at the Grand Finals! For 1 vote, no purchase is required, for 5 votes, they need to purchase any item from Guardian and for 10 votes, they'd need to purchase any participating sponsor brands in a single receipt.

If the particular contestant that youre rooting for wins, then the winner will do a draw to pick her lucky voter. A total of 4 draws will be fone and Each winner will pick 1 voter. The selected voter will be rewarded with RM500 worth of Guardian vouchers!

FREE VOUCHERS! (10th June to 7th July)

Also, since you've made it all the way to the end of this post, there will also be a Scan & Win contest for customers from 10th June to 7th July 2019. There will be QR codes placed in Guardian stores for customers to scan, then all you need to do is answer four questions related to healthy beauty and you will instantly receive an instant voucher for your next purchase! For more upcoming promotions, don't forget to keep yourself updated on their official websites.

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