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Unboxing Goodie Bag from Healthy is the new Happy Workshop

I believe if you're reading this, you have read my previous blogpost on the recent Healthy is the new Happy workshop and on this blogpost on the other hand, I'll be sharing to you a little review on the rpoducts that I've received during the workshop. Initially I thought that this post was not necessary but after experiencing the products that I received, I found them to be helpful as a new mom, especially in self pampering and focuing more on self love. The products that i'll be talking about in this post features products from Natugee, Chiio, Mekar by T. Teja, Bondahaven, Eori, Lovera, Wirdora, and Narinar.


The highlight of the goodie bag was two products that I received from Natugee, namely, the Deep Cleansing Lotion and a Happy Skin mask. Starting off with the Deep Cleansing Lotion, I found this product interesting as there are not many cleansers that come in the form of lotions. It claims to brighten and hydrate, but what I was impressed upon trying the product was that my skin feels super clean, smooth and soft after cleansing. usually typical cleansers would dry out your skin but this felt very gentle as it removes any residue on your skin.

The Happy Skin Mask on the other hand, is a two in one clay and exfoliator mask. As a new mom, this comes pretty handy when you need to kill two birds in one stone as it pampers the skin while exfoliating the skin gently. After trying out the product, I noticed that it minimises pores and refines the skin texture. Since blackheads are one of my biggest concerns, I find this satisfying to use as it also improves firmness and elasticity. Definitely worth trying.


The next product in the goodie bag is something from Eori which has a tagline of "Embrace Naturale". It's supposed to end your scratchy nights with 100% natural therapeutic quality of pure botanical oil, formulated using Cocoa Extract, melaleuca, Lavender, Pelargronium Graveolens, and Boswella Carterii. This botanical oil is great if you are experiencing eczema as it claims to help you reduce it in less than a week as a natural alternative for you.

So I managed to try this out and despite being oil based, it does not leave any greasy feeling behind. Somehow it is very moisturising upon first impression and it relieved my dry skin issues very nicely. Other than that, it also relieves itchyness, inflamation, and irritated skin without you needing to worry about harsh chemicals. Moreover, with its unique formulation, it can also protect you from germs and bacterias while boosting your skins immunity. The eleven key benefits that they claim to have would be that it is moisturising, soothing for eczema skin, anti-inflamatory, anit-bacterial, heals wounds, reduces itching, reduces allergic reaction, lighten eczema scars, promotes skin regeneration, reduces stress and improves immunity


Being a fan of diffusers, I was so excited to find this in the goodie bag as well. Narinar is founded by Kak Erin who is a mother who discovered an alternative solution to combat respiratory problems using essential oils. (I can relate, Haha). The essential that I received is the Narinar Sidrie which is an extract from a plant called Sidr that has always been mentioned in Islamic Medicine. For your information, there are so many ways to use essential oils such as using it with a diffuser, adding it into your bathtub, and even using it during a massage.

The benefits of this Narinar Sidrie is that it blocks any possible encounter from evil spirits, calms the mind, releaves nausea and vomitting, and can be used as hair oil to thicken the hair. I've personally used it as a disffuser and I must admit that it does calm the environment as I smell hints of lavender which makes it great to relax after a long day.


Next would be something from Bondahaven which is a roll on that may come in handy when you're on the go. This roll on is great for busy on the go moms as you'll never know when you need it. Consider it a bottle of good vibes that you can bring around filled with 100% pure essential oils of calming lavender, bergamot, basil, and grapefruit extract. Each scent of essential oil has been carefully chosen to efficiently balance your emotions while elevating the spirit. Being it made out of natural ingredients, I wont have to worry as much when I need to handle my newborn baby as there are no chemicals invloved. I personally like to roll this on my wrist and sometimes inhale from the palm of my hands when i need to instantly destress.

Mekar by T. Teja

Honestly I was surprised to receive this in the goodie bag as Mekar by T. Teja is a Breast-Firming Herbal Cream. I never knew that there are herbal creams that firms breasts. (Insert shocked face here). I haven't gotten to try this yet but it claims to increase firmness of breasts, maintain the elasticity of breasts, and enhances the shape of breasts by making it seem fuller. Other than that, it also softens rough skin, brightens up dark skin, reduces skin inflimmation, reduces stretch marks, and can be used at butt-area for the same benefits and results. From my personal perspective, other than improving appearances, it actually encourages the growth of collagen and increases skin elasticity making it perfect for those who are experiencing weight lost and for those who are trying to prevent signs of aging


I honestly found this really cute and if you're wondering what Chiio offers, they offer services such as prop rental, event decorations, and interior styling. Based in section 17 in Petaling Jaya, if you may need their services, check them out by heading over to their store. Alternatively, you can also check them out through facebook and instagram by searching Chiio by the Nitty Gritty.


Another item that I received was something from Wirdora which offers pins that are made out of crystals from Swarovski. Wirdora has a very luxurious vibe as I was suprised to see a warranty card that was included with the product. Despite offering luxurious brouches and pins made out of Swarovski, they have managed to make it look presentable making it a great gift for your family and friends. I must say that the quality of this brooch is rather impressive and the fact that the warranty card covers deffect encountered by normal use in which Wirdora will repair or replace the item without charge.


Last but not least, would be a magic jelly baby soothing gel by Lovera. Lovera is no stranger to me as i've used their soothing gels and found their products pretty impressive. I was so happy that the magic jelly baby by Lovera was included in the goodie bag as it is a soothing gel made for babies to counter dry and sensitive skin. This soothing gel is Paraben Free, Non-toxic, and Safe for all types of skin. This can be used for face, body, and hair, making it great as a quick solution to ease down any discomfort such as itchyness, rashes, dryness, and insect bites. Secretly, I wouldnt mind using this for myself making it a two-in-one benefit for me and my baby

To end my blogpost, I wanna thank all the sponsors that sponsered the workshop as I found these products that I received to be helpful in my journey to motherhood. I also received Gift Certificates from Wakka Wakka and Furama Hotel which I can't wait to use when I am free. Well, I hope you found this blogpost interesting on products that you may or may not have heard of before as I had a lot of fun trying them out. If you have any questions on any one of these products, feel free to leave me a comment below and I'll try my best to get back to you as soon as I can! Not to forget, if you're going to be a new parent or if you are currently a parent, you should download the Asian Parent app as the app offers you an access to a community of parents and parenting tips that may guide you through parenthood. TTFN xx.

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