Saturday, May 18, 2019

Shawl & Bawal CintaZara | Upcoming Malaysian Scarves to Keep an Eye On!

Introducing to you CintaZara Shawl & Bawal
Now being the month of the holy festive season, I managed to stumble upon CintaZara while I was browsing through the Cashless Raya Bazaar at Quill City Mall KL which is happening from the 16th of May 2019 till the 20th of May 2019. So, being married now to an amazing husband, I soon to believe that one day I will wear a veil over my head to present my religious belief to be a better wife and a better Muslim (Insyallah..). And with that in mind, I found CintaZara scarves rather attractive as they use Matte Satin Silk which is super soft and lightweight.

Currently available in 10 shades in stores
A little background on CintaZara Scarves, its actually named after the daughters of two best friends, Cinta and Zara. Being able to converse with the founders myself, I can sense that its a very sentimental project for them to prove their love over their friendship as they come up with something that they both love, scarves that are easy to style and which are very comfortable. Upon passing by their booth at the PrestoPay event, I can see that it's very well planned and organized to make this branding a reality.

Shade: Blush Blossom
So currently being a new scarves brand coming up in the Malaysian industry, they have two types of scarves to choose from, the Shawl and the Bawal. I personally prefer the Shawl more as a beginner, I find it easier to style especially when I have a chubby face, to begin with. Hehe. But since they were having a promotion on site, I just had to grab a few pieces back home without any regrets! Each shawl/bawal starts at RM79 per piece, but in conjunction with the promotion at the event I attended, I only got it at RM49 per piece. Such a good deal!

Available in 2 types, the Shawl (on left) and Bawal (on right)
With every purchase of CintaZara Scarves, you'll be getting your scarves in an individually packed box. In conjunction with Raya coming up, this makes it a great gift for your in-laws or your loved ones since its already nicely packed in a box. As of now, there are currently 10 different shades that are available for both types of scarves, and each scarf has a special embossed of the CintaZara logo. Not to forget, all their current scarves have the iconic eyelash hemming which makes it look really classy on anyone who wears it.

Shade: Navy Peony
Shade: Sparkling Violet
Well, im going to end my post here cause I'll be figuring out some styles to work with CintaZara scarves for this upcoming Raya. I personally brought home 3 different shades, namely Sexy Nude, Midnight Black and Navy Peony which I believe are the most versatile shades to work with. Hehe. So, wish me luck! And for those who are interested to check them out, you can always visit their social sites which I will include the link below. (youre welcome!)

CintaZara Scarves

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