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MAM celebrates 40 Years | My choice for my baby

MAM Celebrates 40 Years
Just before giving birth, I was introduced to MAM which was founded in 1976 by an Austrian plastics engineer, Peter Röhrig, creating innovative and unique baby products like soothers and baby bottles that would make life easier and enjoyable for babies and parents. Being a first-time mom, its good to know that MAM Baby is thoughtful enough that MAM creates not only innovative designs but also ensures that it has proven medical benefits too. Without any hessitation, MAM has definitely gained my trust in being a trusted product to use for my baby.

Types of soothers offered by MAM
It comes in a variety of colors too!
Since im starting off with a newborn as a first-time mom, I am very particular with the soothers that are being offered in the market. With MAM Baby being in my top list of soothers for my baby, I was personally fascinated with their orthodontic soothers that have been designed to have medical benefits. This being a perfect start with MAM, their soothers are designed to reduce the risk of misaligned teeth. With some research, did you know that their soothers has been clinically proven and has worked closely with orthodontists and pediatric dentist to design a soother that offers more than just a regular soother?

Soft Brush bottle accessories
Feeding Spoon with Covers
Learn to brush sets
Starter Teether
MAM Baby has evolved over the years and has expanded its collection with accessories, breastfeeding products, cups, specialist teething products, and oral care products too, offering a wide range of choices for parents to cater to their baby's needs as they grow. Despite having a variety of products to offer, MAM Baby offers to create products that have intrinsic value giving what both parents and babies need.

Types of teats that they have to offer
Anti Colic bottles in different sizes
It comes in 7 parts which offer on the go sterilizing too!
In terms of safety of the production of the products offered by MAM Baby, they are committed to producing only 100% safe, top quality products for babies and young children. This offers me peace of mind to know that they have done extensive testing carried out to ensure the safety and reliability of the product. After all, as parents, we only want what's best for our babies. MAM soothers have to go through 40 different testing methods, while their bottles would need to pass 28 separate tests before it can be put on shelves.

Mini Cooler and clip
Their unique orthodontic teat on their soothers
Rest assured, MAM has proven to go through intensive R&D to design the perfect products for your baby
To top it up on their power of innovation,  MAM currently holds 102 creative & technological patents, 214 design patents, and 6 utility patents. It's no wonder that MAM has won a string of awards in the last 4 years. Im a true believer that MAM has great research of development team working with relevant professionals such as an orthodontic specialist to midwives and pediatricians to ensure that their products are made to perfection for your little angle.

As a start, I would advise any mom to consider using MAM's Easy Start Anti Colic
It's pretty convincing to see that baby products are not just designed with a purpose, but also has to have added value to it, which has been proven by MAM. The brand has really taken serious measures to ensure that their products are up to date, providing only the best for your baby as they grow. Since im a daughter of a dentist, I was immediately hooked on their concept. I've already had some products on my wishlist and I will be sharing more personal reviews on it as my baby grows. Do visit the blog again to see what my thoughts are on the products that I've used on my baby. xx

MAM Baby

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