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Natugee X Mrs Malaysia World | Healthy is the New Happy Workshop

Healthy is the New Happy
Hello everyone, adjusting to my postpartum hormones are pretty tricky at times as despite having hormones before giving birth, postpartum depression kicks in a little different with a baby. Honestly speaking, it feels like you lose control of your previous life, and everything else in the world stops cause all your attention goes to the newborn in your life as it welcomes you to motherhood. But with that, it doesn't mean I don't love my baby, I do! It's just that giving so much attention to the little one takes up a lot of your energy and it drains you emotionally if you don't get enough support from your husband and family. Thankfully enough, I have an amazing sister to help me keep sane when I feel like breaking down. Attending the Healthy is the New Happy Workshop has opened my eyes in so many ways that I feel like the information that I received during that day deserves a post to be shared with my readers as well. Scroll away to find out what the story all about.

Occasion was held at Furama

Before I share about anything else, you must be wondering what is Natugee? Well, Natugee is actually a brand of organic-based skincare who has collaborated with Mrs. Malaysia World as a CSR event project in conjunction with Pinktober. And if youre unfamiliar with Pinktober, it's a special month to commemorate and raise awareness about breast cancer which comes in like with finding happiness to keep your mind healthy. By organizing this workshop, it has been aimed to empower women's health as an overall. Through the Healthy is the New Happy workshop, the idea behind it would be to improve the quality of a women's life.

Hey look, theAsianparent was there too!
Presenting the exclusive products by Natugee
Now, in order to be happy, we need to realize that happiness starts with your health first. Without giving your body the love and care it needs, finding happiness may be a little challenging. The workshop focuses on mental health among women, and through the founder of Natugee, Mrs. Rena Rifaee, she says that a woman tends to play a role in ignoring her own health, which I would say can be dangerous. YIKES! When she mentioned that, I actually couldn't agree more cause I myself would ignore my own health, especially when I get too busy work and deadlines.

Being a mother, I believe that most mothers can relate to me when I say that we change 'hats' very often on a daily basis. It's like we have to be a wife and a mother when we're at home, but when we're out on weekdays, we are employees and leaders to take charge of workloads. To juggle the role of being a parent while having responsibilities that need to be fulfilled can be pretty challenging that we ignore our health unintentionally which may also lead to not knowing how to handle emotions which then causes depression.

Mrs. Malaysia World finalist was there too, to support the occasion
Believe it or not, what I learned from the workshop would be that they helped me find my confidence again and also spread the awareness of mental stress in females. Present at the workshop would be Dr. Linda Mat Hassin from the International Hormone Society and Mrs. Rena Rifaee, the CEO of Natugee Sdn Bhd. The session was more like a panel discussion where we got to share opinions and solutions on how we can be aware of depression and what happens to our body when we have to deal with these emotions.

Dr. Linda sharing topics on hormonal imbalance
The first session was with Dr. Linda who shared about symtoms of hormonal imbalance that could affect their health and lifestyle. In this discussion, I would have to agree that maintaining emotions and balancing that with a healthy lifestyle can be challenging. So, if youre reading this now, you have to make sure that your health is very important to keep your hormones sane. Some activities that you can start with would be to have an exercising schedule, eat a balanced diet and also try to make time for yourself to do things that you enjoy. As simple as that sounds, most of us tend to ignore this which may lead us to depression.

Mrs. Rena Rifaee sharing on misconceptions on skincare
The next session was lead by Mrs. Rena Rifaee, who further explained the misconceptions on skincare products. While I was pregnant, one of the biggest worries I had was skincare and trust me, I had to do a lot of studying to be able to identify which is safe for pregnancy and which isn't. That really added a lot of unintentional pressure on me, mentally. So, understanding your skin with the help of a skin specialist would do justice to reassure you on what kind of skincare would be safe to be used for your skin type. This may also contribute to reducing the chances of experiencing depression.

Diana Danielle sharing her thoughts on her first experience on anxiety
The workshop ended with a panel discussion with Datin Harveen Kaur who is Mrs. Malaysia World 2017 and current Director of Mrs. Malaysia World 2019 alongside Datin Diana Danielle. I found the discussion very touching and it really brought me into tears to find out that they too experienced postpartum depression and would like to spread this as an awareness. In relevance to what im experiencing currently, the emotions are very unstable and almost anything can trigger your emotions to lead to depression. Im just more thankful now to know that my husband and my family have always been very supportive in giving me their time to give me a break.

Overall, I would say that the workshop was very informative and I was surprised to also see The Asianparent being present at the workshop too! It was also lovely to see mothers from all walks of life attending the workshop to further understand 'healthy is the new happy'. To conclude my post, I would just like to emphasize that the overall idea of health equals happiness is to understand your body and your emotions so that you are in control of your feelings. Yes, being a parent may be hard at times, but being aware of your emotions would be a start to preventing depression. I hope you found this post insightful to make you realize to understand your emotions better. :)

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