Saturday, May 18, 2019

Repair Your Leather Bags with Leather Love Spa in Publika

Turn your pre-loved to re-loved!
Hey guys! With Raya just around the corner, im pretty sure you would wish you could save as much as you spend correctly? If youre not, then im definitely am! Since I pretty much broke to buy myself a new bag, I've decided to find other solutions on how to turn my old leather bags to look brand new, which lead me to discover a steal deal by Leather Love Spa! 

The products they use to shower your old bags with love

So, if you have any leather bags that may look a little worn down, maybe you can consider sending your leather bags to Leather Love Spa which is located in Publika. Rather than having yourself spending a big amount of money to just get a new bag (don't forget the amount of time spent just to finalize your decisions), you can just drop your bag off and let them love your leather bags till it looks good as new. 

Current promotion from Leather Love Publika
What's even better? Now they're having a promotional offer where you only need to pay RM99 for 1 bag to be cleansed! Honestly, I've been browsing a lot of places, and I've never seen prices go this low. If you've ever wanted to try to get your bags re-loved instead of it collecting dust around the corner, this is your chance to really get a feel of old bags to look just as new with a small fee. 

Hold up, adding into their quality services, if youre too busy to send it over to Leather Love Spa in Publika, they also provide pick up and delivery services too! So, be it if you're too busy for work, or busy cleaning the house to prep for Raya, fret not as they can do all the traveling for you. All you need to do is Whatsapp or Text 012-2217094 or 016-6223138 the type of bag that you want to provide with a spa treatment, and they will confirm to you on the availability and whether if it's possible to get it to be good as new. I hope this post is informative enough, and do spread the love to your loved ones as well on this amazing offer. After all, good things are meant to be shared. 

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