Friday, May 3, 2019

Naelofar X Guardian Exclusive Tote Bags!

Presenting Naelofar's collaboration with Guardian
With the fasting month being a few days away, Guardian has unveiled not just one, but 3 exclusive tote bags in collaboration with NAELOFAR o celebrate and welcome the festive season with its Exclusive Summer Collection for Ramadan. Any fans of NAELOFAR? Well, if you are, now is the time to collect these cute tote bags as they are only on sale while stocks last. The totes are designed and inspired by Miss Neelofa and its a rare opportunity to find her design in collaboration with a brand.

Fashionable tote bags that would suit any summer outfit
Now, you must be wondering on how do you get a hand on these tote bags by NAELOFAR and Guardian Malaysia? Well, the fun doesn't end there! With the biggest festive season heading our way, Guardian stores will have a special theme called 'Seiring Ramadan' during the month of Ramadan where Guardian will strive to offer customers the best deals throughout this Ramadan Season with discounts of up to 50% on some products.

Found my favoruite design.
So what better month than to start shopping this month and carry your shopping haul home with a must-have tote bag designed by Neelofa herself. The tote bags can be purchased at 40% discount with any purchase of a sponsors product worth RM20, or RM30 of a non-sponsors product. After the 40% discount, the bags will retail only for RM17.90 and it will available from today until stocks last. So hurry and grab your bags today!

Design 1: Red Blossom
Design 2: Floral Serenity
Design 3: Nature Beauty
The tote bags come in 3 variants, namely Red Blossoms, Nature Beauty and Floral Serenity. Every design has a story by Neelofa, where she shared that Red Blossoms shares a vibrant color of an Iris flower designed with a golden rectangle geometry to lead the eye from one design element to the next for a bold and elegant look. Nature beauty is designed to go beyond norms towards modernization by using irregular shares with tropical colors to emphasize the beauty effect of the design. And last but not least would be Floral Serenity which features flowers and butterflies to symbolize grace and beauty with a touch of vibrant colors to give more festive-like feelings.

RM17.90 each with purchase of a sponsors product worth RM20, or RM30 of a non-sponsors product.
Remember Joanna Soh as your fitness junkie working with Guardian Malayais? Well, Guardian has also taken it up a notch by uploading on its Facebook page where Joanna will be sharing some useful advice and health tips for you to survive the Ramadan fasting period. Personally, I don't think it limits to only Muslims, but a good way to take this opportunity to detox the body from toxins while also cleansing your inner soul from all the junk food cravings. Hehe.

Naelofar X Guardian Tote Bags now available in stores
Well, I guess I'll keep my post for today short and sweet as im pretty sure youre already making your way to Guardian to get your hands on the NAELOFAR tote bags. Hehe. I managed to grab mine in Red Blossom and Floral Serenity which are my top 2 favorites, but im slowly going towards getting the Nature Beauty cause it really looks like a nice beach bag if y'know what im saying.  hehe. In case youre wondering on the quality of the bag, it's really good and strong to carry anything that you may want to fit it in. So, I have no regrets on getting it!

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