Tuesday, October 29, 2019

[REVIEW] ATO N O2 | Oxygenated Baby Products

Presenting ATO N O2
Having a baby now, I've been exploring different options of skincare that is safe for my baby to use. Call me obsessed, but I just want my baby to be rash free, as they say, a rash-free baby is a happy baby. I stumbled upon a baby skincare brand from Korea called ATO N O2 which caught my attention as their products are formulated with oxygen water and they claim that it's highly effective for moisturization. Using special technology, the Oxygen Beta Formula HQK-II products contain large amounts of oxygen with a purpose to leave the skin moisturized for a longer period of time.

Approved by me and baby
Balancing Nature, Skin, Lab, and Health, I decided to give ATO N O2 a go and here's basically a review on my thoughts on the products they have to offer. I got myself the ATO N O2 Oxygen Baby kit to try which retails online at RM75.60 and the kit consists of 4 products namely, the Oxygen Baby Soothing Gel, the Oxygen Baby Lotion, the Oxygen Baby Cream, and the Oxygen Baby Bath & Shampoo. Having this travel-sized kit makes it handy to bring around in my diaper bag for the baby, and I love that it comes in a pouch of its own making sure that the products are organized and ready to go.


Oxygen Baby Soothing Gel
This was one of the products that I've been looking forward to try from ATO N O2. It's an Oxygen Baby Soothing Gel that helps to soothe and reduce skin irritation. And what's even better, it also takes care of skin problems such as miliaria and eczema too making it extra gentle for babies with eczema in case my baby is experiencing eczema. Formulated with Oxygen Water, Hyaluronic Acid and Panthenol, this gel helps to keep the skin feeling fresh and moist.

Transparent and very soothing texture
Doing a texture test, I would say that it has a gel-like texture and im pretty impressed that its quick-absorbing too! Upon application on my own skin, I feel that its very lightweight and talking about the common area for rashes, it works similar to aloe vera gel that I use on my face, just that its formulated to be extra safer for babies with oxygen water. It's slightly sticky as you leave it to dry, but once it's absorbed by the skin, it feels pretty cooling and calming.


Oxygen Baby Lotion
Next would be the Oxygen Baby Lotion which always comes in pretty handy when you need extra moisture. Formulated with Shea Butter, Panthenol and Oxygen Beta, it also contains natural ingredients to help moisturize irritated skin and helps to keep the skin healthy with its oil-water balancing content. Other than just moisturizing, it also claims to provide nutrients for the skin as well.

Light cream that is lighweight and non sticky
For this product, I would have to say that it's very easy to apply as the lotion immediately hydrates the skin without leaving any greasy or sticky feeling. I like it so much, I might just use this for myself when im in need of some extra moisture. The texture comes out in solid white cream and its very smooth when it spread out onto the skin. Love the fact that it's not sticky on the skin, so im pretty sure that the baby wouldn't be bothered about the texture.


Oxygen Baby Cream
Next would be a little something for not only the baby but something that I might use for myself as well. Hehe. This cream is an oxygen water-based baby cream that uses natural botanical ingredients that reduces and minimizes skin irritation. With highly concentrated oxygenated water, it offers excellent moisture and nutrition to the skin while keeping the skin moist and healthy. I find this to be a little similar to the lotion, but it really depends on which consistency you'd prefer.

Slightly Heavy texture and very moisturizing
In terms of texture, since its cream, obviously, the texture is very creamy. It's actually pretty similar to the Oxygen Baby Lotion, but imagine it to be thicker. Personally, I would only use this when my baby is having severe dry skin, but if im using this for myself, I would definitely prefer this over the lotion. Not so much for the baby, but its a great moisturizing cream for the mommy. Plus, since it's safe for babies to use, you won't have to worry about touching your baby after moisturizing in comparison to other moisturizers that may be harmful to the baby.


Oxygen Baby Bath & Shampoo
And last but not least would be the Oxygen Baby and Shampoo. I actually like the idea that its a combination of both as body wash and shampoo. So especially when youre rushing, this comes in pretty great when youre traveling without taking too much of luggage space. It claims to have outstanding cleansing power and the product has low acidity of PH 5.7 that is safe for sensitive skin.

Non foamy when in contact with water and very light on skin
Its formulated with Oxygen Water accompanied by botanical raw materials namely, oregano leaf extract, Cantella Asiatica extract and Chamaecyparis obtusa leaf extract with a purpose to keep dry skin moist and fresh. Its recommended to use this with a bath sponge but I used this directly with my hands and scrubbed my baby then rinse the soap off. It's not very foamy (which is good, assuming that there'ss no harsh chemicals).


Tried it all on mny baby, and skin condition seems to improve alot!
As a verdict, I would say that ATO N O2 offers baby products that are made out of healthy ingredients promising healthy skin. All ATO N O2 products are free from pigment, perfume, talc, paraben, and steroids making it as safe as it can be for babies to use. Among the 4 products that I've talked about, I would definitely repurchase the Oxygen Baby Lotion and the Oxygen Baby Bath and Shampoo since I believe that I would use these 2 products more often. The Soothing Gel might be something that I would use ocassionally or when my baby is having a serious skin rash. Overall, I would say that these are good products to invest in and the prices are pretty affordable for the quality that they offer. Thanks for reading, please also do check out the link below for more products that ATO N O2 has to offer.


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