Saturday, May 11, 2019

Johnson's Bath & Shampoo | Gentle for Newborn

Checking out the new packaging of Johnsons Bath & Shampoo
Heyya guys! Being a little new in this topic, but since i have a new born being on the way, i couldnt resist but to really get my facts right on preparing myself to welcome the baby to the world. Its unbelievable to think that i'll end my year with a little one coming and it scares me to think about whether if i am capable to keep it  safe from all the bacteria in the world. Not to forget the amount of chemicals that contains in our everyday products that might affect the babys natural growth. Yikes! But i guess, starting off with using the right hygiene plays a huge roll, so lets start with a brand that i've grown with, Johnson's!

How cute are these shampoo bottles?!
I still remember being in my earlier days where i would recognize my favourite shampoo from Johson's which had a special feature that no other shampoo had, which was the no tears formula. Other than that, i always found the scent of Johnson's bath & shampoo so mesmarizing cause it really smells baby fresh! Going more into detail now, its no wonder tha Johnson's bath and shampoo has always been a mothers choice as its ultra gentle and contains no parabens, phthalates, sulfates and dyes.

Not to forget our classic Milk and Rice Bath range
& the Milk and Oats Bath range
Presenting the new Johnson's, its now more than just a reformulation exercise but also represents a reinvention of the total Johnson's baby care range. With 125 years of experience, im pretty sure they have put a lot of thought into their products to maintain  their concept of ensuring that their products are irritation free for baby's and toddlers delicate developing skin.

To celebrate this reinvention, Johnsons has set new standards for gentle through the selection of purposeful ingredients with transparency. Also, with its whole new packaging design that is parent friendly, its now easier to understand labels for parents to recognize products for children of different ages. Its a relief to know that their products have undergone a regorous safety-assurance process, promising parents a greater peace of mind. Not to forget their fragrances of their soap to be designed with mom and baby in mind too.

Presenting the NEW Johnsons CottonTouch range
Also, other than the new packaging being out in the market, Johnson's has also launched the all-new Johnson's CottonTouch Top-to-Toe Bath and 'Face & Body' Lotion for newborns which sounds perfect for the little one being on the way. I have to give credit that i love how the new addition has been designed specifically to cater to newborn skin. Newborn skin loses moisture 2 times faster than adults, and it is important to have the gentleset cleanser and moisturizer to protect their skin barrier.

The lotion is not at all sticky and leaves a very soft touch
The Johnson's CottonTouch also emphasizes on touch as the newborn's sensory development by unlocking parents gentlest touch with the latest newborn care innovation CottonTouch. I did manage to get my hands on the lotion, and i was suprised to find that its not at all sticky nor it leaves any residue on the skin. The range is hypoallergenic ultra-light and has been clinicaly proven to be mild and safe.

Cant wait to shower my baby with Johnsons Shampoo
I really cant wait to start making memories with Johnson's and the little one when it arrives in the world. Other than the CottonTouch range, the classics such as Johnsons 'Milk and Rice' and Johsons 'Milk and Oats' body bath and lotion is still avaialble in stors wiht a whole new look. Whilte the shampoo range on the other hand now has 3 varieties namely Shiny Drops which contains Argan Oil & Protein for soft and shiny hair, Clean & Fresh for long time freshness, and Soft & Smooth which contains honey and wheat extract to brigh out the hairs natural smoothness and shine.

A little nervous on becoming a mom soon
Well, i have no doubt that i'll be purchasing Johnson's Bath and Shampoo as my preffered choice for my baby. Other than it being my childhood shampoo, i would definitely want my baby to have the same memories that i had. Will be starting off with the Johnson's CottonTouch top-to-toe bath with Johnson's face & bath lotion to welcome the baby in the next 4 months. So stay tuned! Hehe. Thank you so much for reading on my thoughts, and i've linked their social media sites below in case you would want to check out the latest updates. Tata!


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