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Jakel Barulah Raya! 
Jakel has always made an impact when it comes to fashion picks for Raya in Malaysia. There is no doubt that they are expanding quite well and has attracted tons of attention among the societies in Malaysia. From providing exclusive textile materials at an affordable price to selling ready to wear collections, it's no wonder that many people have no regrets shopping for high-quality material of clothing from Jakel. And this year for the first time ever, Jakel has decided to launch a Raya campaign called the #JAKELBARULAHRAYA!

Teasers of the new designs available at Jakel
Jakel being a 'One Stop Centre' for textile and outfits, Jakel has also managed to cater for those who are seeking for Raya outfits that are exclusively branded by a variety of top celebrities in Malaysia. And since I've owned one of the collections from Jakel X Ayda Jebat myself, I can see why that they have decided to continue the legacy of giving customers a sense of belonging as a concept by providing collections with a variety of choices to suit different individual styles.

Ayda Jebat X Jakel
Ayda Jebat X Jakel
Scha Al Yahya X Jakel
Ayda Jebat X Jakel
Scha Al Yahya X Jakel
All of the collection that has been produced by Jakel has all the important key elements which include high-quality fabric, trendy color tones, and trendy designs that are neat and elegant. Will all these combinations combined, its no wonder that their collection is never a disappointment year by year. From the 2019 Raya collection, you can see that the designs are definitely fashionable and up -to-date. I also like the idea that they not only focus on the mass community but also focuses on designs that suit both the younger and older generation as well.

This year Jakel features bigger sizes too
Giving out 'duit raya' to OKU guest
Going back to the Jakel Barulah Raya campaign, i was one of the lucky few to have a 'santai' session with the appearance of the brand ambassadors for Jakel in 2019, namely Aaron Aziz, Nabil Ahmad, Scha Al Yahya, Awal Asshari, Lara Alana, Ayda Jebat, Hanis Zalikha, Hairul Azreen and Yusuf Iskandar. We also had some communities from Asnaf from the 'Pertubuhan Kebajikan Islam Peribadi Mulia' and also OKU attendees as well who attended the meet & greet session on that day. Jakel also took the opportunity to contribute some Raya outfits and 'duit Raya' to those from Asnaf as a CSR project this festive season.

Aaron Aziz sharing his thoughts on his collection
Nabil Ahmad showing off his slim fit cutting
Awal Ashari sharing his neat cutting label
For more casual looks, Hairul Azreen in his Kurta Label
So starting with the options for Baju Melayu, you can expect to find collections by Aaron Aziz, Nabil Ahmad, Awal Ashaari and Hairul Azreen! For full comfort, Aaron Aziz's collection is unique to a variety of fabrics and colors while if youre looking for a modern contemporary collection, you can opt for Nabil Ahmad's Baju Melayu with an exclusive slim fit (with zipping) to emphasize on comfort and neater look. Awal Ashaari's Baju Melayu focuses more on cutting, color and quality of fabric for those who like to be up to date, but if youre looking for a more casual cut, you can consider Hairul Azreen's kurta collection for something a little different. Every purchase of Baju Melayu, customers would be entitled to get a FREE button for the shirt and also samping to complete the Baju Melayu look.

Scha Al Yahya and Hanis Zalikha flauting thier own label
Ayda Jebat showing off the zip sleeve feature.
And for the ladies, we have collections from Scha Alyahya, Ayda Jebat and Hanis Zalikha, all carrying different exclusive taste and design to suit a variety of women from all sorts of background and styles. I gotta say that each piece by the celebrities carries different personalities that still emphasize trendy fashion while also making it look very modest and versatile for the festive season. This year, the collections feature tons of prints and modern colors to suit different looks for a cheerful Raya family photo on the big day!

Lara Alana collections being available at Jakel
Yusuf Iskandar's collection
Checkout Lara and Yusuf looking way too adorable!
Not to forget the kids, you can still find the Upin Ipin collection where their designs are still up-to-date. But if youre seeking for something more exclusive for the little ones, Jakel always has something special up his sleeves. So, again, this year, Jakel still continues to produce collections for kids under the Lara Alana and Yusuf Iskandar label so that the kids won't miss out with being fashionable as well.


Dont forget to catch special deals during their Happy Hour
Not to forget the famous happy hours that Jakel likes to run on special occasions. Here we had the ambassadors to announce the Happy Hour for their own Raya collection where they promote and sell these exclusive pieces at a marked down price for customers of Jakel who were present on the day. Usually limited to the first 15 customers to pay for the pieces, its crazy to see that you can find pieces that are marked down up to more than 50%!

The website is now launched on
To end my post, I'd like to share with you that Jakel (for the first time ever) has finally launched their very own online website! By request of many customers who are loyal to Jakel, Jakel has finally made it possible by having an online platform to make it easy for customers from all over Malaysia to shop for Jakel outfits within a few clicks away! So if youre staying a distance from Jakel, fret not as you can shop for ALL products from Jakel through

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