Saturday, October 12, 2019

Budget 2020 | Work and get CASH Incentive For 2 Years

Are you a graduate and havent gotten your first job within a span of 1 year? Well, good news for you! With the Budget 2020 being out all over the news, i like to focus on a segment under the Ministry of Youth and Sports where there is a fair allocation of amount that has been distributed to Malaysian@work programme. Under the Malaysian@work programme, there are 4 programs currently running, namely Graduates@work, Womens@work, Locals@work and Apprentice@work. If this is your first time hearing about it, let me break it down for you through this blogpost and hopefully you find this helpful by the end of the post.


Under Graduates@work, the budget has been specifically allocated to encourage graduates who have not gotten a job after 12 months of graduating to work and contribute their skills into developing the country's industry. And yes, this means if you have not worked within 12 months after graduating, and started working on your 13 month since graduation, you will be entittled to get an incentif wage of RM500 a month for 2 years. As for the employers, they will be getting an additional RM300 a month for hiring graduates for 2 years from the budget. A good time to work if you havent gotten your first job yet after graduating.


Now this segment specifically highlights benefits for the ladies. For the female workers of Malaysia, to those who have stopped working for more than a year OR who are within the age gap of 30 to 50, you will be entittled to get an incentif of RM500 a month for 2 years. Currently being a housewife at the moment, i understand that some females out there with kids struggle to get back on track with having a career, and with this budget allocation being allocated, i would also hope that employers would also give females an opportunity to work as they too will benefit in gaining an incentif of RM300 per month for hiring those under this category. So, ladies, if you have gotten your life sorted with your kids, 2020 is a good time to get a job!


For Locals@work, this goes to those who are working to replace the jobs of foreign workers. Through this action, he government aims to reduce the number of foreign workers in Malaysia in order to improve the economical state of the Malaysia. So, if you categorize yourself under this category, you will be entittled to earn an extra incentif wage of RM250/RM500 for 2 years for replacing foreign workers for the company. As for the employers, they will also benefit as RM250 will be given each month for offering jobs to locals instead of roreigners. There is also an increase wage pay of a minimum of RM1200 for those working in main cities and RM1100 for rural areas.


And the final program that is under the Malaysian@work would be the Apprentice@work. For TVET  (Technical and Voational Education and Training) trainers, there in an extra allowence of RM100 given by budget 2020. There is an extended tax incentive throughout 2 years for the Dual National Training Scheme and also provided for companies under structured training programs which involves all students.

With the Budget 2020 being distributed to the Ministry of Youth and Sports, i find this a great progress from the government to further improve our economical status. By giving a better opportunity to Malaysians to work, this may strenghten our financial status with locals working under their expertise. Also as the people of Malaysia, have you ever wondered what you can do to help Malaysia be in a better state of the economy? Well, to simplify, i would suggest you to support local goods and possibly work in fields that may contribute to our industry. A small gesture goes a long way, so take a moment to really decide a future for yourself that would not only benefit yourself but also help Malaysia grow.


As a personal position im in. I've resigned from my corporate job in July and currently unemployed for about 3 months now. Having a newborn at home really does have its struggle when you want to find your way back into the working industry as daycare fees are expensive! Nevertheless, its good to see that theres a Women@work budget allocation where if i have not worked for as long as a year, i will then be entittled to get an incentif of RM500 a month. Hopefully by then my baby would be a little more bigger and manageable. RM500 may not be as much monthly, but it may help with paying daycare fees as i stabalize myself with working again. I hope that most of you would take up this opportunity in utilising the budget allocation as a youth and as the people of Malaysia. Lets look forward to a better 2020!

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