Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Butterfly Project Celebrate's 6 years in 2019!

Wishing the Butterfly Project a happy 6th Birthday!
This has to be one of my all-time favorite post for the month to write about, and also, it may have to be one of the longest that I've written cause there's just so many things to share with you! As you all know, I've really started growing my blogging journey when I joined the Butterfly Project and it has brought me so much joy from guiding me on how to be a good writer to making a bunch of amazing blogger friends! Did I also mention that its all thanks to the Butterfly Project, my best friend Miriam Goh exist in my life? <3

Here's what I wore and OMG I couldn't resist the flowers

First up, I think this would not happen without the effort that has been contributed and organized by Tammy (a.k.a mamasan) for making it all happen. I believe she has to take out her own money yearly just to support the community, but this time around, we have amazing sponsors sharing the load that mamasan has to carry. YAY! So, the few sponsors of the party were AvantGarde Blooms, Joanne Kam, Yves Rocher, Blossom Balloons, T-sticks of London, Macarons.byMadeline and Jom Party for making our party a magical one.

So, we're here today celebrating The Butterfly Projects 6th Birthday! How time flies!
The reason why im writing this post is because the sponsors are way too awesome to just share in images, so I'd rather tell you'd need to know about them and basically show you how to throw the perfect party! I believe our sponsors played a huge role in making our party an amazing one, and each of them deserves credit for the amazing time we all had during the Butterfly Projects 6th Birthday party. Enough chit chat lets get into details.

Whats a garden party without flowers right?
Here's my not so talented masterpiece, but maybe I need more practice. hehe
First up, I'd like to talk about the flowers by Avant Garde Blooms. During the party, we were all greeted with really pretty flowers at the entrance door, on the registration table, on our table and of course at the center stage of the party! We were all required to pick a few stalks and. we were given instructions on how to create our very own flower crown using fresh flowers. It was by far one of the most exciting time I had to DIY and I.AM.OBSESSED! Now that I know how to make my own flower crown, I'll definitely know what to do when I get a bouquet of flowers. hehe.

And of course, what's a party without balloons!
Just look at how the balloons pop up in the setting. Its soooo pretty!
Had to take a mandatory photo with their signature blossoming balloons! Yes, those are real dried flowers in the balloon.
We also had pretty deco done by Blossom Balloons who filled the room with really pretty balloons all over the room. One thing I noticed that makes their balloons different would be that their balloons really do blossom, (WITH ACTUAL FLOWERS!). It's my first time seeing flowers such as these, and it would surely grab anyone's attention to snap a few photos with these unique looking balloons. Makes me want it for my birthday party too!

We also had Joanne Kam who entertained all of us with hilarious jokes
Next we had Joanne Kam who entertained all of us during the party with SX18 jokes. Haha. Don't worry, it wasn't entirely extreme. But if you know what she describes as her Batu caves, then you must be familiar with her kind of jokes. We all had a good laugh cause she was extremely spontaneous with her script and I can sense that she is very genuine with what she shares as it's based on her life experiences as well. I had to actually try hard to not choke on the food I was enjoying. Hehe.

This is what we have on the table
But being my pregnant self, i couldnt wait to indulge into this cake!
And this macaron is done by Macarons by Madeline. She actually took the effort to draw the rose out!
On our table, we had cute name cards with our names on it and I was lucky to be sitting in a table filled with new and old friends that I've met in the community. Of course, we changed IG profiles and for the record, we still keep in touch up till today! So the community is not only about having fun, but also making memories with new people from all walks of life. The table deco had Macarons.byMadeline and not to forget a box of goodies from Yves Rocher.

Going into details of what Yves Rocher surprised us with would be an Anti-Pollution Shampoo, an Ultra Fresh Cleansing Gel and a travel sized Concentrated Shower Gel. I'm not sure if youre aware, but since I'm pregnant, Yves Rocher's products have been my go-to skincare store since they use natural ingredients and not to forget that they are also environmentally friendly too! I don't think anyone can ever go wrong with their products, and if you haven't given them a go, you should!

Have you heard of T-Sticks of London?
The latest innovation of enjoying your cup of tea
Why use teaspoons when you can just dip your T-sticks in?
We also had T-sticks of London who joined in the party, and I am in love with their innovations on how we can enjoy tea. If you know me, im a fan of tea and with T-sticks, they just took a cup of tea to a whole new level! All you need is a cup, hot water and your choice of T-sticks, and your cup of tea is ready to be enjoyed. Trust me, it's really effortless! I tried their Rockin Rooibos Tea (since it's safe for pregnant woman) it tasted like premium tea quality. Yum! Just talking about it makes me want another cup of T-sticks.

And what's a party without food?! 
Now, guys, this is what I call a beautiful mess!
We also had dimsums. Yums!
And not to forget this very attractive chocolate brownie sprinkled with edible flowers
And well, what's a party without food right? We had food prepared by JOM PARTY and I would have to say that they are the highlight of the day! Why? The minute you arrive at the venue, their decorating skills for the main table was excellent! By just looking at my photo, you can pretty much tell that it's a feast of good food with a balanced palette of colors for presentation. Everything that I could get my hands on tasted amazing, and I can't believe its all made from scratch by Lydia. Good stuff and loving the bite-sized eateries.

We won best dressed! Hehe. Don't we look magical together?
Thanks to all the sponsors for making this all happen!
Just before we ended the party, we had a small friendly contest for the best dressed. The top 3 will get some prizes from the sponsors, but the grand prize will be walking away with a party catering service by Jom Party. Believe it or not, I won the best-dressed award, alongside with Bella Leong and Gaylen who dressed like fairies at the party too. Honestly speaking, I think everyone dressed up amazing that day and they all deserve prizes too! But thank you to the judges who picked me as the best dressed that day, and i guess the catering service prize will most likely go to my bundle of joy.

And thank you Tammy for the amazing party planning
Wished i took more photos, but I was too busy talking to everyone present! Hehe. 
All in all, it was a great party and I can't thank mamasan enough for making this all happen! This marks my 5th year with the butterfly project and I can't believe that it has been 5 years filled with fun and adventures on learning how to be a good blogger for the society and community. Was so happy to meet new caterpillars being present at the party as well and of course, getting to see some of us grow into beautiful butterflies is amazing too! Thank you once again, Tammy and I guess I'll sign out from here. xx 

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