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Kitsui White Berries | No Sugar Beauty Supplement Drink

Reviewing Kitsui White Berries
I was given the opportunity to try the Kitsui White Berries which is suppose to be like a supplement to enhance your skin apperance. Without any hessitation, i was actually pretty excited to give this a go as its manufactured under a unique Korean Formula. Another secret ingredient this drink has would be the monk fruit. The monk fruit is unique as it contains no calories and carbohydrate, making it an ideal ingredient for those who want to control and monitor their calorie and carb intake.

There are tons of benefits of a monk fruit, and the few popular benefits are that it helps reduce acne, redness and prevents the skin from drying out. It also cleanses, relaxes cough, detoxifies the liver, boost energy and promotes weight loss. Its rich in Vitamin C which also makes in a miracle ingredient to solve anti-aging concerns as well. Each pack of Kitsuir White Berries contains 20 individual packs of 5grams, equavalent to 20 cups. Since my main concern would be so solve my dull skin and pigmentation issues, i thought this would be a great supplement to try, thus leading me to write this review.


20 individual sachets in one pack
For your information, the Kitsui White Berries has been designed to be friendly for those who are allegic to collagen and seafood. By consuming the Kitsui White Berries, it can help reduce oily skin, reduce large pores, brightens the skin and promotes smoother skin as well. My main concern being pigmentations, this has been ideally formulated to solve pigmentation skin problems. Its formulated with natural ingredients and you can actually see results as early as 7 days. Tried and tested, and i love the fact that it really does make my skin glow. 


It comes in powder form that smells rather fruity
Put it in a cup or shaker
And mix well. I prefer mixing it in a shaker cause its quicker
Its actually really easy to prepare this as you can just take 1 saachet and prepare it with either cold or warm water. I love the fact that its quick to prepare, especially when im always on the go. My personal preference, i would usually like to mix this with cold water cause it just taste like sweet berry juice. When preparing this, it's best to put it in a shake bottle and shake it so that the powder is well mixed. Once consumed, its best to consume at least 2 liters of water within the day for optimum results. 

Before & After

Before consuming Kitsui White Berries
After 2 weeks of consuming Kitsui White Berries

Before i consumed this, my skin had really big open pores and trust me when i say that my skin looks really dull. Surprisingly on the 5th day of consuming this once daily, i noticed that my pores were minimized and my skin doesnt look dull anymore! It was literally 'i woke up like this' instastory moment, cause my skin was looking so good! My scars from previous acne's faded and overall, im pretty satisfied with my skin condition after 2 weeks. Im not sure if its my diet or because i've been consuming this, i really minimal breakouts cause my skin was actually looking smoother than usual.


I would say that this works like a charm. #photonomakeup
As a verdict, i would have to say that the Kitsui White Berries works amazing on improving my skin's surface.  Its also a bonus that theres no sugar added and its designed to contain less calories and less carbohydrates, making it a perfect supplement that would not add up too much from your current diet. In terms of taste, i think this supplement drink has a really nice berry taste and it definitely beats the regular fishy taste of collagen. 

For the price of less than RM50, i think thisa great way to cleanse your skin in terms of apperance and internally giving it the right nutrients it needs. Now you can finally skip your regular over the top weekly facials and consider the Kitsui white Berries to give your skin that natural glow. Hehe. In case youre wondering, you can get the Kitsui White Berreis from Watsons or Guardian stores near you. Thank you for reading my humble review and if you may have any other questions, please feel free to leave me a comment below :)

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